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December 14 2018

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  Matrimelee Guide - Shintaro

Age: 16
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting Style: Strong Attacks


Brother and rival of Buntaro

Special Moves:

Rising Kicks: FDP + B or D
Backflip: HCB + A or C
Lunging Punch: QCF + A or B (repeat twice for 3 hits total)
Punch Flurry: Toward, Down-Toward, Down + A or C

*Level 1 Super: QCF,QCF + C
Throws punch then does big multi hit uppercut.

**Level 2 Super: Hold Back, then press C, A, C, A
Throws punch then launches into big ground combo.

***Level 3 Super: FDP, Back + C
13 hit jumping uppercut move.


Shintaro 7/8/16 Hit Combo - By Kazuya_UK

This is a cool combo that will net you 7 or 8 hits depending on who you are fighting against. Just run towards your opponent and press fierce punch (C) and then do his DP kick (toward, down, down toward + D). This move normally does 5 hits, but will do up to 7 if performed while running (you'll know if you got it right cos Shintaro will have an after image trailing behind him).

This combo is great for people that run at you a lot... just jump over them and then run in from behind and do this combo... ideal candidates for this treatment are Elias (who runs in a lot during one of his supers) and also Princess Sissy when she uses that chainsaw kick attack, or after she has done her ray gun super - just jump it and then run in and... SMACK! Works wonders :)

Substitute the DP move for his multi punch move (toward, down toward, down + C) if you wanna do 16 hits. This move can be very annoying though, so be careful about using it too much against a human opponent unless you REALLY want to make them mad at you ;)

Shintaro 6 Hit Combo - By Kazuya_UK

Start off by jumping in with a fierce punch or kick (C/D) and as soon as you land hit them with 2 fierce punches (C).

As the 3rd punch is landing, quickly follow it up with Shintaro's lunging punch special move (QCF + A or C). After the first hit, you can repeat this move twice to add another couple of blows, giving you a total of 6 hits.

Use this combo if you stress meter is not charged, if it *is* charged though, I suggest trying one of the hyper combos listed below :)

Shintaro Crouching Air Toss 16 Hit Combo - By Seiryu

Like with all characters, Shintaro also has the crouching C+D move that tosses the opponent into the air for a quick follow up. You can link up into his rising multi-kick move (FDP + B or D), his overhead jumping slam (QCB + A or C) and also his HCF + A or C punch combo (you can repeat the motion 3 times for a 3 hit follow up).

But, none do as much damage as hit counter punch flurry move (forward, down forward, down + A or C). This is probably Shintaro's best move and does a fair amount of damage. It's an instant counter guard move but always follows up automatically with a punch for the follow up combo (7 hits for weak punch or 15 for heavy punch!!), no matter if you counter a move or not.

So, launch the opponent and immediately throw out the counter move, it'll catch your foe in the air and set him/her up on the ground for the punishment that's at hand...

Shintaro 10 Hit Level 1 Hyper Combo - By Seiryu

Shintaro's hyper level 1 special has a slow start up and almost no range; it can be used very little in combos for this. In corners, Shintaro is a massive combo machine as here he has the advantage of the enemy sticking close because of the wall, so all his moves connect a lot more... punish time heaven.

Here's a simple 10 hit combo that can be pulled off pretty easy but you have to connect the moves very fast after each other for the hyper to make contact as the first set of regular moves push your opponent back quite far.

Jump in with a deep hitting heavy punch or kick, then do a standing heavy punch, followed by forward + C for a heavy punch.

Right after the forward + C move, immediately do the Level 1 hyper (QCF, QCF + C). And I do mean immediately, as releasing the hyper too late will miss the connection after the punches. Believe me, this happens faster then you think so you really just have a fraction of time to do the hyper. If timed fast enough, your hyper punch will connect just before the opponent is out of range. Once again, this combo has a far greater chance of success in the corner as the push back of the opponent is minimum.

Shintaro 13/14 Hit Level 2 Hyper Combo - By Seiryu

Shintaro's level 2 hyper can be linked after the regular punches, but it takes some practice to pull it off. The key here is to do the hyper joystick button presses while pressing the heavy punches for the first two regular hits.

Note: you could start up with a deep hitting flying heavy kick or punch but the chances are that you'll end up punching the opponent too far back for the final hyper start up punch to connect before the opponent can recover and block. Best chance for this to do link up is in the corner where Shintaro has far more combo possibilities.

Note by Kazuya_UK: I managed to link this combo together starting it off with a jumping C. Just make sure you jump in deep with the first punch and you should be ok, even if you are not in the corner. It may depend on what character you are fighting though - I managed it against Reiji and Chinnen, not sure about the others yet. Doing this will give you 14 hits in total :)

Start off with a standing heavy punch and press back on the joystick while doing so and keep it pressed back. Continue with another press on the heavy punch button for that second regular punch - now while doing that press light punch>heavy punch>light punch as fast as you can in that order. Shintaro's hyper level 2 move is HOLDING back on the joystick while pressing C>A>C>A.

If you pressed it quick enough you'll start up Shintaro's level 2 hyper move and it will connect after the regular 2 punches, delivering a massive damaging 13 hit combo.


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