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December 13 2018

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  The King of the Fighters '95 - ©SNK 1995 (Review 2)

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

One On One Fighting

250 Megs
Japanese Name:

The King of Fighters '95

Released On:


Reviewed By:
Top Reviews By This Author:
The King of Fighters series:

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Other Opinions - More Reviews On NG4L:
Review 1 - by Kazuya_UK


One year after the first team tournament, another batch of invitations, printed with the “R” symbol, are sent around the world for the next KOF. What could this all mean?

With “The King of Fighters’ 94” safely tucked away, SNK declared that this series would begin a yearly tradition. With that, the company began work on “The King of Fighters’ 95”. A few things are in and a few things are out during this process, so let’s see if this year’s KOF sequel improved from the first contest.

Graphics: 8/10

The intro truly brings the fighters well into great confrontations and the art for them was timed and done superbly. The fighters look the same and they really didn't seem any different from their 94 image. Sure, some of them got a new/tweaked move or two, but I’m guessing most of the work was done on the stages, the artwork, and the new fighters. SNK did thought up some exotic places that the fighters can battle in and the stage intros will always have a special place in my heart for some reason.

Putting in some things that some players wouldn’t notice at first glance is cool, too. Seeing Ikari’s stage have falling rocks and Fatal Fury team’s stage has them jumping off the pier deck platform to battle on the water around their feet, and the water randomly cascading in front of the combatants in the Psycho Soldiers’ Stage. As for the color usage, SNK understood when what types of colors were to be in certain situations and the atmosphere of those aspects. Through it all, it was great tremendous work on SNK’s part.

Gameplay/Controls: 7/10

An interesting idea that was put in was that some of the stages had special patterns embedded in them. Note, the AOF team’s stage starts with the two fighters stuck within a small spaced elevated platform traveling up until it reach the rest of the stage. It funny to see someone with a little spec of life and they’re trying not to get hit. Japan team’s stage has the crowd cheer if somebody is defeated with a special or super move.

Speaking of special moves, most of the supers are still a lot harder to pull then others because of the setups. So once you were near defeat with one person, you might as well continue fighting regularly as some moves of desperations would leave you defenseless and wasting time anyways against a smart opponent. The buttons react the way they should be, but it still was unsettling when moving the joystick to jump or walk in certain directions, like it was incomplete.

The game play improved for this one, but it had it own problems plaguing the game from going any higher. A major problem that really killed the game played in a big way was the damage scaling bug that would come in when a pacific option was done. A few of the fighters had to ability of doing overkill with some of their special moves when they entered the “Maximum” in their super meter. Yeah, it helped against the computer AI battles big time, but this made most of the two players versus battles incredibly unfair and cheap for any person who had to deal with it as an opponent of a CPU or human player who abused to the fullest. Eiji was notorious and became a deadly top tier fighter with this when his forward dash slash special took enormous life off your life bar as if his super bar was filled and had several moves that were very hard to counter and avoid. Heidern and Kyo fall into this, too.

Sound/Music: 7/10

The musical tracks, to this game, weren’t as extravagant or greater then as the KOF94 OST was. In my opinion, it was sort of a step back as most of the music for the stages was often cheesy and flat. In the voice department, nothing change really for the returning fighters, but luckily, we got to hear Iori’s infamous laugh, that would become his best trademark win pose. The hitting and defending noises were altered and sounded like something that was difficult to explain as I felt unaffected by it.

Replay Value : 7/10

Looking through KOF 95 roster as a whole, very little was done to the team lineup. Everybody was back except the Sports Team, which many players founded as a very unpopular team. In response, one new team has taken their spots. The team was made up of Fatal Fury’s Billy Kane, Art of Fighting’s Eiji Kisaragi, and a completely new original fighter named Iori Yagami, ultimate rival to Kyo Kusanagi.

For months, the fans’ voiced their requests, following KOF 94, and the SNK offices delivered the long wanted chance of editing your own teams!!! That’s right! SNK ditched the representing country gimmick and let the team be themselves, with the bonus of picking whoever you want to be in your team. If you wanted Ryo, Chin, and Benimaru to be in your team, you got it! Restrictions were lifted, so it able you to make hundreds of possible combinations of team members you would never thought could happen. Single player mode is fine and will want to finish what you started until you defeat the last boss. Even then, I didn’t find it as fun, except in two player mode, then I did in KOF 94 and I don’t know why.

Overall : 7/10

While a slim number of changes were made here and there, KOF 95 is still an okay sequel. It was nice seeing several things were fix. Sadly, several new bugs were founded and not fix, lowering the appeal of the game. In conclusion, it wasn’t good then I thought it would be and I wasn’t in high hopes for it in the first place. If you can accept the disadvantages the game contains, then the game is decent. Besides, this might be only time you Eiji fans will ever get to play him in KOF!

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