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October 19 2019

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  Hardware - Mayflash USB Fighting Stick

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Mayflash USB Fighting Stick

Products Features:

● Compatible with PS2, PS3, and PC USB.

● The lever and buttons are designed and placed on same layout as the arcade style.

● Turbo function with different speed settings you can toy with.

● Supports button re-mapping and Macro functions.

● The Fighting Stick has considerable heft and rubber feet, both of which work to hold the controller firmly in place on hard, flat surfaces.

● The Fighting Stick has a metal base and plastic outer shell with smooth corners that don't murder your wrists.

Iíve been searching a while for a nice fighting stick for my PS2. Iíve been playing games like Guilty Gear XX and King of Fighters 2002 for a while now, but with my PS2 game pad and Iíve always been eager to try out a fighter stick to get the real arcade feeling when playing those games. Me and my friend often import some games and accessories from and I decided to check out for a stick there. I wanted to buy a Neo Geo stick but it had been long sold out on Play-Asia and wouldnít restock, so I was kind of disappointed (there will be a Neo Geo stick for the Wii though, which might be worth to get for games like Guilty Gear Accent Core or King of Fighters í94 on the Virtual Console). The only Hori sticks that were available were the ones for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Wii, except for this little guy. The Hori sticks are quite pricy, but this Mayflash Stick only costs around $30,- (Ä20,-) so I decided to buy it and give it a try. I canít say Iím disappointed!

My first impression was that the stick looks pretty good. A simple, maybe boring for some design, but I like it. The stick itself responds very well but it does make a clicking noise every time you use it. That didnít bother me one bit though after I was concentrating on the battles. I tried the stick out first on my Playstation 2. The stick itís self has a Ďdouble-plug-iní, one with a PS2 plug (the one on the PS2 game pads) and an USB plug. I tried to use the USB plug in the PS2 too so I wouldnít have to switch my game pad and fighter stick the whole time, but that didnít work. The stick itself is made of steel (except for the ball on it) so I donít expect the stick to break down on me anytime soon. Itís quite a heavy stick and itís pretty sturdy, so I think itíll be able to take a few hits.

Configuring the stick might be a little tough at first, because the buttons are just labeled as numbers. In the manual you can find a table of how the buttons are configured when plugging it in a Playstation 2 (the buttons are again different when plugging it into a PS3), which should be a big help.

So the first game I played with it was Guilty Gear XX. On the picture above you can see how the game is played in the arcades, and you can basically use the same configuration on the arcade stick, though I prefer the use button 1-4 for Punch, Kick, Slash and H-Slash respectively, and button 5 for Dust. Remaining buttons can be used for Respect and Memory, though it isnít necessary.

I mainly play Sol Badguy and Chipp Zanuff in this game and I can say, the stick works great while playing Guilty Gear. I played a lot of Guilty Gear with my PS2 game pad, but it didnít take long to get used to playing it with an arcade stick. Pulling of Solís Tyrant Rave was no problem for me, where as if I would use the game pad I sometimes would have problems pulling it off (dashing would work to pull it off better, which is no need for the stick).

Second game that I tried was Tekken 5. Though very small, you can see how the game is configured in square-like map on the panel. To play Tekken 5, you donít even have to configure it in game as the middle buttons (2, 3, 6 and 7) are the only ones you will need. Some people might feel better using buttons 1, 2, 5 and 6 though, but thatís just a matter of taste.

Even though Iím not the biggest Tekken fanatic, I love 5 though and playing with the stick works pretty well. Iím not an expert player but I could pull off all the moves I wanted too with ease. Tekken 5 plays great with the stick and I think people who are used to playing this in the arcade will be very happy to play it with the Mayflash since itís absolutely flawless when playing Tekken.

I also tried playing some other fighters. Soul Calibur III played pretty well (just using button 1 for Guarding and 2, 3 and 4 for attacks) and Iíve also played some Neo Geo ports like Metal Slug, King of Fighters 2002 and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum, but how those are played will be explained later in the review.

So now onwards to the PC section. The stick comes with an install disc so you can install the driver for it on your PC, but since most computers allow Plug-and-Play this isnít really necessary on newer computers. However, installing the driver will allow you to use ĎFireí, ĎRemapí, ĎAutoí and ĎMacroí though, if that would interest you. Personally, I didnít bother with it and just plugged the thing in.

