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January 18 2019

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  NeoGeoForLife Jukebox

Wait for a few seconds and the flash mp3 should load up and begin playing songs. If you would like to open it as a small popup so you can continue browsing the site while listening to music, please click here -->

#11 | Kazuya_UK on February 14 2007 01:04
Yeah, that's cool with me - I'll perhaps get a few more AOF tracks as well and get them added in there. Thumbs Up Just out of interest though, do you guys prefer OST or AST? I try to add a few of both where possible as some people have different preferences...

#12 | jetsetter on February 14 2007 03:39
OST sound better, but somehow AST sound more suitable for working out. Mr Big's theme not bad, but i remember the most catchy song from AOF1 is probably Lee Pailong chinatown stage and AOF2 yuri stage. Wonder who the composer for aof soundtracks.
#13 | merlin on April 04 2007 14:48
The jukebox is a great feature. Personally I really like the music in Magician Lord and Twinkle Star Sprites. My all time favourite though is the music in Pulstar especially the opening theme. It would be great if it was on the jukebox.
#14 | jetsetter on June 04 2007 16:46
What happened to the tracks in the jukebox?? They are all gone !!!
#15 | Kazuya_UK on June 06 2007 12:25
Hmmm, I dunno. I might have to re-install the jukebox or something. This has happened before, but I don't know what causes it. I'll get on it.

Sorry about the inconvenience!

#16 | Kazuya_UK on June 06 2007 12:27
I just looked on the official flam site and it seems a new version of the player is available, so I will get it installed and up and running later today. Here are the fixes:

Flam Player 1.55 is now available

-> Improvements

* The player is now available in two modes: with or without the playlist

-> Fixes

* Autoplay, shuffle and loop settings were lost when updating the display in the last section to integrate the player
* "Cannot reach musics directory", the concept was changed and shouldn't cause anymore trouble
* Some fixes and tested successfully for PHP5
* Some fixes and tested successfully on apache for windows

So it seems the PHP5 problems I had before (where it wouldn't let me enter the admin section so I couldn't upload more tracks) are fixed, and also the mp3's going missing problem is fixed. Once this is installed later everything should be back to normal! Smile Thumbs Up

#17 | Kazuya_UK on June 06 2007 17:37
Hmmm, I installed 1.55, but it is still not working. Admin panel now works for me, but although it picks up all the tracks on the site perfectly, it still won't play them. I think I might try a fresh install - it means manually adding all the tracks back in but it is worth a shot if they damn thing still won't work. Watch this space Smile

#18 | Kazuya_UK on June 11 2007 00:24
I tried a fresh install, it's still screwed up. What the hell is wrong with this thing? Must be something to do with my host but I have no idea what! :|

I'll keep looking for a solution!
#19 | Kazuya_UK on June 12 2007 12:29
OK... problem is half solved. It seems that the player got broke because my host has upgraded to the latest version of PHP 5, and this has broken the player. I can get it working again if I switch the entire domain back to PHP 4, but this isn't a good idea really, and it will break certain other things on the site, so it's a double edged sword.

I will see if there is a way around this... otherwise it is a case of waiting for the next update to the flam player itself, as that should fix it.

#20 | jetsetter on September 09 2007 05:20
YES! Finally, the jukebox is OK! It been almost 2 months.Let hope for new soundtrack.

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