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December 17 2018

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  The King of Fighters 2000 - ęSNK 2000 (Review 4)

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

One On One Fighting

688 Megs
Japanese Name:

The King of Fighters 2000

Released On:


Reviewed By:
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The King of Fighters 2000...yeah, more like 2000 flushes.

By the time the new millennium arrived, everything looked like technology would improve. Sadly, one of the things that wouldn't make it was SNK. In the year 2000, the company decided to close up shop, but not before shooting out one more title for the fans of the company. Did SNK leave the gaming world with a big bang grand finale with "The King of Fighters 2000"?

Graphics: 6/10

If you read my review on KOF 99, you knew I wasn't a happy camper in their graphics. Playing this has officially taken over that spot. One can only wondered how SNK production crew couldn't keep up with their amazing graphing work like KOF 98. The answer in simple: pure laziness. I feel the people just thought 'Well, the company is going to close its doors soon, so why try making an effort?' None of the fighters got any type of update work done on them, aside from the new fighters.

The returning fighters' special and movement are bulky, unimpressive, and lacking. Robert is the greatest example of this tragic event. He did get a touch up, but in vulgar execution. His new fireball animation is absolutely dreadful to watch. The artwork was slightly better then 99 stuff, but it still didn't feel like a KOF game to me and none of them look like what they really were.

For the stages, for a game that takes place in Southtown, they made some bad choice of locations. Now tell me again why you are fighting in an aquarium with people more interested in the fishes in the tank, which showcase how bad and boring the scene is. What place in Southtown has a desert with Egyptian ruins? How exciting is the final boss stage when it's a bland dark hallway? Even when their 'iced' isn't as memorable.

Not to mention that the KOF 2000 got some bad coloring in certain areas of the game, too. I found more entertaining, colorful, and better looking stages in Art of Fighting 1! Overall, the entire game somehow looks more outdated compare to past KOF games in the mid 90s. When I find the stages are boring, it sometimes really downs the mood for the rest of the game.

Gameplay/Controls: 5/10

The gaming experience in this version is a little bit more fun and tries to redeem itself. Everything you saw in the last game is here. The pathetic armor/counter mode and the four to a team format are back, much to the fans' delight (or dislike for me). SNK did improve the striker system up an inch by adding additional strikers.

The way it works is how the usual select four and pick three to be in the active team and last one is the striker. However, if you take the time to see things, you can tilt the joystick to see an extra striker, with the majority of them being from other SNK games in relation, similar in traits, and being obscure. Cool as it sounds, it adds incredibly small to the fun factor of the game as strikers should had never been put on paper in the first place.

The Battle Point system is still in as your score meter and if you beat KOF the team halfway, under the right conditions, you get to battle a special opponent that really doesn't puts up much of a fight, but she'll cover the stage with ice. Keeping a number of stocks for strikers got better as you can regain one back simply by taunting.

The controls for don't feel tight enough as last couple of games. Performing combos and super moves aren't too quick to register the directions as before. Is it another sign of lazy work from the SNK people? I'm starting to think "F**K YEAH!!!

The computer AI is average for the whole game I really couldn't say for everybody. It's not because of me not playing enough, but because I think nobody is really that into KOF 2000. However, be thankful you reach the final boss, Zero, who is one of the only positive points of the game as he put up a nice challenge, but he would had been more cool had he got a credible buildup during the tournament.

Speaking of characters, the new entrants in 2000 are a fun pack. Vanessa is a good boxer, Seth cares more about putting a hurt on you then flashy attacks, Lin is what I like to call "The Eiji of 2000", Ramon is a wrestler who moves nothing like a wrestler I've seen from Mexico, Hinako whose a skinny school girl who studies the style of sumo.yes, you heard right, and finally Kula (the secret mid boss) is what anyone would later know her as the ice rival to K-Dash's fire. Allegedly.

Sound/Music: 6/10

Wow, to be clear cut with you guys, I played the game many times and when I was writing this review about the music, my mind was completely blank. The only things I could redeem from the soundtrack were the select team screen and Kula's theme.

I went to play again it to recall how the music was and after a few minutes, I can see why my head went dead. The music ranges from sounding cheery, spooky, and serious. However they all still equal utter garbage. It was like SNK's musical talents were losing focus for each year that was passing by.

I also started to question why they could at least change the hits effects, as it's all been there since the first KOF back in 94. Then I forget to realize that you might as well put an average work rate if this is the company's last project. Thankfully, the voice acting was good, but you couldn't tell if anything was done to it at all.

Replay Value : 5/10

You have eight teams of four fighters, most are strangely place, and two single entries making up the roster for 2000, plus one hidden fighter. Over seventy strikers are selectable, but you can surely bet that half of them will actually have any use in battle. The fighting setup is still like 99, where you battle a so-so number of teams and then battle a tough guy name "Zero", who is one of the lousiest boss debut in fighting games I played.

The team endings aren't as interesting to read. A few of them will provide some good humor. The two player versus is still.okay, but this is something you could not see you and your friends playing in long hours. From here to the beginning of the series, I suggest playing the KOFs before 99 for good versus fun.

Overall : 6/10

When something dear to you has to go away, you want them to go out in class and style like the closing of your favorite restaurant, TV show, etc. SNK did not do that for The King of Fighters' 2000. Instead, everybody in the company probably said screw it and think nobody would care and the way that they made it, they did a damn good job on meeting their desire goal. With no heart and soul push into it, this game, along like 99 and 2001, is something you don't want to play on regular basis. Hey, more power to you if you enjoy this one.

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