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January 21 2019

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  Matrimelee Guide - Tane

Age: 80
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting Style: Preponderant Kicking and Peircing


An old lady that throws her dentures at you as a projectile attack! Younger sister of Ume. You can guarantee if someone tries to describe the Power Instinct to someone that has never seen it before, they will mention the dentures attack at some point ;-)

Special Moves:

Rock Tooth - Charge back, Towards + A or C
Menace Face - Charge Back, Towards + B or D
Meteor Boisterous Dance Bullet - Stand Close HCB + A or C
Drill Kick - Charge Down, Up + B or D

*Level 1 Super: QCF, QCF + C
Tane fires a big projectile across the screen.

**Level 2 Super: Back, Down-Back, Back, Towards + C
Tane holds out a mirror and a big demon hand comes out and squashes her opponent.

***Level 3 Super: QCF, QCF, QCF + C
Same as her level 1 super, but she fires out 3 fireball projectiles.


Tane 2 Hit Super Combo - By Kazuya_UK

This is an extremely easy combo, but one that takes off about a third of your opponents energy! Make sure you have at least one bar of your stress meter built up, and start the combo with Tane's launch move (down + C+D). Follow this up VERY quickly with her level one super (QCF, QCF + C). If done right she will throw a big fireball at her opponent and do some good damage. You have to be quick, but if you can just catch your opponent out with that initial launch move, you'll have the chance to hurt them bad :) You could also start this combo with a jumping fierce punch and then press C+D as you land.

Note: If you happen to have your opponent cornered, have 3 power stocks *AND* are very, very fast with your fingers, you could also follow this move up a couple of times and do some serious, and I do mean SERIOUS damage. Jump in with a fierce punch (C), do the launch move (down + C+D), then do her super (QCF, QCF +C). After that connects, run in and press C, then quickly do another super (QCF, QCF +C), then do a standing C and hit your super *again* (QCF, QCF +C)... then finish off with a running fierce fick (D). A lot of combos in Matrimelee are easy, but this one is definitely for advanced players... I got told about it by a friend, but I personally haven't managed to pull the whole of it off yet. It would probably be hard to pull off in the middle of a real fight anyway :)

Tane 9 Hit Level 1 Super Combo - By Kazuya_UK

Jump in with a fierce kick (D), but press it twice and you should land 2 hits, provided you hit high enough.

When you land, do a standing C, which will hit twice bringing you up to 4 hits. Immediately after this, press down-toward and C again, which will make Tane duck down briefly and then do a bunch of punches. You'll now be at 8 hits.

Quickly do Tane's Level 1 Super, which is QCF, QCF + C. Tane's fireball will shoot out, giving you a total of 9 hits. If you don't have any stress stocks built up, use the combo below.

I have tried to chain in Tane's QCF, QCF, QCF + C level 3 super (same move, but she does 3 fireballs), but it seems to come out slightly too slow to chain into the combo.

Tane 13 Hit Combo - By Kazuya_UK

The first 8 hits of this combo are the same as the 9 hit level 1 combo above. Jump in with 2 fierce kicks, do a standing C, then down-towards + C.

As the 8th hit of the combo is connecting, press HCB + C to do Tane's command throw. She will throw her opponent behind her and then turn around and hit them with a volley of purple fireballs. You should theoretically get 14 hits from this, but at 13 your opponent gets hit slightly higher into the air and the last fireball misses.

Great combo to use in normal situations, and also works wonders against Princess Sissy!

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