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January 22 2019

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  DC/PS2 - Capcom Vs SNK 2 Millionaire Fighting 2001 - ©Capcom 2001

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

One on One Fighter

Version Reviewed:
Sega Dreamcast & PS2
Further Info:

The third of Capcoms Vs series with SNK - CVS1 and CVS Pro being the first two.

This doesn't include SNK's own Vs games.

Reviewed By:
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After last years very successful release of Capcom Vs SNK comes a sequel. The original game was fairly well liked and most people who loved Capcom's and SNK's great 2D fighters enjoyed it, although there were a lot of annoying faults with it. This years edition attempts to fix some of those faults however, and Capcom appear to have done quite a good job.


“This is the tournament for the new millennium… Crush the competition!”

Before I talk about the game play itself, I'd like to say a little about the presentation. Like with the first game, this is the first thing that will strike you as soon as you load the game disc into your PS2 or Dreamcast (or pop a coin into the arcade machine :). The presentation in CVS2 is exemplary and quite far out from any other Capcom games. From the cool intro screen, to the menu screens with pumping techno music in the background, to the flashy looking selection screens and the fights themselves, everything is mind meltingly good looking. In fact it's so good that I just sit down sometimes and admire it, that's how nice it is. Anyway, more on this later, let's take a close look at the game itself.

Groove System

“GREAT! I knew that Groove was in your heart!”

Once you've started a game up, you'll see instantly that the games mechanics have changed somewhat. First off, you get to pick from the SIX (count ‘em!) Grooves shown above, three being Capcom Grooves (C, A and P) and the remaining three are SNK Grooves (S, N and K). After completing the home version of the game you also get access to an option that lets you make up your own custom groove, but again I'll talk about this feature later. Each of the set Grooves is roughly based on a different SNK or Capcom game. For instance, C Groove is the standard Capcom Groove, which gives you a super bar similar to the Street Fighter Alpha games and also air blocking, but it doesn't allow you access to features like running and dodging. On the other hand, S Groove, which is the standard SNK Groove DOES give you access to running and also dodging, although the Super bar differs quite a lot – in S Groove you can charge it up by holding down hard punch and hard kick together, and you can also use unlimited level 1 supers when your life bar is low. Level 3 supers are available when your life bar is low AND your super bar is full, which makes this groove a lot like “Extra” mode from the earlier King of Fighters games.

N Groove however plays like Advance mode in King of Fighters, while K Groove is similar in some ways to Garou: Mark of the Wolves and perhaps Samurai Shodown. I have to come clean and admit I can't give too many more details about all the Grooves, as I usually stick to either C Groove or N Groove, as those are the ones that work best for me personally. Whatever your style of fighting is though, you are sure to find a groove from the six on offer that suits your tastes!

Character Roster

“This is the first dream event of the 21st Century... if you choose the wrong crew, you may just lose!”

Now we move on to the character select screen. The first thing that you will probably say is "WOW, where do I start???". The character select screen is simply huge and you really are spoilt for choice. Here's a quick list of the new fighters for this:

Capcom Side

  • Yun (Street Fighter 3) - He never was one of my faves in SF3, and he's probably weakened here... although he's still OK. Just don't expect to use him exactly as you would have in Street Fighter :) He also enlists the help of his brother Yang, who jumps in to hit you on certain super moves.

  • Maki (Final Fight 2) - I never actually knew about Maki until playing this game, and when I first saw her I thought she looked like Mai Shiranui. The similarities end there though, as she plays much different. Not one of my faves, but not too bad either.

  • Kyosuke (Rival Schools) - He's pretty decent in the 3D fighter Rival Schools, but not exactly great in this game. I would have preferred to see Hayato from Star Gladiator if Capcom really wanted a 3D character converted into 2D... and Hayato wasn't too shabby in Marvel Vs Capcom 2 in my opinion.

