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January 20 2019

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  Matrimelee Guide - Reiji

Age: 26
Nationality: Japanese
Fighting Style: Karate


Reiji is a martial arts champion that is always on the lookout for true competition. Calm and always offensive, this young karateka was born under the sign of the tiger, hence his devestating ultimate hyper known as the "Giant Tiger Roar Blow". Enters the tournament to find some good competition to test his skills on. Very well balanced with a wide range of moves. The token "Shoto" fighter of the game, but a very cool one at that.

Special Moves:

Thunder Kick: Repeatedly tap B or D quickly
Thunder Globe Projectile : QCF + A or C
Flying Dragon Upper: Towards, Down, Down-Towards + A or C
Flying Thunder Kick : (air) QCB + Kick

*Level 1 Flying Dragon Rush Super: HCB, Towards + C
Reiji runs in and performs a long ground combo

*Level 1 Super Cancel: FDP + C
You can cancel the Level 1 Super at any time by pressing the above command (uses another stress meter stock). Reiji will stop and do a big flaming punch.

**Giant Tiger Roar Blow Level 2 Super: QCF, QCF + C
A big tiger bust rises up from the floor and hits his opponent.

Level 3 Super: ?


Reiji 10 Hit Running Combo - By Kazuya_UK

For this combo, you must run towards your opponent and press punch, then quickly tap kick repeatedly. If it connects you will hit them and then launch into a more powerful version of Reiji's rapid kick move, where you will carry on moving towards your opponent and get a lot more hits in. I usually get 10 hits out of this, and even if your opponent blocks it will charge up your stress meter pretty damn quick! :)

If you want to mix things up a little, substitute the multi hit kick move for Reiji's strong Dragon punch (toward, down-toward, toward + C) - doing the DP while running will add extra hits, and give you a 5 hit combo that sends your opponent flying miles up into the air. If they block your initial punch though, *DON'T* do the DP or you will leave yourself wide open.

Reiji 7 to 12 Hit Combo - By Kazuya_UK

Jump in with a fierce punch (C) and as you land do a standing C. This will give you three hits.

Next press down forward and weak kick (B). This will make you do an elbow drop followed by an overhead kick, which takes you up to 5 hits. While he is performing this move you should start tapping the B button repeatedly.

So long as you have been tapping the B button as mentioned above, Reiji will go into his rapid kick move scoring you a few more hits. The amount of hits you get does depend on the character you are fighting and whether you have them in the corner though. I get 7 hits against many characters, while I can get up to 12 if I am fighting Chinnen and have cornered him.

Extra note by Seiryu: You could also substitute the rapid kick bit at the end of this combo for Reiji's rising uppercut move (forward, down, down forward + A or C).

Reiji 11 Hit Combo - By Seiryu

Reiji has got this nice grab move that unleashes a set of heavy hitting punches on the downed opponent. Probably one of the coolest, most painful looking punish moves in the game so... make lots of use of it to piss off your enemy.

Jump in with a deep hitting heavy punch (C button) and follow up with a standing heavy punch (C button).

Wait for the second hit of the standing heavy to connect and then do the grab special (HCB + C button). A simple,easy to pull off move that looks and sounds very punishing and leaves your opponent standing next to you with a big OWNED written all over his face.

Reiji 3 Hit Air Combo - By Seiryu

When taking it into the sky, don't just let the opponent get away. Always follow up with an air move. All the fighters have at least one and most of them can link it up after a regular jumping move.

For Reiji, use a heavy punch (C button) or a heavy kick (D button) and follow up instantly with his 2 hit diving kick special (QCB + D button). Don't wait for the hit to connect, do the move motion right away as soon as you press the regular kick in the air. Doing the move too late will miss the opponent in the air and waste your chance for a perfectly simple punishment combo.

Reiji 3 Air Setup 3 Hit Combo - By Seiryu

Every character has the knock back blow (C + D) and the knock upward attack (down + C+D).

The upward knocking blow can be used to set the enemy up for a link up with a good air hitting move, such as Reiji's Rising uppercut (toward, down, down toward + A or C) and must be blocked low just like your basic crouching kicks. Following up after the upward slamming hit must be done very fast as the opponent falls down again very quick.

So don't just sweep when your opponent is open but slam him/her upward with your knock up blow for that extra skilled life-draining combo.

Reiji 11 Hit Hyper Cancel Combo - By Seiryu

For this combo you must have 2 stress levels full. The combo can also be done with just one bar filled but you won't be able to super cancel into the second hyper blow.

As usual jump in with a deep hitting heavy kick or heavy punch. Then follow up with a standing heavy punch (2 hits). If you have your opponent cornered when doing this combo, you can link up a forward + weak punch after the double hitting heavy punch. Mind you this won't connect in the open mid screen so don't waste your combo for that extra hit out in the open!!

After the second hit of the heavy punch, do Reiji's hyper move (HCB, Forward + C).

So now for the tricky part…..the second hyper to cancel the hyper combo flurry. You can only do the flaming knockdown blow when you have a full stress bar left. Second…you can do it anytime during the combo, so that means you can also do it immediately after the hyper combo starts. Don't do that though, because that will only get you less hits and therefore less damage delivered to your opponent... and we want to inflict as much pain and punishment as possible, don't we?

So, time your hit well and when you see Reiji almost finish up with the 8th hit of the combo flurry, unleash the pain and press forward>down>downforward>C button for the finishing knockdown blow.

Satisfaction guaranteed.


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