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February 16 2019

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  Sengoku 3 - ©SNK 2001 (Page 2)


This release of the Sengoku series from SNK Corporation utilises the usual 4 buttons ;

A – Weapon Attack/Slice

B – Barehand Blast/Punch

C – Jump

D - Projectile Toss

Non-Shinobi (Ninja Gauge) Consuming Moves

Dashing is done by tapping a direction twice and quickly. While dashing, you can simply knock through your enemies for minimal damage, or press A for a Dash Slash, B for a Dash Attack (this normally gets the enemy up in the air for a combo) or for a Dash Jump.

While jumping or dash jumping with C, press A for a Jump Slash or B for a Jump Attack. Move near an enemy for a grab and press A or B for a Body Toss, pushing the direction which you want the enemy to be flung. Perform Conversion Arts/Morph Moves by simultaneously hitting A, B and C would make the warrior invulnerable and injuring surrounding enemies but consume a bit of the life gauge. Projectile Tosses (D) are only possible so long as the warrior has projectile items equipped.

Shinobi (Ninja Gauge) Consuming Moves

Special Ninja Arts are also available for each character that consume some of your Shinobi bar, each with their unique form. The Shinobi bar (Ninja Gauge) is the blue bar below the yellow health bar, which is an indicator of how many more Ninja Arts can be used. The Shinobi bar decreases as Ninja Arts are performed, and increased as more non-Shinobi consuming attacks are performed.

Ninja Art 1 is normally short ranged and is executed by tapping down, down and then A. Ninja Art 2 involves a longer range through tapping down, down amd then B. Ninja Art 3 is only available to Kagetsura and Kongoh, and involves grabbing an enemy prior to doing a power body slam by tapping down, up and B.

The Ultimate Ninja Art pauses and affects all enemies active in the fighting area, and is done by tapping down, up, then A+B. This consumes a whole bar of Shinobi.

Hit Combo

With a combination of Weapon Attacks (A), Barehand Blasts (B) , Jump Slash (C+A) / Attacks (C+B), Dash Slash / Attacks and Ninja Arts, the warrior can repeatedly attack an enemy or all enemies within the attack span for hit combos, extra points and a more definite and quick kill. The more the combos, the higher the points would multiply. Mastering this skill would take practice. The combos are almost like an auto-combo format, any consequent hits within a time frame would chain up a combo, and different moves.


The game has items hidden all over the fighting area. It can be kept by an enemy and obtained by killing them, or in a wheel barrel, wooden box, chairs, tables, exhibit booths, plant pots, bicycles, motorbikes, posts/signs, etc.


These are items that a warrior can equipped accumulatively up to 9 units at any particular time of any one particular type only. Which means, that if you had 3 shurikens and you picked up a bomb, the shurikens would be removed and lost. If you accumulate more projectiles beyond 9, then you would get more points.

Hits one enemy only but sends the enemy into the air allowing a combo to take place or simply letting the enemy fall on the ground temporarily down.

Flying Dagger
Hits all enemies in its horizontal line of attack, however not causing the enemy to fumble or get flung into the air. They would still be standing and may attack after some recovery time.

Attacks one enemy, and then explodes with a radius effect on all enemies in its range, and causing the enemy to fall down temporarily in flames.

Attacks one enemy only without causing the enemy to fumble or to be thrown in the air.


As usual, food would be used to replenish life or an injured warrior. Different types of food would restore different amounts of life in the gauge. The following food items have been sorted from least to most life recovering.

- Slice of Cake
- Pizza
- Burger
- Japanese Bun
- Pork Buns
- Cup of Noodles (half life)
- Whole Chicken (full life)


Treasures award points if picked up. These items can vary from small ones such as coins and pendants found from killing enemies, wheel barrels, chairs, etc. to large ones like gold, artefacts (vase and globe) and Neo-Geo MVSs by killing mini bosses, flower pots, exhibit booths, wheel barrels, posts/signs, etc.

These items can earn the player between 100 to 10,000 points. Some are even hidden from normally viewable areas of the fighting screen area.


There are 5 distinct stages and 1 hidden stage in Sengoku 3, totalling 6. The way the stages are sequenced or selectable is unique.

Firstly, 3 stages get to be selected. These stages are between the difficulties of “Easy” and “Hard”. After completing all 3 of these stages in any sequence, then only can the players attempt stage 4, stage 5 and stage 6 (hidden stage) in sequence only. Therefore, for the first 3 stages, the stage number would not always be the same, as it depends on your sequence selection.

The enemies can be categorised as follows:

Undead Soldiers

· Samurai Foot Soldier

These undead minions bear regular armor (just for show), and wield weapons such “katana”s or war scythes for the higher level ones. They also come in colors of blue to purple shades, which determines their speed and power.

They can either slash or stab you, or jump and slash. They generally move slowly but get quicker as the level increase.

· Aggressor Samurais

These guys wield swords and don’t jump but do rush around the battle area attempting to jab you from afar. They can also do pretty quick slashes. And they get faster and stronger by the levels, beginning with yellow towards green.

· Female Assassins

These ladies are quick but don’t do multiple attacks like the aggressors, as they only wield daggers just like Kurenai, but only one and generally stab the Ninjas Of Peace. They start of as brown assassins and morph towards purplish shades as they grow stronger in the stages to come.

· Zombies

Common to most undead armies, these guys have the ability to fire their heads to reach long distances, but other than that, they only attempt to scratch with their claws.

I believe they only come in one difficulty and don’t get stronger or faster anyhow. But they do vary in appearance as sometimes they appear to be magically burrowed the ground.


· Toads
They come in small sizes making them a hard target. They are threatening as have the use of poisonous pink slime oozed to the floor from their mouths which can be multiple hits if stepped on to deep. They also have the use of their elongated tongue to do jabs.

· Buzzards
They are almost like soldiers as they have a bit of armor on them, but don’t bear weapons, except their wing feathers and foot claws. They can either spin and open out their wings to slash or fly in the air for an air dash with their claws. Ranges from red to blue.

· Dogs These ones generally growl and run towards you (not bringing the mail) attempting to get a piece of you. Other than that, they don’t really have any other form of attacks.


· Flying Head Spirits
These would just be single flying heads of spiritual aura passing through the screen attempting to hit you. They can come out of the ground or simply appear from the far side of the screen.

· Head Souls Abominations

Big assimilation of ghostly heads which float around like wraiths. They can fire twin shocking blasts or dash towards you in a spinning pattern.

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