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March 25 2019

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  Metal Slug 5 - ©Playmore 2003 (Review 2)

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

Platform Shoot 'em up

708 Megs
Japanese Name:

Metal Slug 5

Released On:


Reviewed By:
Top Reviews By This Author:


- Samurai Shodown V (Neo Geo)
- SNK Vs Capcom: SVC Chaos (Neo Geo)
- Rage of the Dragons (Neo Geo)
- Matrimelee (Neo Geo)
- Metal Slug 4 (Neo Geo)
- Metal Slug 5 (Neo Geo)
- King Of Fighters 2002 (Neo Geo)
- King Of Fighters 2003 (Neo Geo)
- Twinkle Star Sprites La Petite Princess (PS2)

Other Opinions - More Reviews On NG4L:
Review 1 - by Kazuya_UK


The MS games are definitely my favorite shooters for the NeoGeo. While it's true the previous addition to the series by Playmore didn't hold up as well as SNK's games, this latest Slug deserves much praise.

Story (8/10)

The MS games as of late have always had something to do with Gen. Morden and his army along with the occasional alien invasion. However, MS5 concentrates it's plot on an entirely different enemy. It's not certain just what is going on but it's very nice to have a change plot wise.

Graphics (9/10)

This department as always been real strong in the Metal Slug games and at the same time MS5 shines over 4 because there is a lot less recycled graphics. Most of the brand new enemies were clearly made from the animations of the old ones but are designed very nicely. The completely new enemies and slug vehicles look fantastic (especially the walking tank slug). In particular I find the red tank from level one and the rocket launching boss from level 3 very cool because they are done from scratch. The new troops aren't particularly interesting but the ninjas are very cool and use knives and shuriken on you. The animation and styling is about as good as I could ask from a new MS game.

Sound (10/10)

This has to be the best MS soundtrack I've ever heard. MS4's was pretty good since it was the first one to be done by Noise Factory but this time they've done even better. All of the tracks have a metal theme to them (save for the wild west tune in level 2 but that's also pretty heavy). The music changes very accordingly to boss stages and times of heavy action. As for the explosions, screams and gunfire it's all as good as any of the other MS games. There are a couple of new sound effects for the new enemies and guys in suits you can rescue and they sound just fine. Good sound effects and a totally badass soundtrack.

Music Samples:

Here's a couple of samples of the in-game music, right click to save:

Music Sample 1 - MP3 Format, 51 Seconds, 527k
Music Sample 2 - MP3 Format, 55 Seconds, 537k

Gameplay (9/10)

Not much has changed here but I figure it's best not mess with it considering the past MS games I've played. You can now slide across floors while shooting which looks very cool and is very useful in times when you can slip by gunfire by running or jumping. Trevor and Nadia from MS4 are gone although I imagine few people will miss them (I miss Nadia though T_T) and Eri and Tarma are back. One thing that sets this game back (it's probably the only thing I find wrong with this part of the game), is that the original last boss was replaced. Many people agree with me that it would have been far cooler to have the shaman you see after level 1 be the final boss instead of the demon you have to fight. Also, the boss of level four seems somewhat unfair because there is practically nowhere to avoid it's gunfire without some luck involved. Other then a couple of poor choices in bosses it's a nicely designed game.

Overall (10/10)

So far this and Matrimelee are my favorite of the new Neo titles released in 2003. While MS4 didn't disappoint me all that much I find this game to be head and shoulders above it and definitely recommend it for MS fans everywhere.

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