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March 21 2019

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  Metal Slug 4 - İMega Enterprises/Playmore 2002 (Review 2)

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

Platform Shoot 'em up

553 Megs
Japanese Name:

Metal Slug 4

Released On:


Reviewed By:
Top Reviews By This Author:


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Other Opinions - More Reviews On NG4L:
Review 1 - by Kazuya_UK


When I first heard news of this games coming I was very excited. I had recently played and beaten Metal Slug 3 and liked the concept of new characters, weapons, and vehicles in 4. I was expecting the usual layout with long missions, tons of enemies and guns and vehicles to destroy them with. My expectations were fulfilled.

Story 6/10

Well the intro pretty much explains the purpose of the game. You are continuing to battle with the same army from the past games. No real plot development takes place as you go through the game but unless your looking for something deep the story doesn't really change the games feel.

Graphics 9/10

Equally impressive as they were in 3. The explosions, character, and object animations are very smooth. While the well-animated elephant slug from 3 is gone there are some amazing morphing effects with the snowmen in the beginning of mission 3. The artwork was drawn by the artist that did Garou and KOF 2000. While it's likely that Nadia and Trevor were created from Eri and Tarma's sprites they look brand new with no disfigurements and look cool during their pause and death animations (they look really cool when they become zombified too). Just what any Metal Slug fan would expect.

Sound 9/10

Also very good. The sound effects for the gunfire, explosions, and weapons all remain the same and a few new sound effects have been added for the ride sections and bosses. The music takes on an appropriate style for whatever portion of the game you're in. All in all very nice.

Gameplay 9/10

Although not quite as hard as 3, Metal Slug 4 will still provide a worthwhile challenge even to seasoned veterans of the previous games. The ability to take multiple routes through the level is still present and adds to the replay value. The soldiers tend to use their knives more often then usual and use a wider variety of attacks. Some old enemies have also been given brand new attacks (e.g. the helicopters that drop bombs on you will also fly in front of you and fire missiles at you if you don't destroy them quickly enough). My only gripe here is that some bosses can put you in an inescapable situation if you're not extremely careful.

New Stuff

Of course you can now play as two new characters, Nadia and Trevor, who replace Eri and Tarma (although you see them often throughout the game). As mentioned earlier old enemies have new attacks and a few brand new enemies are here as well. Practically every normal enemy from the previous games appears in Metal Slug 4 somewhere except for the aliens. New enemies include white snow troopers, blue troopers (they use rapid fire shotguns), scientists with sniper rifles, troopers wearing armored clean suits, robotic clones of the enemies leader and more (you'll also find out why that crazy soldier with the machine gun survived all of your previous fights if you can get to him!).

Brand-new vehicles include the quad rocket launching Bradley, a mechanical skeleton that behaves like the camel and ostrich slugs. You also ride in the sidecar of a motorcycle and in the back of a truck during the ride sections.

Overall 9/10

I was expecting a solid addition to the Metal Slug series and this game is just that. Any hardcore like myself will play this again and again without ever growing tired of it and new fans will find it a fair challenge. In laymen's terms Metal Slug 4 rules!

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