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December 06 2019

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The King Of Fighters 96

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Review categories:

  • Neo Geo Home/MVS Reviews
  • Neo Geo CD Reviews
  • Neo Geo Pocket Reviews
  • Non Neo Geo SNK Reviews
  • Mobile Gaming
  • Hardware Reviews
  • Other Reviews

  • Neo Geo

    Neo Geo Home/MVS Reviews

    SNK's classic 16-bit console, or 24-bit as SNK would have you believe. There are two types of Neo Geo - MVS and home system. The arcade version of the Neo Geo system (MVS - Multi Video System) was released in 1990 by SNK Corporation. A short while later, the home version of the system was released (sometimes referred to as AES), which was practically identical to the arcade version. Despite this, the arcade carts are not compatible with the home console, (unless you use a converter) and vice versa.

    Games for the home system are also mostly identical to their arcade counterparts, as all carts contained both the arcade version and the home version of the game (However many home versions had extra options etc). Also, most games contain both English and Japanese text, the only exceptions being mostly Mahjong games and the Quiz games which were only ever released in Japan.

    Games in this section include classics like Fatal Fury and Metal Slug, long running series like The King of Fighters, newer games like Mark of the Wolves, and slightly more obscure Japanese only titles such as "Mahjong Story" and "Maruko's Deluxe Quiz".

    Reviews: Here -->

    Neo Geo CD Reviews

    Neo Geo

    A few years after the original Neo's release, SNK attempted to rectify the price problem by releasing the Neo Geo CD system. While the system was still pretty expensive (around $300 or more), the games were FAR cheaper than the cartridges, thus bringing the Neo to a wider audience. Some games even had extra options/features added to them, and they also had the advantage of CD quality soundtracks which sounded fantastic.

    That may sound great, but the load time of the machines single speed drive was horrendous... While in some of the smaller games (like Puzzle Bobble for instance) this wasn't a problem at all, in bigger games it could be very annoying. You could almost make a cup of coffee in between rounds of The Last Blade!!! A newer version of this machine called Neo Geo CD(Z) was released later on and was supposed to have faster loading times, but it still didn't help all that much.

    This section includes games that are available on both Neo Geo cartridge format (with the majority of games up until KOF '99 being ported over), as well as CD only titles such as Iron Clad and The King of Fighters '96 Collection CD.

    Reviews: Here -->

    Neo Geo Pocket Reviews

    The Neo Geo Pocket was SNK's original hand held system. Released in late 1998, it wasn't long before it was succeeded by the Neo Geo Pocket Color (see below). However, there were some good games released on the system in black and white which were impressive. These included King of Fighters R-1 and Samurai Shodown.

    However, it was only a matter of months before SNK released the colour version and most of the good black and white games were re-released in color format (like King of Fighters R-2) which meant that the machine had an even shorter life then the NGPC. Most color games are still compatible with the black and white system, but they obviously don't look as good as if they were playing on a Color System.

    NGPC games include the likes of Neo Turf Masters pocket and SNK Vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium.

    Reviews: Here -->

    Non Neo Geo SNK Reviews

    While most people associate SNK with the Neo Geo, originally they began making arcade games before becoming a developer for Nintendo on their NES hardware, which they ported some of their arcade titles to (one notable title being Ikari Warriors). Some of their games were also ported over to other 8-bit systems at the time, like Psycho Soldier for the Amstrad CPC.

    During and after the Neo Geo era of 1990-2005, a large number of Neo Geo titles have been ported over to various systems, ranging from the Super Nintendo and Megadrive, the PSOne and Sega Saturn, to the Sega Dreamcast, PS2 and Xbox. Newer arcade games that SNK have released for the Atomiswave hardware have also been ported over to the PS2.

    In this area you will find reviews of Neo ports like the KOF series on the PS2, and newer titles like Capcom Vs SNK and Neo Geo Battle Coliseum.

    Reviews: Here -->

    Mobile Gaming Reviews

    Reviews for mobile versions of SNK games go here. This includes devices such as the iPhone/iPod and iPad, as well as Android platform phones and tablets. For reviews on mobile consoles, see the "Non Neo Geo SNK reviews" section.

    Reviews: Here -->

    Hardware Reviews

    You will find reviews here of various SNK related hardware that may be of interest, along with links to the places you can buy them from. The reviews include arcade sticks and more.

    Reviews: Here -->

    Other Reviews

    This section is reserved for reviews of games NOT by SNK. While this is obviously not the focus of this site, we try to cover games that may be of interest to visitors of our site, such as other fighting and anime titles.

    Reviews: Here -->