  • Rolento (Street Fighter Alpha/Final Fight) - God I hate this guy in Street Fighter Alpha/Zero. It's not like he's a bad character, it's just that he can be very annoying in the right hands (or in the hands of the CPU on higher difficulty). If you liked him in Street Fighter Alpha, you'll like him here, but he'll get on the nerves of everyone else! :)

  • Dan (Street Fighter Alpha) - YES!!! The man is back!!! This guy has the capability to destroy all other characters with his super taunts... or perhaps not. Seriously though, Dan isn't actually meant to be useful, he is there to make fun out of SNK and he does a very good job of it as usual. How Capcom didn't put him into the original game is beyond me, but he's here now so no harm done (he's also in the upgraded version of CVS1 called CVS Pro).

  • Eagle (Street Fighter 1) - Eagle is a character from the original Street Fighter game who makes his return here. He fights with twin sticks and is a bit like Dudley (the boxer from SF3). Good if you can use him (I've seen some good Eagle players) although not my cup of tea.

  • Shin Gouki/Akuma - The final Capcom boss, but you only fight him if you have enough Groove points before you reach the end of the game. This version has sucked Rugal's powers dry and has turned into a super psycho who is one of the toughest characters... you enable him by successfully beating him in arcade mode. If you are a decent player you should be able to beat him against the CPU, as he can be a bit stupid.

    SNK Side
  • Hibiki (Last Blade) - The first Last Blade character to make it into Capcom Vs SNK, and a good one at that. I liked her in LB, but she is very tough here if you know how to use her. Annoys the hell out of many people!

  • Todo (Art of Fighting) - This guy is the first person that you fought in the original Art of Fighting game. He actually brings back god memories as Art of Fighting was one of the first few Neo Geo games I played and was responsible for sucking a lot of coins from my pocket... this is despite the fact that Todo used to suck :) Luckily Capcom have given him a bit of a revamp and he isn't too bad at all. I still don't know why they put him in the game over characters like K', but it's Capcom's choice I guess.

  • Rock Howard (Mark of the Wolves) - It was almost a dream come true when I found that Rock Howard had been put into this game. I had my doubts that any Mark of the Wolves fighters would make it here, but Rock is pretty popular and Capcom put him in. It's strange to see him fighting with the younger version of Terry (or against his dad Geese), but he's a great addition none the less!

  • Chang and Choi (King Of Fighters) - The "Huge Fat Bloke" from The King of Fighters makes it into the game along with his teammate, the "Freddy Krueger wannabe" Choi. I never liked Chang in KOF, but it's interesting to have him teamed up with Choi (who helps out by attacking in some of Chang's specials).

  • Athena (King of Fighters and also older SNK games like "Psycho Soldier") - Once again, why Capcom didn't include this fighter in CVS1 is beyond me... she's one of KOF's most popular gal fighters for crying out load! Anyway, she seems pretty decent to me, and I've always had a thing for Athena anyway (not in that way you perverts!) so it's great to see her here! One of the best additions, although maybe a bit weak in some areas.

  • Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown) - The second Samurai Spirits/Shodown fighter to be in this game (after Nakoruru). I love Samurai Shodown, and I like Haohmaru... put him in this game and it's a recipe for success in my opinion. Despite people saying he is overpowered, he is not that bad as although he can take off insane amounts of your energy and guard meter, most of his moves are very laggy and good players can take advantage of that if you're not careful. Some will love him, some will hate him.

  • Joe (Fatal Fury/KOF) - Street Fighter Dan Hibiki's partner in the first tournament (they won it, despite not being playable until CVS Pro! :), Joe is cool. Mr Higashi and Mr Hibiki are great as rivals, although it still would have been nice to have Adon as I rival for Joe I think.

  • God Rugal (King of Fighters) - God Rugal has basically sucked dry all of Akuma/Gouki's power, and damn is this guy tough against the CPU! You only get to fight him if you earn enough Groove Points in single player, and he gets enabled if you beat him. He is definitely harder to beat than his counterpart Shin Gouki/Akuma, and is a pretty cool boss to have for the SNK side.

