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October 18 2018

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  Neo Geo Mini Reviews Page 1
You can browse through full reviews for all Neo Geo games in the Full Reviews section, however if you just want to quickly look up a particular game and find all the rating it received, this is the section to come to! If you decide you want to read the full review, click on the games name to go to it.

#-G, H-M , N-R , S-Z

Games #-G:

2020 Super Baseball - 6.5/10

Decent futuristic Baseball, but you might be better off going straight to Baseball Stars 2.

3 Count Bout - 5/10

Very average and fundamentally flawed wrestling game.

ADK World CD

CD Only, no review yet

Aero Fighters 2 - 7/10

Nice vertically scrolling shoot 'em up.

Aero Fighters 3 - 7/10

Also a good vertically scrolling shoot 'em up, much the same as Aero Fighters 2.

Aggressors of Dark Kombat - 5/10

What do you get if you cross a side scrolling fighter with a one on one beat 'em up? Aggressors of Dark Kombat is the answer. Some people like this game, but I found it very average personally.

Alpha Mission 2 - 5/10

Run of the mill vertically scrolling shoot 'em up.

Andro Dunos - 5/10

An ok shooter with nothing in particular wrong with it, but outshone by games like Last Resort, Pulstar and Blazing Star.

Art Of Fighting - 5.5/10

One of my personal faves as this was the game responsible for getting me into the Neo Geo... but not really the best fighting game around in this day and age :)

Art Of Fighting 2 - 6/10

An improved sequel, but it is INSANELY hard against the CPU, even on the easiest difficulty level. Great fun in two player though.

Art Of Fighting 3 - 8/10

Plays differently, but is a lot better than the 1st two AOF games. Also features some of the most impressive animation of any Neo Geo game!

Baka Tonosama - 15/20

Mah-jong game, Japanese only.

Bang Bead - 8/10

Basically a sequel to the Pong style game "Flipshot" from 1998. Good fun with a 2nd player.

Baseball Stars Pro - 6.5/10

One of the 1st Neo Geo games, good fun for Baseball fans... but you would probably be better off getting the sequel.

Baseball Stars 2 - 7.5/10

Good Baseball fun!

Blazing Star - 9/10

One of the best shooters (maybe even THE best) on the Neo Geo. Great fast paced action, very pretty graphics and brilliant music. A must play!

Blues Journey/Raguy - 7/10

Not a bad cutesy platform game... pretty much the only game of its type on the Neo Geo, so there isn't much in the way of competition!

Breakers - 8/10

A good beat 'em up that has a distinct Street Fighter/Capcom feel to it. If you don't own this game yet, just get Breakers Revenge instead as it is just a slightly improved upgrade to this game.

Breakers Revenge - 8.5/10

A very minor update to Breakers with an extra character... not much else new however. Just get this if you have never played Breakers before.

Burning Fight - 5/10

Typical early 90's side scrolling beat 'em up, nothing special.

Captain Tomaday - 6/10

Very whacky vertically scrolling shoot 'em up.

Crossed Swords - 5.5/10

Third person perspective beat 'em up - good fun for a short time... but gets old, fast.

Crossed Swords 2 CD

Improved sequel to the first Crossed Swords, but was only released on the Neo Geo CD. No Review yet.

Cyber Lip - 4/10

A poor mans version of Probotector/Contra (in my opinion anyway). If you want to play something like this on the Neo Geo, go for Metal Slug instead.

Diggerman - 3/10

Prototype/bootleg game that was not officially released, but has done the rounds on the Internet. Plays a bit like the old game Boulderdash, and isn't worth bothering with really... unless you are a real completist.

Double dragon - 7/10

Not a side scrolling beat 'em up like the old Double Dragon games, but a one on one fighter. Surprisingly good actually!

Eightman - 3/10

Platform action game... not very good!

Fatal Fury 1 - 5/10

SNK's answer to Capcom's Street Fighter. This was the first beat 'em up on the Neo Geo - and the first in a great series! This is quite an average game, but still one of my faves as it was partially responsible for getting me interested in the Neo Geo (along with Samurai Shodown and Art of Fighting).

Fatal Fury 2 - 7/10

A great sequel! Definitely worth having in your collection and is still great fun to play, even by today's standards.

Fatal Fury Special - 7.5/10

Basically just an upgrade to Fatal Fury 2, but a nice one at that.

Fatal Fury 3 - 7/10

The 4th Fatal Fury game - this one has a much more cartoony graphics style than the first 3. A good game, but probably one of the weakest games in the series. One to have in your collection if you are a Fatal Fury fan.

Fight Fever - 3/10

Dreadful one on one fighter, avoid like the plague!

Final Romance 2/Idol Mah-jong (CD only)

Japanese only Mah-jong, only released for the Neo Geo CD. No Review yet.

Flip Shot - 7/10

A Pong style game that can be fun, especially in two player.

Football Frenzy - 6/10

American Football for your Neo Geo.

Galaxy Fight - 6/10

Sunsoft's precursor to Waku Waku 7 (although WW7 was not a sequel per se). Far from fantastic, but maybe worth a look.

Ganryu/Musashi Ganryuki - 5/10

Poor platform game, avoid it unless you are a completist.

Garou: Mark of the Wolves - 9/10

The newest Fatal Fury game and one of the greatest beat 'em ups on the Neo Geo. Great animation, great sound and very addictive gameplay; this game should be in everyone's collection!

Ghost Pilots - 5.5/10

Vertically scrolling shoot 'em up that is very similar to Capcom's 1942. Not the best game ever, but shoot 'em up fans should check it out.

Goal Goal Goal - 6/10

Not a bad football/soccer game as far as Neo sports games go, a worthy competitor to Super Sidekicks.

Gururin - 6/10

Slightly weird puzzle game, but worth a look if you like this sort of thing.

#-G, H-M , N-R , S-Z

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