First I decided to try out some Neo Geo games. I use the Kawaks emulator (which I think is the best Neo Geo emulator out there) and configuring the stick is a piece of cake in Kawaks. All you got to do is press the buttons that you want to use. Well not being able to create an exact replica of how the buttons are mapped on the Neo Geo stick, the Mayflash stick does come close though and I just like the use the bottom row of buttons (1-4). The first game that I tried was Mark of the Wolves and it played very well. The stick responds really well and pulling of special moves was a piece of cake. When using a game pad and then try to activate T.O.P moves I would have trouble every now and then, since pressing two buttons at the same time somehow doesnít work well (maybe I just blow at the game), but with the stick it was no problem at all. As for other Neo Geo fighting games, I also played Matrimelee, King of Fighters 98/2002 and The Last Blade with it, which all worked very well too.

Though Iíve been playing a lot of fighters with the stick, it also works really well with games like Blazing Star and Metal Slug too. But when playing Blazing Star, I do get the feeling that the stick isnít as accurate as it should be, and with my game pad it is a lot easier to control the ship in narrow places. Same feeling with Metal Slug 3. The stick plays pretty well, but I think some people wonít like to use the stick for games like this.

The last game I tried on the PC was Street Fighter III. Third Strike using the Nebula emulator. Iíve never been fond of playing Street Fighter with a game pad, since it uses six buttons and I rarely use shoulder buttons to attack with. The problem is solved with this stick though, since the actual layout of the arcades can be used once again (as seen on the picture above).

Itís a blast to play Third Strike (and probably other Street Fighters as well) with this arcade stick. Buttons 1, 2, 3 for punches and 5, 6, 7 for kicks were used, and it plays a lot better than using two shoulder buttons for a punch or kick.

Now for PC games itself: I tested out the stick with the PC version of Guilty Gear Isuka, and just as Guilty Gear XX on the PS2, no complaints here. Isuka is a little annoying to play with the turn button though, so I recommend just using a game pad with the turn button configured to a shoulder button, but other than that it plays really well. The #Reload version would play just as well as the PS2 version though. Also, the last game I tried with the stick was the demo version of Genetos, and no complaints here either.

I couldnít test out the stick on a Playstation 3, but I figure it would just work as well as on Playstation 2 or PC. Why the button mapping differs from the PS2 is beyond me though, but with the table in the manual itís not a big complaint. Also, if you want to try it on the PS3, you have to use the USB plug according to the manual.

Conclusion: I think the stick is just really well made. It plays all the fighting games I tried like a dream and being able to use different layouts of buttons for every fighting game is just really sweet, and itís not too bad either at shoot Ďem ups like Blazing Star or run & guns like Metal Slug. It would be have been better if the stick was a little more sensitive for those kind of games though, but personally, I donít think itís a big problem. I might be a little biased writing this review because this is the only stick I ever tried out, but I can assure anyone that you definitely will not be disappointed for the small price you pay.

Rating: 8.5/10

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#1 | vas on April 09 2008 18:19
Been seeing thease on ebay i will now make a purchase thanks for the review Thumbs Up
#2 | broken harbours on April 09 2008 21:16
as i said on the forums, i had one of these and personally didn't like it as the ball on the top of the stick comes off far too easily which can become quite irritating if you use grappler characters where 360 motion is something you have to do a lot.

moreover, there is an issue of a slight delay between pressing a button/moving the stick and the corresponding action on mame, which can be fixed with a usb tweaker program but that in itself is somewhat of a chore.

now it could be case that they've fixed these faults in newer versions ( i had mine briefly for a few weeks in november last year) which might well be case as you haven't mentioned them.

however, from the sounds of it, this sounds perfect for someone who's either: (a) on a tight budget, or (Cool is good with electronics and wants a sound base to mod it into the perfect stick.

if you don't fall into any of the above categories then i would personally recommend skipping this and buying a hori fighting stick 2 and a quality ps2 to usb converter (like the snappily named: trio linker plus ii).
#3 | boogiepop on April 09 2008 23:13
Great review! I think I may be picking one of these up soon. I have one quick question though. Does it feel unsettling at all not having any room to rest your wrist? My HRAP 2 (and many other sticks for that matter) leave ample room for just that. Small, petty thing, I know but I still have to wonder.
#4 | boogiepop on April 09 2008 23:15
Nevermind, I just realized that overhead view was misleading. I'm getting one of these to practice my soldering skills, no doubt about it.
#5 | Midian on April 10 2008 12:49
Broken: I never experienced the ball coming off though. If you turn the ball to the left in a 360 motion it will unscrew, I know that, but that only happens when you turn the ball around 12 times or so. So I don't think that's a biggie.

I'm glad you guys like the review! Smile
#6 | Midian on April 10 2008 12:49
Oh and, I've never experienced the delay 'cause I don't use MAME, I think that emulator is balls. Pfft

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