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January 17 2019

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  Sengoku 3 - ©SNK 2001 (Page 3)


The selectable and initally available stages are:

  • 1. China

  • The natural first stage, which has the “Easy” difficulty setting. There’s food all over the place, enough to cover for any life consuming mistakes made.

    You are basically fighting over the city grounds, some chinese gardens, an ancient artefacts exhibition hall and some statue hall where the boss will face you, along with his merrymen.

    The dark army up against you is the Legion of the Dead. As such, they all look like undead ghostly soldiers some ancient times mostly. In China, you’ll be up against, normal “katana” foot soldiers, normal war scythe foot soldiers, normal aggressor samurais and flying head spirits.

    The boss here is a undead samurai using a magical fire war scythe and fire magic as his battle tools. We’ll call him the “Fire Dancer” … you’ll understand why.

  • 2. Italy

  • The selection to the furthest left among the three. Italy has the “Hard” setting on it, as there’s only food at two points in the game and the baddies are much tougher and quicker.

    The stage begins by the ports of Italy, where you’ll fight baddies at the outside of a pizza parlour and some docks. You’ll always have the view of the waters along the stage.

    In this stage, you’d be up against the normal aggressor samurais, faster sword and war scythe foot soldiers and a more unique female dagger wielding assassins (they normally provide flying daggers).

    The boss you’d be up against here would be Mistress Okuni herself. She is accompanied by two of her female assassins.

  • 3. Japan

  • The fighting area is a more urban district in this “Hard” difficulty stage. There’s food at 3 points in the game including a massive whole chicken.

    The stage includes areas such as building rooftops, subway stations and tunnels and city sidewalks. The stage takes place at night unlike the other early stages.

    The undead minions here include the normal and faster sword and war scythe bearing foot soldiers, normal aggressor samurais, only 2 female assassins and also in addition a mini boss who we’ll identify as the “Double Dagger Bat King”.

    The boss you’d meet up here is Byakki, the “White Ghost”. He would also be accompanied by up at least two war scythe bearing foot soldiers.

  • 4. Brazil

  • This stage looks more like the jungle and ancient ruins of Brazil itself. You’ll fight through the leaves and have the choice of going through ancient temples (with traps of course). This stage involves a choice path, which you can select from two ways to reach the end of the stage.

    The baddies here include the toads, zombies, head soul abominations, faster war scythe foot soldiers, faster aggressor samurais and also two mini bosses this time ; the “Evil Fire Phoenix” (Falcon should feel touchy), and also the “Double Dagger Bat King”.

    The boss of Brazil is the “Toad King”, which is suitable since the whole stage has already been in abundance of the species. As his name goes, he certainly fights alongside his merry amphibians, with up to four toads at one time. He uses a spread-fire cannon, which is heavily damaging, and a sword at times.

  • 5. USA

  • Now here you’ll be fighting once again in the city, alongside motorcycles, fire hydrants, buildings and stuff. Once again you have the choice of two paths in this stage. The last section of the stage is an ancient temple.

    The baddies here are the buzzards, faster war scythe foot soldiers, faster aggressor samurais, head soul abominations, toads, flying head spirits, dogs and normal and faster female assassins. There is also a new mini boss here, the “Axe Swing Soldier”, who appears more than once in the game.

    The boss this time around is the “Thunder Samurai”, accompanied by up to two faster aggressor samurais. He casts balls of lightning, which rotate around the fighting area and at times he disappears to suprise you with a cloaked lightning strike.

  • 6. Kyoto

  • This I presume is the final stage, though as of now I am haven’t been able to complete it. Most people would think that USA would be the last, but every game has to play its players as fools for a while.

    The stage generally begins with the Ninjas Of Peace, proceeding deep underground through something like an aura-filled opening in the ground. The whole stage involves a bridge like structure of a battle arena, all the way up to the chamber of the Evil Timeless Soul.

    Baddies here are of the greatest range, beginning with faster sword and war scythe foot soldiers, faster aggressor samurais, faster buzzards, faster female assassins, flying head spirits, normal and burrowed zombies. The mini bosses are in abundance here. You’ll be up against the “Fire Dancer” again, the “Double Dagger Bat King”, the “Axe Swing Solder” and just before entering the chamber of the Timeless Soul, the “Face of the Timeless Gate”.

    The boss here is the “Timeless Soul” himself. He’s a whole lot bigger than other bosses and is accompanied by faster war scythe foot soldiers, and at times, his power calls up heaps of flying head spirits.

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