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January 20 2019

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  DC - Capcom Vs SNK Millennium Fight 2000 - ©Capcom 2000

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

One on One Fighter

Version Reviewed:
Sega Dreamcast
Further Info:

The first of Capcoms Vs series with SNK - CVS Pro being anhd updated version of this game, and CVS2 being the proper sequel..

This doesn't include SNK's own Vs games.

Reviewed By:
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"Capcom Vs SNK... Millennium Fight 2000" - Since the early nineties I have been dreaming about hearing those words. I've always been a fan of Capcom's fighting games, especially Street Fighter, and I've always been a huge fan of SNK's fighting games, so having both sets of characters come together for one titanic battle was one of my most wanted games ever. However, little did I think that it would ever actually happen... the chances of having Capcom and SNK co-operating was pretty remote. Capcom started the whole game crossover thing (ignoring the KOF games from SNK) with X-Men Vs Street Fighter, and later the Marvel Vs Capcom games, and now finally we can settle all the arguments over which side is the strongest between these two titans of 2D fighting games. But is the game actually any good?


Well, put simply, I would have to say... YES! It might not be perfect, and may even be a disappointment in some ways, but overall Capcom has done an excellent job. Just look at its sales over in Japan where it has already been a big success (it reached No.1, no mean feat for a Dreamcast game), and you will get some idea of the quality of this title. The first thing that knocked me out after booting the game up was the presentation. I'm not exaggerating when I say that this must be the best and most flashy presentation I've ever seen in any game so far, bar none. From the Capcom logo, to the eye popping opening sequence ("Everybody rumoured, nobody believed, but you see it's true!"), to the amazing character selection screens, this game is unbelievable! Take a look at the "Groove Select" screen, which has hundreds of tiny TV screens playing clips from different SNK and Capcom games and looks great. It's all pretty amazing stuff and is all accompanied by a pumping techno/industrial soundtrack, which is not quite what I expected, but still suits the game perfectly. It doesn't get much better then this!

Forget about all of that for a second though. What really matters is whether the game plays well or not. I'm sure that many die-hard SNK or Capcom fans will pick the game to death, but if you go into it with the intention of just enjoying yourself, you really can't go wrong. So how have Capcom managed to fit both styles into one game? Well, first off there is the "Groove Select", which I mentioned previously. This primarily affects how your super-moves and power gauge work. Pick Capcom Groove and you will play in a style similar to Street Fighter Alpha, where your gauge builds up when you attack or defend. It builds up through three levels. When at level one, you can do level one supers by doing the correct joypad motion and pressing weak punch or weak kick, and when at level two you can do level two supers by doing the joypad motion and pressing hard punch or kick. Finally, level three supers can be performed when the power gauge is full by doing the joypad motion followed by both punch or kick buttons. It's basically the same as SF Alpha's A-ism mode (or Z-ism in the Japanese version). If you select "SNK Groove", the power gauge works like The King of Fighters 97/98 "Extra" mode. The power gauge has to be built up by pressing hard punch and kick together. Once full you can perform a level one super move. However, one advantage to this mode is that when your life bar is low and starts to flash, you can do an unlimited number of desperation moves. Plus, if your life bar is flashing and your power gauge is at max, you can perform a level 3 super move. Regardless of the Groove selected, Capcom Vs SNK does still play a lot more like Street Fighter Alpha than any SNK game, so SNK fans might have some difficulty adjusting. There is still an SNK style roll manoeuvre you can perform by pressing weak punch and weak kick together, which is very useful in situations where you get cornered.

There are also a few other minor changes depending on which Groove you select. If you select Capcom Groove, all character portraits are drawn by Capcoms artists (including the SNK characters), while in SNK Groove, all portraits are done by SNK's artists. Some of these portraits are very good, although some are a little questionable (Capcoms drawing of Mai for instance!). Also, at the end of a game in Capcom Groove, you face Geese Howard as the boss, where in SNK mode you face M.Bison (or Vega if you want to go by the original Japanese names). There are also some differences to the storyline too... but there doesn't appear to be any different endings for each character, only two generic ones for either Capcom or SNK Groove. This is a little bit of a disappointment.

One thing that I haven't touched on yet is the procedure for selecting your characters. In the amazing NGPC "SNK Vs Capcom", there were three modes; single play, Tag Team (like X-Men VS SF), or team battle (like KOF). In this version Capcom have decided to take a completely original approach where all characters have different ratings. Each character is in a different ratio category. Cammy, Sakura, Yuri, Benimaru and a few others are all ratio one, the main characters like Ryu, Ken, Iori, Kyo, Terry etc are Ratio two, and bosses like Bison, Vega and Geese are all level three. Three rock-hard secret Characters Evil Ryu, Akuma/Gouki and Riot Blood Iori fit into the final ratio-four category. When choosing your fighters, you have 4 points, which means you could decide upon having four ratio one characters, two ratio one characters and one ratio two character, two ratio two characters, or one ratio three character and one ratio one character. Failing that, you could even choose to have just one ratio four character! Sound confusing? Fear not, as it is easy to get the hang of when you play. While it might sound unfair that if you pick a ratio four character there's a possibility you might come up against four ratio one characters, the lower the ratio, the weaker a character is (i.e. they take more damage and have weaker attacks). Some may question this approach to gameplay, but in practice it works out a lot better than you might think. It does mean that some combinations of characters are impossible, but there is still some good news if you can unlock all the secrets in the game... there is a hidden mode called "pair match" which lets you choose any two characters regardless of their ratio. I'm glad that Capcom included this, although I personally would have preferred them to use the same method SNK used in the Neo Geo Pocket Colour Match of the Millennium game.


