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November 13 2018

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  Rage of the Dragons - ŠEvoga/Playmore 2002 (Review 2)

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

Tag-Team Beat 'em Up

564 Megs
Japanese Name:

Rage of the Dragons

Released On:


Reviewed By:
Top Reviews By This Author:


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Other Opinions - More Reviews On NG4L:
Review 1 - by Kazuya_UK

Review Introduction:

Personally I've never played any of the NeoGeo's Double Dragon games but this one caught my interest since games on the NeoGeo have changed a lot since then. I'm a diehard fighting fan so I was sure this game would entertain me despite all the bad karma it took after it's release.


Not bad. Nothing to do with the old DD games but it's better to have something new and fresh. The story primarily revolves around the brothers Billy and Jimmy who ran away from home and ended up living with an uncle in Sunshine City (where this game takes place). There they were trained by an old master in the ways of the dragon along with his granddaughter Lynn. A few years later Jimmy started getting in trouble with a gang. Billy had an attraction to Jimmy's girlfriend and went to talk to her about this, but when he did the gang that was after Jimmy killed her and Jimmy blamed Billy for her death. The two brothers seperated and left their training unfinished. Now years later a man known to have the powers of the Black Dragon has appeared in Sunshine City. Both brothers have returned to investigate this (and to avenge their master who was killed by this man). The other characters(Lynn, Radel, Annie, Pepe, Pupa, Alice, Elias, Jones, Kang, Sonia) all have some reason to meet this man (mostly for information or revenge) as well.


One of the game's major strong points. With just one character you can do some fairly painful combos (like a super and then a First Impact or vice versa), but with two you can really cause some damage (like a Team Duplex, then a super, and then a First Impact)! There is super meter which charges just like you generic Street Fighter bar (you can have up to three bars) and a partner meter which has to recharge after every to time you tag out(press B+C, this is to prevent you from constantly tagging but the meter charges pretty fast anyway). Most stages have objects that allow you to juggle your opponent since they get caught on them but after they take two collisions with characters they will break and the stage will become longer. All in all combo fanatics will be in heaven but traditional fighters will still be able to play it their way.

Unique Features:

Well as mentioned earlier you can do First Impacts combos (press C+D and the exact combo will appear on the screen for you) which can be standing or air (just jump and then do the combo). If you juggle these you can usually throw in a super. To do a Team Duplex press down, down-toward, toward B+C. Specifics pairings will also give you unique combos (like Billy and Lynn). You can roll dodge and sidestep like in KOF's Extra and Advanced modes. Finally if you decide your better off with just one of your characters then you can press A+B+C+D to surrender the other one and they will transfer their health to the remaining character.


About on par with Garou MOTW. The backgrounds are awesome, but many of them don't have animated things which makes them less vibrant. The chracter animation is very nice though (especially during their taunts and when they KO the first character). When someone gets set on fire (or electrified or whatever:)) there is a strange kind of look to it but it still gives off the usual impression. A really cool effect occurs when you do your First Impact combos (the entire screen will become blurry and red). The supers opening and finishing animations are very nice too(about the same as Garou). Not as alive as Garou but still very nice.

Sound effects & Music:

Well music wise this games shines but sometimes the characters are a bit hard to understand. I can read and speak a fair amount of japanese so I can tell you that most of it is pretty simplistic stuff. However the english is about as good as Terry Bogard. You can't really understand what their saying half the time (watch Billy and Jimmy's special intro it's hilarious)! The hits, supers, and announcer all have their usual ring to them (nothing new here). My personal favorite is Pupa and Pepe's stage because it's just so catchy. Again not perfect but still nice.

Playing Tips & Tricks:

To play as the mid-boss Abubo press up, up, up, up, down, down, down, left, left, right at the character select screen. You can play as the final boss Johann in practice mode only. About Johann, he is NOT that hard to beat (I did it on my fifth try). My advice is to stick with basic punches and kicks (jump kick him when he does his roundhouse and then immediately do a trip kick) and when you tag do it when he throws a fireball at you(your partner is invincible to projectiles when they run in).


This is a great old school fighter with a bunch of new features thrown in. While I can't afford to blow $325 on it for the console version I've pumped plenty of quarters in it at the arcade. Arguably you could say it's just another fighting game but it can entertain you for quite some time.

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Game play: 9/10
Story: 8/10

Overall Rating: 9/10

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Review by Kensou

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Double Dragon

Good old school style beat 'em up.

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