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January 17 2019

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  Matrimelee Guide - Sissy

Age: 12?
Nationality: ?
Fighting Style: Magic Box Techniques


The final boss of Matrimelee, Sissy is the successor to the throne. The winner of the tournament will gain Sissy's hand in marriage.

Special Moves:

Abubo in a box - QCF + A or C
Sword - Toward, Down, Down-Toward + A or C
Unleash Frog - QCF + B or D
Bomb Throw - QCB + B or D

*Level 1 Super: QCB, HCF + A
Sissy shoots a load of bombs out of her box.

**Level 2 Super: QCB, HCF + C
Sissy fires a ray from a gun, which turns you into a frog. Lots of lag if it misses.


How to beat Princess Sissy:

I thought I'd add this info in here as MANY people seem to be having problems beating this very cheap boss. While she may be cheap, Sissy is far from one of the hardest bosses in any 2D game, and once you get your tactics sorted out you should be able to beat her with ease.

Basically, the main tactic that you should use is the double jump (you can jump twice, once while in the air). Whenever you get the chance, just do a double jump over her and you should avoid any move that she tries to hit you with. You will normally land behind her and be left with ample time to hit her with a decent combo or super move. Depending on how far away you are or what character you are using, you might need to make the initial jump a super jump (press down and then jump), otherwise you might not make it over her and run the risk of getting hurt.

If Sissy happens to do her "chainsaw kick" move, jump over her as normal. She will probably end up being out of reach, so run in behind her while you have the chance and then hit her with one of your characters running combos. Each character has a special or two that do more hits/damage if performed while running, and you can usually chain these into combos. See each individual characters section for details on these.

The things to be REALLY careful of are Sissy's frogs. Every now and then she unleashes a frog which will run towards you, and if it hits you, you'll be knocked back and left open to attack. Just be sure to jump over them... if she is close enough and a frog touches you, get ready to be hit by Sissy's chainsaw kick/Abubo in a box combo, which does a LOT of damage. Also be very careful of her supers. She throws out a load of bombs during her level 1 super, which you should just block (you can see it coming a mile off). Her level 2 super where she fires a ray-gun at you is unblockable however, so you will need to either roll out of the way or jump it. If she misses, there is a VERY large amount of lag on this move, giving you time to run in and "layeth the smack down" on her! :-)

Another thing that seems to work pretty reliably is performing a dragon punch style move while Sissy is doing the chainsaw attack (if your character has one that is). This should knock Sissy down if you time it right. It is also a good idea to make sure you actually knock her over onto the floor every now and then, to get rid of the red part of her energy bar... otherwise she will recover that part of her bar when she fills a bar on her stress meter, and with Sissy that happen quite a lot. As Sissy does a defensive roll after pretty much *any* combo you hit her with, the only way to achieve this is by doing a C+D knockdown attack.

Once you learn how all of Princess Sissy's moves work, and get your timing/tactics right, you should have no trouble at all. Just make sure you know at least a few of your characters combos so that you can inflict sufficient damage, and you will be set.


Sissy 3 Hit Launcher Combo - By Kazuya_UK

A nice simple combo, but you will need to make sure you time it right to achieve the full 3 hits. Start off by doing the launch attack (down and C+D), then follow up with Abubo in a box special (QCF + A or C). If you do this move to soon after the launch attack it will only hit once, so there should be a split second delay between each move.

Sissy 6 Hit Corner Combo - By Kazuya_UK

If you have your opponent cornered, do the launch attack (down and C+D) and then follow up with Sissy's sword special (toward, down, down-toward + C). As with the combo above, there should be a slight delay in between each move to make sure you get the maximum amount of hits... if done right you should finish with 6.

Sissy 8 Hit Running Combo - By Kazuya_UK

Run toward your opponent and press fierce kick (D). This will do a 6 hit combo with Sissy's "chainsaw kick" attack. Follow this up with the Abubo in a box special (QCF + A). You will have to do the A button version of the Abubo move, as the C version doesn't seem to chain.

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