Capcom have done a stellar job in redesigning the SNK characters of the game. ALL of them have been redrawn and in my opinion they are probably the best some of them have looked in a long time. Unfortunately not all the Capcom characters have been given the same treatment, and a few look a little pixellated compared to the rest, the worst examples of which being Sakura and Morrigan (another secret character). The animation is also not up to the high same high standards of many other Capcom games, but despite some other peoples criticisms I found it to be acceptable. In fact, there are some pretty damn cool intro animations for some of the stages and characters. Try facing Terry and Ken off against each other for instance and you will see what I mean... at the start of the match, Ken picks up Terry's Baseball cap from the ground and throws it to him. M.Bison/Vega against Geese Howard also produces another mini cut scene, as do many others. As I mentioned, the stages also have their own introductions. A favourite of mine is the car crash stage where the intro looks like an old car racing game (complete with some retro-style music!), where the car crashes into a truck and then the screen fades into the fight itself, where there has been a car crash in the background.

While the super smooth pre-rendered stages look a little wrong next to the slightly more pixellated fighters themselves, some of them are very well done indeed and have many hidden details. One stage is a construction site, where every time someone hits the ground hard, bits of the building fall down from the ceiling as well as the people in the background being bumped up into the air. Oh and check out the guy to the far left of the screen; it's Takuma from The Art of Fighting/KOF! Not only that, if you look out of the doors at the far left of the screen, does the street outside look familiar? It should do if you have played Street Fighter Alpha 1 as its Ryu/Guys stage :) Other stages have some great touches too, like the Shadaloo stage which has a computer screen in the background which flashes up pictures of the person you are playing as... very cool!


It's clear that a lot of effort has gone into the presentation of the game, but the soundtrack is also superb! Again, Capcom has took a different route to SNK's NGPC game which mostly had music taken from Street Fighter and KOF. In this game ALL of the music is new and is done in a techno/industrial style, which isn't at all what I expected but is VERY, VERY good and suits the game brilliantly. Added to that, most character voices have been re-done, and are again excellent, although one or two are re-used from older games. If you are a little disappointed that there aren't any remixes from the said characters games, don't worry; there is a secret option which allows you to switch the music so that most of it is from those characters games! Unfortunately this option could have been implemented a little better, as much of it isn't the best version they could have used. Also, I would have liked them to include Real Kyo's theme "Tears" from KOF '99 and many, many others. Overall, it's a nice touch, but I prefer to keep the music in "normal" mode myself.


Despite there only really being two endings for you to see in arcade mode, there are many options to keep you occupied for a while. Uncovering all 77 secrets will take you a long time (unless you have a Neo Geo Pocket, the DC link up cable and SNK VS Capcom MOTM which makes things considerably easier!) and there is also a groovy colour edit option which lets you play around with the RGB settings for each characters costumes. As IGN.COM put it, you could even change the colour of Sakura's underwear (AHEM!!!)... Not that anyone's suggesting that you would want to do that! :) Another fun option is the mode that lets you save replays of VS matches against your friends, so you can watch them over and over and gloat about how much you whooped their ass! There's basically an unlimited amount of fun to be had from playing your friends, especially so if they happen to disagree with you about which team of characters is "the hardest". This is the type of game you can just keep playing and playing!

To sum it all up, I think the only people that could possibly be TOTALLY disappointed with Millennium Fight 2000, are as I said before, either die-hard KOF or SF fans. Anyone else will learn to love the game for exactly what it is: FUN! There are a few flaws in the game which I don't like, including the ones I mentioned above, but mainly that the game doesn't have such a varied character selection as the NGPC version... it is awesome that they included Sagat (who didn't make the cut in MotM), and that they included Nakoruru from Samurai Shodown and Morrigan from Darkstalkers/Vampire, but what happened to Haohmaru and Felicia... and any characters from The Last Blade? In fact, why didn't they, include Andy Bogard, Joe Higashi, Athena Asimaya, Dan Hibiki (useless Super Taunts!!! ;) BB Hood/Bulleta and... you get the idea. I suppose it may have been due to time constraints really. At least we can rest easy in the knowledge that it's got to be a foregone conclusion that there will be a sequel at some point, considering how well the game has already sold and that Capcom seem to love developing for the Sega Dreamcast and always milks any successful game for all it's worth!

If you own a Dreamcast, you really don't have any excuse for not purchasing this game. Either get it on Japanese import, or wait for the official US/UK/wherever-you-are release, but whichever way, you should love it!

Graphics: 8/10
- Great rendered backgrounds, incredible presentation.
Bad - Characters look pixelly against backgrounds, especially certain Capcom fighters. Animation not quite up to the usual Capcom standard.

Sound: 9/10
- Awesome soundtrack overall, new voices for many characters.
Bad - "Original" soundtrack could have been better.

Game play: 8/10
- Plays great and is easy to get straight into the action. Lots of extra options to uncover!
Bad - Plays more like Street Fighter Alpha, which might mean some SNK fans find it a little harder to get into. Questionable character "ratio" system.

Replay Value: 8/10
- Secrets will takes ages to uncover, 2 player Vs mode will last a long, long time.
Bad - Only two different endings it seems...

Overall Rating: 8.5/10
- A great game, which is sure to please almost any SNK or Capcom fan!
Bad - Some missing characters. Game could have been a little better in some areas - although there is always Capcom Vs SNK 2 for those two complaints! :)

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