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September 22 2019

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  NGP - SNK Vs Capcom Match of the Millennium · ©SNK 1999

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Game Stats
1 or 2 players
(with link cable)

Fighting Game

32 Megs

Japanese Name:

SNK Vs Capcom: Match of the Millennium


Does NOT work with Neo Geo Pocket mono version! Color Only!

Compatible with SNK Vs Capcom: CFC using NGPC link cable. (see review)

Reviewed By:
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Other Opinions - More Reviews On NG4L:
Review 2 - by Digi Punk


For anyone that has been a big fan of both SNK and Capcom's fighting games like me, this really is a dream come true. Featuring many of their most famous fighters, now we really can find out if Ryu truly is harder than Kyo Kusanagi, if Mai can kick Chun Li's Interpol ass and who really is the biggest SNK/Capcom parody character of all, Dan or Yuri! I did have my fears that this game would not live up to expectations, but ooooooh boy was I ever wrong to doubt it!


When you first power up your NGPC with this 32 meg cartridge inserted, you are greeted with one of two nice and colorful introductions that feature a selection of either teams fighters (It randomly plays either the SNK or the Capcom intro each time you load it). From the moment I saw it, I could somehow tell that this was going to be a VERY classy game and I certainly wasn't wrong. Not only is this game a dream come true, it is also the greatest portable fighting game to date.

It isn't just the great game play that makes "Match of the Millennium" so special. It's the wealth of options at your disposal. You can take part in traditional single matches, but that's just the beginning. You want tag team matches where you can swap player at any time in game a la X-Men Vs SF? No problem! You want team matches with three characters like in the KOF series? You got it! In fact, not only can you change the type of match, but also your fighting style.

Choose from three different styles: First is "Average", where you get a similar power bar to the one in the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero games, which builds up over two stages (When you block or attack). At stage one, you can perform a super move and on stage two you can perform more powerful level two super moves. If you select "Counter" mode, you play in a similar fashion to the "extra" mode in The King of Fighters series of games. You have to charge up your power bar by holding down on the joystick and pressing A and B together. Once at full power you have a limited time to use a super move. Finally, there is "Rush" mode, which is my personal favourite. When you attack or block, your power bar is increased a little, and each time it reaches full you store one super move (up to a maximum of three). In Rush mode you can also use chain combos. The only disadvantage is that you are unable to use level two super moves, only the less powerful level one supers.

As you would imagine, there is an excellent selection of characters. From the start, you have access to 9 SNK fighters and 9 Capcom fighters, including faves like Terry, Ryo, Athena, Kyo and Mai on SNK's side and including Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li, Felicia and Morrigan on Capcom's, among others. There are also secret characters. The more you play through and complete Story mode, the more become available. There are four people on each side to find, like Yuri Sakazaki, Akuma and the excellent B.B. Hood of Darkstalkers fame! So altogether there are at least 26 fighters, perhaps more because at the time of writing I STILL haven't uncovered everything! The only downside is that there are one too many Ryu style fighters (Ryu, Ken, Dan, Akuma, Sakura etc.), although this isn't too much of a problem.

Olympic Mode:

If all of the above isn't enough to impress you, then maybe the amount of playing modes on the main menu screen will. First off there is "Tourney" mode, which is the standard game where you fight through to eventually face Geese Howard and M.Bison, then either Orochi Ryu or Orochi Iori. Tourney mode is cool enough, but there is also VS mode, which allows you to link up two NGPC's to play 2 player games. You can also link up to another Neo Pocket that has SNK VS Capcom Card Fighters Clash inserted. I haven't tried this yet, but apparently it lets you trade points between the two to help get hidden characters enabled. There are a couple of Dreamcast link options available too (Via the DC link cable you can buy), these include linking up to Dreamcast "King of Fighters '99:Dream Match" and also linking up to the DC version of SNK VS Capcom when it is released to trade more data.

