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September 19 2019

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  NGP - Biomotor Unitron · ©Yumekobo 1999

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Game Stats
1 or 2 players
(with link cable)


8 Megs

Japanese Name:

Biomotor Unitron



Reviewed By:
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Biomotor Unitron
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Other Opinions - More Reviews On NG4L:
Review 2 - by ChronoChrono


When I first heard about this game, I had low expectations for it. A Role-Playing game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color? Since RPGs are few and far between on any SNK system in terms of quantity, I didn't expect much. Still, for a portable, it was a pleasant surprise to see an RPG released so early, so I decided to pick it up.


My expectations were somewhat correct. While not the worst game out there, Biomotor Unitron has plenty of room for improvement. The only thing that holds it back is its limited scope.

Biomotor Unitron works because it takes proven gameplay elements like the collecting components of pokemon, and merges them with the old-school mentalities of games like Dragon Warrior/Final Fantasy.

Much of the game entails finding or buying raw materials and parts, converting them into new parts, and equipping them onto your unitron robot. The other section of this game that works is the Dragon Warrior/Final Fantasy style gameplay. Old and newer role-playing gamers alike with be familiar enough with the menus of Biomotor Unitron to pick it up and play it at first glance. Another positive element of this game lies in the dungeons. Dungeons are split into different elements (earth, wind, fire, water), with each level of the dungeon increasing in difficulty as you climb higher and higher. Another advantage to the dungeons is that they change layout every time you exit and enter them, which in turn, increases playability.

The disadvantages of this game balance its advantages. First off, the game is very repetitious. You do the normal RPG routines of fighting enemies, gaining experience, buying weapons/parts, and chatting with the townsfolk. Next off, the game is very limited in scope. There is no real world map to move around in. While the dungeons change each time in layout, they seem too homogeneous and are limited in number; the player feels like they are in the same dungeon all of the time.


Overall, Biomotor Unitron isn't a bad first stab as the first RPG on Neo Geo Pocket Color. Its familar aspects will draw new and old players alike. The advantages of it being the first RPG will definitely draw some players, but its disadvantages of repetition make it an only slightly above average title.

Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 6/10
Game play: 7/10
Replay Value: 7/10

Overall Rating: 6.5/10

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