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December 17 2018

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  Matrimelee - ©Playmore/Noise Factory/Atlus 2003 (Page 2)

Secret Rage of the Dragons Characters:

I say secret, but you actually get to fight two of these characters (apart from Jones it seems) during the course of every normal game. However, you do need to input the following code to be able to play as them:

At the character select screen press up, up, up, up, down, down, down, left, left, right. The screen will turn black for a second and the RotD characters will appear in the middle of the screen. Eagle-eyed people will notice that this is the same cheat code that was used in Rage of the Dragons.

Elias: He's a cheap bastard to fight against when controlled by the CPU, especially when he decides to use his energy drain special and super moves (which recharge his own energy bar). If you let him do them to you a lot, the match will be over pretty damn quick. He's quite predictable though, and not that hard to beat.

A cool character to use in Rage of the Dragons, Jimmy is also good fun to use in Matrimelee. He has some pretty powerful moves and some cool combos, but some consider him cheap as he is basically a "shoto" character.

The funky "Game of Death" tracksuit wearing guy from RotD makes his return, and he hasn't changed much. For some strange reason I have never fought him in one player mode, unlike the other RotD characters, and most people I know have never seen him either... although I have heard from one person that said they saw him in one player.

One of my favourite characters in Rage of the Dragons, Lynn is also a good character in this game. Her voice appears to have changed slightly, but other than that she is much the same.

Final Boss - Princess Sissy

Perhaps one of the strangest bosses in any fighting game that I can remember, Princess Sissy is a young girl that looks innocent, but will DESTROY you if you give her the chance. She is very cheap, but once you get used to her she is not as bad as Johann from Rage of the Dragons. Speaking of RotD, one of Sissy's moves involves Abubo popping out of the little treasure chest that she carries; you will get to see this damaging move a LOT! For tips on beating her, check our guide here !

You can play as Princess Sissy too, but only if you are playing the home cart or if you have your MVS cart switched to home mode via use of a Uni-bios or similar. This code will not work in the arcade:

Select any character as normal, but right after choosing, hold down all four buttons down (A+B+C+D) until the pre-fight screen. If it worked, your character will have changed into Princess Sissy. Let the cheapness begin! :)


There's a decent amount of stages in the game, although some are shared by a few characters. Many of the stages are set inside the same arena, but depending on who you are fighting there will be a different singer/band in the background, which makes the stage look/sound a lot different. Almost all of the stages feature full songs with lyrics, which is a first for the Neo Geo! (more on this later)

Here is a list of all the stages in the game, and details on which characters fight there.

Arena 1 - No Money Ranger, Hayato Muichimon

An old guy standing in the background sings a very funny song while every now and then he breaks some boards that pop up out of the floor, all in time with the music/lyrics. A very nice touch and although the song is quite cheesy, I love fighting here... in fact, I think I like it *because* it is really cheesy. The song is about a guy who gets laid off from his job by an "evil company" and has to get some high interest loans to "protect his families piece of mind". I kid you not... :)

Characters that fight here: Reiji

Arena 2 - Urami Masuyo, It's the Little Things that Make Me Happy

A girl sitting in a kind of suspended chair (that follows you around) plays the guitar and sings a slow song about... French Fries. It's basically about a girl that loves this tasty food, but the waitress clears her plate from the table before she gets the chance to eat them, so she flips out! Bizarre??? Yeah. Hilarious? For sure! Keep an eye on the video screen in the background as the girls face when her beloved food gets taken away from her is priceless :)

Characters that fight here: Clara, Anny

Arena 3 - Megadon Kimura and the Debu-Metalz

This stage features a funny looking death metal band and the music here is really heavy. I like it a lot, but it's probably not to everyones taste. Oh, and the word "Debu" is actually Japanese for "fatass" or something similar... check out the sumo guys in the background etc. This isn't really one of the most politically correct songs ever used in a game ;-)

Characters that fight here: Keith, Olof

Arena 4 - Michiko Hikarino, How Wonderful! The Internet!