    Well, that's all the new characters out the way, but what about the returning ones? Well, you'll be pleased to know that none of the characters from the original game are missing here. They've all been kept in, and have also received a new lick of paint (they've been tuned up a bit and are more balanced). Evil Ryu and Riot Blood Iori are also enabled from the start along with all the secret characters from CVS1 like Nakoruru and Morrigan.

    It is annoying that certain characters have been missed AGAIN though, especially ones that really needed to be in there together (Example: Terry Bogard is there, but still no Andy Bogard??? Stupidity to say the least). They missed out on incredibly popular SNK people like K' and Jhun Doon, but they also missed out on fighters for the Capcom side. It is surprising that people like Adon and Cody didn't make the cut, and why didn't they make the Capcom selection a little more diverse? They could have put in a few more Darkstalkers/Vampire characters for example, instead of putting in mainly SF fighters along with a few unknowns like Maki. I think I could go on all day about other characters that are Missing but we should all try and concentrate on the positive aspects of this game really, like the much improved ratio system...

  • Ratio System

    “This Tournament is held under the FREE Ratio System!”

    In Capcom Vs SNK, I always thought that the whole ratio thing was a good idea but one that had some serious flaws. In Capcom VS SNK 2 however, there have been some important changes to it and now it seems just about right. They have still kept the ratio system in there, but have also given you a choice over how you want to play: You can either play traditional 1 on 1 fights, 3 on 3 fights where all the characters are the same, or you can play free ratio mode. If you ever played the original you'll know that all the characters were assigned set ratios (between 1 and 4) which made some of our favourite fighters very weak, but this time you get to choose what ratio your characters are! Basically, the higher a fighters ratio, the more damage they dish out and the less they take if they get hit. You get given 4 ratio points and are allowed a maximum of three characters to make up your team, which means you can set it up in one of the following ways:

  • Three characters – One ratio 2 character and two Ratio 1 characters.
  • Two characters – One Ratio 3 character and one Ratio 1 character OR two ratio 2 characters.
  • One character – Single Ratio 4 fighter (You gotta be brave for this though!!! :)

    This may sound a bit confusing in theory, but it is simplicity itself in practice. It actually makes for some very interesting two-player fights, where one brave person may decide to take on a team of three with a Superhuman Ratio 4 Shin Gouki (Akuma) or something similar. Even if you decide that you still don't like the ratio system at all, you can just stick with the three on three matches as these are basically the same as The King of Fighters games where all characters are (more or less) equal. The only problem with three on three mode is that in one-player you'll still find that the final bosses seem VERY hard at times, almost as if they are still set to Ratio 4 even though they shouldn't be.

  • Gameplay

    No more Mugen style game play! :P

    Anyway, now we got all the little details out of the way, what are the fights themselves actually like? Well, once you get into a fight in Capcom VS SNK 2, you will instantly notice that it just has a better "feel" than the original. CVS1 somehow felt rushed, and some people went as far as to call it a "glorified version of Mugen" (the 2D fighting game maker) that had been slapped together with a load of our favourite fighters - albeit a very polished version with excellent presentation. As far as I am concerned though, this year it is a totally different matter. While this game isn't going to bring about a revolution in the 2D fighting game industry, it sure is a lot of fun.

    I suppose the main draw of the game is still the fact that we can fight SNK guys/gals against Capcom people, but I'd say that this game would actually stand up as a good fighter in its own right even if it had totally different characters in it (in hindsight the same probably can't be said of the first). A big change is that instead of the Neo Geo style four button layout of the original, there are now six attack buttons for both Capcom and SNK characters, ala Street Fighter. It is a little weird at first to play as someone like Kyo with six attack buttons at your disposal, but I like it better this way. The fights do seem to flow a lot better than before too, which is partly due to the improved animation I think. The new grooves and well re-worked ratio system also add a lot of variety to the proceedings, so there are no complaints there either.

    “A New opponent has interrupted the tournament... you cannot escape your death!!!”