Still not impressed? OK, then why not take a look at "Olympic" mode? From here, you pick which team you want to play for and then compete in some different events. There are three events that are the same for both teams. These are "Survival" (win as many matches as you can up to 100), "Time Attack" (beat 5 enemies as quickly as possible) and "First Blast" (fight 10 one hit win matches). On SNK's side, there is also "Targets" where you play as Marco from the Metal Slug games and you have to aim a cross air to shoot down alien craft. Secondly, there is "Blade Arts" where you play as Jubei from Samurai Shodown and you have to chop down straw dolls (like in the bonus round from the same game). On Capcom side, there is "Ghost Trick" where you play as Arthur from Ghosts and Goblins and you have to hop left and right between platforms to pick up moneybags while avoiding a goblin that jumps up every now and then. Last but not least, there is "Cat Walk" where you play as Felicia from Darkstalkers. Her mini game is a lot like "Dance Dance Revolution" where you have to quickly tap keys and directions at the right time to make Felicia dance. This mini game is also the one I find most addictive too! Earning points and medals in these games gives you "VS" points, which you can use to enable new special moves for each character.

The fourth option is "Entry". From here you can add your own character, tag team or 3-man/woman team. You basically pick which character(s) you want and customise their music, team name and also winning tag line. This is pretty cool and I have had lots of fun making my characters say rude things at the end of a match ;-) Shows how sad I am, but there you go!

The final two options are "Sparring" and "Records". Sparring lets you fight a quick match, where you can customise various things, like turning your opponent into a dummy so you can practice some moves/combos, play on a stage of you choice etc. Records lets you view statistics on how many matches you won/lost/drew and how well you have performed on the various Olympic events. Great for when you want to gloat to your friends! Especially if you get good enough on Cat Walk to win the Platinum medal, which will annoy any people like the ones I know that have no hand/eye coordination and can't play that mode very well :P


Being my first Neo Geo Pocket game purchase, I wasn't entirely sure what I should expect from the graphics, but I have to say that they are great for a little handheld system. The graphical style is the Big head "super deformed" thing, which looks cool. All your favourite fighters are instantly recognizable and the backgrounds range from good to excellent. The best stages include Ryu's stage (taken from Street Fighter 2) and also Terry's train stage (from Fatal Fury). These look especially great because they have parallax scrolling, which shows off the NGPC's 16-bit power. All stages have lots of detail, obviously a good amount of work was put into making them. There are a few stages I would have liked to see, such as Ken's old Seaside stage from SF2, but the ones that ARE included are excellent.

The only bad thing I can point out is that the characters suffer from a slight lack of colour, but this is more a fault of the NGPC's hardware than anything else. Because almost all the characters have white skin (apart from Zangief and Akuma) they look like they are albinos! This probably couldn't be helped, because the machine can only use a few colours for every sprite. This looks quite bad if you check the screenshot above, but when you see it on the real machines screen, it doesn't look so bad. Its a minor niggle anyway, because the game sure as hell looks better than Street Fighter Alpha on the Nintendo GameBoy for instance.

Sound & Music:

The same effort has been put into the sound too. Each character has their own music tracks taken from their respective game and they sound better than you might think! Some of the most famous music themes are included here, including Ken's music, which I love, Athena's Psycho Soldier Theme which is totally cool and Ryu's music which has always been one of my fave fighting game themes! The sound effects are decent enough, they can get in the way of the music a little, but its not bad. It would have been nice if they could have included a little speech, maybe to announce the start of a round or whatever (listen to the start of Sonic on NGPC, which is pretty clear), but its no big deal that they didn't.


I guess that I got a little carried away typing so much about this game, but it really deserves it and is a testament to how many different options are available to keep you playing. You really will find yourself addicted to this game before long and will have plenty to keep you occupied for a good amount of time, with finding secret characters and all. There are only a few minor niggles, like the difficulty in pulling off certain moves with the small joystick. With a little practice I managed to be able to pull of any move I wanted though and if I can do it (I'm not the most skilled player ever), I'm sure everyone else can! Put simply, this game is a must for anyone who owns a NGPC. I am giving it 10/10 overall, because I think that this is one of the rare games that justify it! Enough of my blabbering anyway, its time you paid your local video game store a visit...

Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8.5/10
Game play: 9/10
Replay Value: 9.5/10

Overall Rating: 10/10

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