A girl standing in the background sings about how "wonderful" the internet is (Subarasiki Intaanetuto in Japanese literally means "wonderful internet"). Kind of a strange song, but I like it. The only one bad thing that I can say about this stage is that Noise Factory dropped the ball here slightly as a few parts of the song sound a bit distorted/garbled. Thankfully you don't notice it too much while fighting, but you can hear it a lot if you pause the game and just listen. It's a shame it is like this, but it doesn't affect the game too much.

Characters that use this stage: Ume, Tane

Arena 5 - The Gamers, Fighting Games for Young People

Some guys in the background singing (I think about video games), and a few others playing on arcade machines. Some of the guys are wearing T-Shirts with the letters "MSX" written on them. For those that don't know, "MSX" was a famous computer system in Japan. It's nothing to do with Metal Slug X as some people think :-)

Characters that fight here: White

Arena 6 - The Aliens - Bokurano Hi-Mi-Tu

A bunch of Aliens standing in the background sing this very "kawaii" song. I thought it was very funny (check out the video screen to see somebody being experimented on by the aliens), but it is perhaps a little too sugary for some peoples tastes :)

Characters that fight here: Poochy, Hikaru

Akihabara Sannin Musume, Overclock Excitement

This stage is set inside a computer store and has 3 girls in the background singing a *very* catchy song about overclocking your PC and buying new components (yes I'm serious). This one gets stuck in my head for a long time whenever I hear it! This is a nice stage, and has quite a lot going on in the background, with people talking on the phone and shopping etc... although I have no idea why the characters picked a computer store to fight in :-)

Characters that fight here: Shintaro, Buntaro

Yabeno Hikomaro, Kotohime, with the Boushu Dancers, Let's Go, Necromancer!

This is an EXCELLENT stage. It features a VERY catchy "eurobeat" song by some Monks in the background, and has a chorus sung by a girl who is standing at the top of the screen. Sometimes when I play on this stage I actually let the fight go on a bit longer just so I can hear more of the song, I like it that much. It is probably the best looking stage in the game as well.

Unfortunately it is only used by the character Chinnen, so you don't get to see it very often.

Hide and Kei, Ninja Love, Goketsuji Style

This stage is set inside a karaoke bar and features a song being sung by a man and woman in the background. This song is basically about the storyline of Gouketsuji. Nice background, although I can imagine that many people would find the music annoying... again, I kinda like it though, as it fits in very well with the stage.

Characters that fight here: Kanji and Saizo

Backstage Areas

All of the fights against RotD characters take place in a location presumably backstage from the main arena. You walk into a room and then get challenged by either Elias, Jimmy or Lynn. Each one of these stages is basically the same room, but with different objects inside it.

Backstage - Elias:

Inside a locker room, with some sofas, a coffee table and a grandfather clock in the middle. Looking through the steam inside the door on the left you can see a mystery woman bathing in there. This stage has some decent music, although it isn't one of the most memorable tracks.

Backstage - Jimmy:

Same room as Elias, except the shower room is now empty and there is a wigwam setup in the middle of the room, with Buffalo White meditating in front of it. Some fairly decent but generic rock music plays on this stage.

Backstage - Lynn:

Again, it's the same room as the other RotD characters, but this one has Chinnen sleeping in the background. There is also a Japanese sign in the background that can be read in English as either "greed", "desire" or "passion". I love fighting against Lynn, mainly because her music is one of the best tracks in the game! As with the other RotD characters, hers is an instrumental track without lyrics, but it is very, very nice to listen to. It's funny really - Lynn's stage in RotD also featured one of the best pieces of music in that particular game.

Arena 6 - The Wedding March (VS Princess Sissy):

Back in the main arena again for the final battle; the music here is a rock remix of the wedding march (!). It is very funny at first, but if you get stuck on Sissy for too long (like most people do), it will start to annoy you somewhat. Stick with it though, as Sissy isnt too hard to beat when you know the trick... see our Matrimelee guide on the site for more info! ;-)

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