    The game also gives you a bit more to do when it comes to completing it. For starters, there are now 3 different endings you can get, with different bosses to meet depending on certain circumstances. These happen as follows (I'll try not to put too many spoilers here either):

  • Bad Ending: You go through all the stages of the game and right before the final a ratio 4 Geese Howard or M.Bison (Vega in the Japanese version) interrupts the tournament and fights you. You beat him and continue on to beat all 3 challengers in the final - you then see your characters standing on the winners podium and the credits appear. This happens if you have quite a low amount of Groove Points.

  • Decent Ending: You do the same as before, but after beating the tournament final either Akuma/Gouki or Rugal jump down and challenge you to a fight. You'll know that you got here if the fight is held on the roof of Osaka Castle with rain pouring down, and Gouki/Akuma or Rugal look like their normal selves. When you beat them, they will say a few words and the credits will appear. You're doing better anyway, as this is the decent ending!

  • Good Ending: Same as above, only this time Gouki and Rugal fight each other in a little cut scene - then you get to take on the winner. Only problem is that the winner has sucked their opponents power dry and has become Godlike! This fight is held against a burning backdrop, and is very very hard, especially if you have to fight God Rugal! If you beat either of them, that character will become enabled! You'll also get to see a proper ending, and all of your selected characters will have a little bit of text displayed about them during the credits (it's the closest that we'll get to individual character endings I guess!).

    What is surprising is that (as I mentioned earlier) Capcom actually made the SNK boss God Rugal MUCH MUCH harder than Shin Gouki/Akuma! You could be forgiven for thinking that they would make the Capcom boss harder to beat, but this is certainly not the case. In fact, take a look at the way Rugal throws his rivals lifeless body away just like it was a piece of trash right before you fight him! It's also refreshing that Capcom have relegated M.Bison/Vega to the role of sub-boss now (along with Geese) as well and let someone else take over, as it just makes a change. It's still a shame that they weren't a little more original with the bosses - maybe Wolfgang Krauser could have made an appearance instead, because he is one of SNK's other bad-ass fighters. Oh well, guess we can't have everything...

    The only thing that has been a complete letdown so far for me is the distinct lack of extra features compared to the original game. CVS1 had a shop where you could buy EX versions of the characters, secret characters and much more. This time around you don't get any of that. Instead, after you have finished it once, you get the "Groove Edit” and "Colour Edit" features unlocked, then you can get both bosses enabled by beating them as I detailed earlier. Groove Edit lets you make up your own groove by accumulating points and using them to buy extra stats for your newly created groove. Lets just say that you wanted a groove like Capcom C groove, but you also wanted to be able to run? Earn some points and you'll be able to make one just like that. I haven't really delved into this part of the game yet, but I'm sure some people will have fun playing around with it.

    The same goes for colour edit, which lets you change the colour settings of your favourite characters, and even rename them. You save the changes you make to your memory card and then choose your new colour by pressing start at the select screen. When you have tired of arcade mode, 2 player VS and the Groove/Colour Edit, there are a few other things left to do, such as survival mode. In survival mode you can either choose to play infinitely, or to battle it out with every character in the game once. No matter how hard I tried I haven't been able to beat this mode (my useless gameplay skillz again ;), so I am unsure if there is any kind of reward for doing it.

  • Graphics & Console Differences

    “My console is better than yours!”

    Although I've said a fair bit about the presentation and improved animation of this sequel, I haven't written much about the graphics yet - for a reason. This is supposed to be a review of both Dreamcast and PS2 versions of the games and as far as gameplay goes, both are identical (in my eyes anyway). This doesn't apply to the graphics however, as there are a few differences. Most noticeable is the severe pixellation that the PS2 sprites suffer from, as well as the slight "jaggies" in the backgrounds. Admittedly, Capcom Vs SNK has never been the smoothest looking game ever created and even the arcade version has blocky characters, but if you compare both DC and PS2 versions side by side (I have done this) you'll see that the Playstation 2 version looks a little rougher.

