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August 23 2019

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  Nam 1975 - ©SNK 1990

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

Shoot 'em Up

46 Megs
Japanese Name:

Nam 1975

Released On:


Reviewed By:
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Review Introduction:

A piece of history in cartridge form - this was the first game ever released on the Neo Geo!

What we have here is a very simple shooter that can still be fun to play. The character that you play as is at the bottom of the screen and you have to shoot everybody on the top half of the screen while dodging left or right to avoid incoming bullets and grenades e.t.c. You start off with a simple machine gun and some grenades, but you occasionally get higher powered weapons such as a flame thrower which is fun to Use!

Being an old game the graphics do look very dated but they aren't terrible either. Considering this was the first Neo Geo game, they are OK (if a little lacking in colour) and I have seen much newer games that look far worse. The sound is also fairly plain and nothing of note, apart from the fairly large amount of speech in the intro and between level screens which sounds quite nice.

This game actually reminds me of the classic Operation Wolf/Thunderbolt games, the only difference being that you don't use a light gun. It does show its age, it can be frustratingly hard and it's easy to get trapped in the corners with lots of bullets coming at you (frustrating!), but it is still fun to play for some reason. I first played this game in the arcade a few years back, and it was reasonable entertainment to pass the time for a while but I got very bored of it before long.

Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 7/10
Game play: 7/10
Replay Value: 6/10

Overall Rating: 7/10

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#1 | NEO-GEO man on February 11 2011 04:49
I played this game almost every single day after school when i first got my AES, since i got another AES and a CD as well, i now play it again at least once or twice a month when i can find the time!! Its one of my all time favourites for sure.
#2 | Neosocks on July 15 2011 03:11
Ok so not all of your reviews are negative but im feeling that only expensive games get good reviews around here.You give this game a seven and at the end say "you were bored of it before long"if you ask me that doesnt describe a game worthy of a seven score.I realise im probably saying what no one else dares too but i came here looking for informative reviews and all i have found so far is negativity and scores that dont match the words writen.
#3 | NEO-GEO man on August 27 2011 10:28
Neosocks, its not that i dont dare say it, i just hadnt got around to it yet.

I couldnt agree more. Most of the reviews of the NEO-GEO games i love and have loved for as much as 20 years of solid playing have got VERY negative reviews on here mostly from the same reviewer that seems to have limited interest in getting to know the games before just saying he thinks they are old and dated, and they are showing their age terribly.

The only reason anyone would be board with this game in a short time such as suggested here is cause they have not got the skill to play it properly, and that is reiterated in the comments about it being frustrating and easy to get trapped in a corner. Bullshit it is, on both counts.

Ive read so many reviews on this site and i must say i find it hard to believe there was much effort put into getting to know some of the games in question.
#4 | Kazuya_UK on August 28 2011 11:08
To be honest I've oly just seen a few of these comments so I figured I would write back. In all honesty a lot of the reviews of older games were written perhaps 11 years ago, in 1999, so my writing was not up to the standard that it is now. If you look at a lot of the newer reviews I've done I have gone into a lot more detail, but in 1999 I probably didn't come across as well.

Having said that I would still stand behind a lot of the actual scores, but maybe not all. I would, however, explain a lot more about my thoughts on the games within the review itself. For example, I'd absolutely stand by my score for this game, as 7/10 actually equates to "good", and 7/10 would be a pass rate in an exam. Too many people seem to think that unless a game gets 8+ it means it is poor. I do think that Nam deserves a far better write up than I gave it here though, and in fact in the past I have totally re-written some of the reviews having looked back and thought "hmmm that's not up to scratch", or if re-visiting some of the games that we have had featured as Game of the Week has changed my mind a bit. Just so you know, I've been into the Neo Geo since the early 90's - I wasn't someone that got into the scene having played newer games like Mark of the Wolves.

Finally, what I think of games is just my own opinion - I don't mind you criticising my reviews, especially when the comments are quite constructive, like yours were in particular NEO-GEO man. How about doing a little write up of your own and having me post it on the site though? I'm always happy to post something that states the polar opposite of what I've said, I think people do like to have a second opinion.

#5 | NEO-GEO man on August 28 2011 13:32
Id be happy to. Give me a couple days, and i will work on it when ive got the time. This is one game i do claim to be very good at Wink
#6 | rob7979 on January 02 2015 07:39
Kauya - a very mature response versus alot of what is seen on the internet.

I agree with the overall score and you points on 7 being good (surely 5 is average?) are valid.

Something I would add is that I really liked the 80s inspired music is awesome! I really like it!

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