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January 20 2019

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  Matrimelee Guide - Lynn

Real Name: Lynn Baker (Lee)
Age: 18
Nationality: Chinese American
Fighting Style: Ryu Zui Ken and Tai Chi


Lynn is the child of an American father and a Chinese mother. After her childhood she and her family came over to the States to establish themselves in Sunshine City, where her grandfather had been living for a long time. There, she learned the ways of the dragon from him.

She met the Lewis brothers, Jimmy and Billy, at the age of 14 and trained together with them under the guidance of old master Lee Song. There she learned the ways of RYU ZUI KEN which she combined with her Tai chi training to create her own unique fighting style.

Special Moves:

Ko Ryu Sho Zan : QCF + A or C
Enretsu Ken : HCB + A or C
Ko Ryu Kyaku : Charge Down, Up + B or D
Ryu en Hou : Towards, Down-Towards, Towards + A or C, then follow up with QCF + B or D, and then down + B or D

*Tobi Ryu - Level 1 Super: QCB,HCF+B
Jumps up into the air with a flaming kick, taking the opponent with her, and then kicks them back down.

**Level 2 Tobi Ryu: QCB,HCF+D
Does an additional third ground-driving smash hit.


Lynn 5 Hit Combo - By Raiken:

Dive in with C or D jump attack, then perform the air starter (Down + C+D).

Now do Lynn's flaming palm (towards, down, down-towards + C), and finish it with two more aerial kicks (QCF + D, QCF+D).

Lynn 3 Hit Combo - By Raiken:

Do a jumping C or D attack, then the air starter (Down + C+D) and then Lynn's fireball (QCF +C).

Note: The fireball will miss your opponent if you do the air starter to them while they are in the corner of the screen.

Lynn 4 Hit Combo - By Kazuya_UK:

Jump in with a fierce kick or punch (C/D), but while you are in the air, hold down on the stick/pad to charge up for Lynn's Ko Ryu Kyaku special. When you hit the floor (while still charging down) do a crouching C, and then quickly hit up and fierce kick (D)... as you have been charging down, this will make Lynn do her special and you will achieve a 4 hit combo.

Lynn 5 Hit Level 2 Super Combo - By Raiken:

Sheesh this is too easy. Do a jumping C or D attack, then the air starter (Down + C+D).

Immediatly do Lynn's 2 stock super (QCB, QCF + D) to kick your opponent into the air and then back down and crashing into the pavement.


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