    The original arcade version ran on Naomi hardware (which is very similar to the DC) which is a possible a reason why the characters look blockier after being ported over to the PS2's hardware (don't quote me on this because I might be talking crap! ;), but then you also have the backgrounds. These seem to have the jaggy aliased look that a lot of PS2 titles have. This is in comparison to the DC version, which has smoother looking backgrounds, as well as slightly better looking fighters (as far as I am concerned). I don't want to sound too critical though, as the PS2 game still looks very good and is a few steps above Capcom Vs SNK 1, which is impressive for the machines first 2D game. Besides, I personally don't think you should let these tiny issues spoil your enjoyment of the game, I know it hasn't stopped me. If you do own both machines though, then I'd suggest getting the DC version as it is marginally better.

    Regardless of what version you play, there are a lot of great things to say about the graphics anyway. The animation on all the characters has been improved greatly and it is much less choppier than before. The only flaw is that characters like Yun from SF3 or Rock from MOTW obviously don't animate as well as they did in their respective games, but at least it isn't too bad. The 3D backgrounds are pretty amazing too and are a lot like the ones from Marvel Vs Capcom 2, only taken to the next level. My personal favourite is the one set in the desert where cars can be seen speeding towards you over the sand dunes - once they get close up, they actually jump right over you! If you look closely you will also find Fokker from Capcoms Powerstone and also Leona from The King of Fighters standing on a car in the background... there are also MANY other cameos from well known Capcom and SNK characters, and it will probably take you a long time to spot them all. I like the new character portraits a lot too, although some of Capcoms drawings of SNK characters look a bit weird (Mai still looks like a monkey!). When you first start playing, it is also a bit hard to find the character you want, as the selection boxes are a bit small and hard to make out. Once you know where everyone is, you shouldn't have too much trouble though.

    Let's just go back to the PS2 vs DC debate again briefly. Before you run out and choose which version you want to buy, there are a few other differences that I nearly forgot to talk about. First off, the loading times are very good on both machines, but it does seem marginally faster on Sega's machine. I know that if you have a hard drive for your PS2 you can also install some files to it, although I don't have one so I haven't tried it. Whether this makes the game load even faster or not I am not sure, but it is an interesting feature all the same. It is unclear whether this will be kept in the western releases of Capcom Vs SNK 2 though, as the hard drive hasn't even been released at the time of writing this... we'll have to wait and see I suppose. There's also the small matter of the controllers on each machine... I think that the DC's pad is horrible for fighting games because of the analogue trigger buttons (remember, this game is now 6 buttons and not 4), whereas the PS2 controller is just right for me. You can always do what I did - buy an adaptor that lets you plug Playstation pads into your Dreamcast, or go one better and buy another decent pad or even a full on arcade stick... your choice really, as it all comes down to personal preference.

    Finally, the Dreamcast version has the capability to link up to a Neo Geo Pocket with SNK Vs Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition, as you can see from these screenshots of it:

    I never had the chance to buy a NGPC --> DC link cable so I won't be able to try this out, but I expect that linking up will maybe allow you to earn extra points for the Groove Edit mode, although that is just a guess. If you have any more info then please let me know! :)


    “This is the true love we makin', this is the true love we makin' ”

    I know the above quote sounds very weird in the middle of a fighting game review, but it's actually from one of the music tracks in the game... the London stage to be more precise. It's a very cheesy song , but it's also extremely catchy at the same time; even if you hate it you'll probably find yourself singing it to yourself hours after playing the game. Most of the the other music in the game is similarly entertaining (gotta love God Rugal's music), but it is pretty much a love it or hate it kind of thing. A lot of people I have spoken to said that they would have much preferred to have some old music in the game (as in tracks taken from King of Fighters and Street Fighter) and complain that this music doesn't suit it. I would have liked to have seen original music as an extra option to uncover (like the first game), but I still say that the music is perfectly suited anyway, and at least you can't say that Capcom got lazy when doing it - after all, re-using old music would have been much easier. There are very few complaints with the sound effects and voices either, as the hitting noises are suitably beefy and voiceover's are nicely done... but I do wish that Cammy didn't sound like a 6 year old girl... What was Capcom thinking? :)


    “I know that you'll be baaaack!”

    Well... I guess it is time to wrap up this review. Despite what some people might say, I think Capcom have done a stellar job in re-working an already good game and have fixed most of the big flaws, as well as giving us a good amount of new characters to fight with. Despite the remaining shortcomings I mentioned above, "Millionaire Fighting 2001" is still a force to be reckoned with and a very solid game - most 2D fans will lap it up. Only the most hardcore King of Fighters fans could really be totally disappointed with it, and that is mainly because it plays more like Street Fighter Alpha than KOF. Remember though, this is a Capcom made game, so it was never going to play just like KOF really was it?

    I still wish Capcom had listened to the fans a little more and got the popular but still missing fighters added into the game, but I can live with it the way it is. Besides, I got a few words for you: Capcom Vs SNK 3! If Capcom does make another sequel to this game (and I can't see why not considering this games popularity), it better have Robert and Andy in it or I'll be pi**ed :). I guess Capcom holds back on some things though, because if they put everything we wanted in there straight way, they'd have very little reason to make further sequels... they really do like to milk their fans for all the money than can don't they? :)

    Right, you can stop listening to me now... just go enjoy the game! =)

    Graphics: 9/10

    - Great 3D backgrounds ala Marvel Vs Capcom 2, even more incredible presentation. Better animation and overall look.

    Bad - Characters still look pixellated against the high res backgrounds, especially fighters like Morrigan. It's still a lot better than the original though, and that game was decent enough!

    Sound: 9/10

    - Awesome pounding soundtrack that really gets you into the fighting. If you loved the first games soundtrack then you'll like this even more. Sound effects and voice-over's are absolutely top notch.

    Bad - Some people will disagree with the music choice and would prefer to hear the "Original" music from the selected fighters games. Commentator may annoy after a while, although he isn't too intrusive! :) Oh, and can someone please tell me: why does Cammy sound like a chipmunk?

    Game play: 9/10

    - Plays exceptionally well and is a marked improvement on the first game. Ratio mode is FAR better than before, there are more grooves, more characters and they are all more balanced now (most SNK fighters do seem a lot better to me), and basically... IT JUST ROCKS! =)

    Bad - Still plays more like a Street Fighter game than an SNK one (but what did you expect???), which might mean some hardcore/die-hard KOF fans could be put off. I'm a big SNK fan and I still love it though, so giving yourself some time to learn the system is my advice.

    Replay Value: 8/10

    - You'll have great fun completing this game over and over, especially as each character has a couple of lines of text specific to them if you get the "good" ending. 2 player Vs mode is awesome with a few friends too, especially if you have a few die-hard SNK freaks and some hardcore Capcom maniacs there.

    Bad - The individual character endings do seem a bit crap (just a couple of lines of text), and it doesn't look as if there are too many extra characters as of yet... so far everyone has only found Shin Gouki/Akuma and God Rugal, which is a total letdown! No secrets shop like in the first game, which does bring the replay value down a bit. Because there are already so many fighters/grooves and things to do though, the replay value is still about the same as the original in my opinion.

    Overall Rating: 9/10

    Good - An amazing game that is probably what the original should have been! It now feels like a fully-fledged 2D fighter, and less like a game that was thrown together with our fave fighters in it.

    Bad - Not enough secret things to enable, and still missing some of the best SNK fighters like Robert and Andy... but don't let that put you off!

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    #1 | gasmask88 on April 22 2007 02:48
    Just bought the game today(PS2). Grin The graphics look kinda fuzzy but oh well the gameplay is pretty good.
    #2 | pollux on March 06 2008 00:09
    I picked this up used really cheap at Gamestop ( :evil: ) a few days ago. It's a pretty good game, but I agree with you and gasmask88 it looks kind of rough, at least on the PS2, which is the version I got.
    #3 | Kazuya_UK on March 06 2008 16:23
    I picked up the Xbox version a while back, but it's difficult to play it because it means hooking the old Box up... the 360 isn't compatible, which kinda sucks. I'd like to see MS add support, but it looks like they stopped working on the 360 backwards compatibility now.:(


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