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July 31 2014

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World Heroes

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  Neo Geo Reviews N-Z

Neo Geo

SNK's classic 16-bit console, or 24-bit as SNK would have you believe. There are two types of Neo Geo - MVS and home system. The arcade version of the Neo Geo system (MVS - Multi Video System) was released in 1990 by SNK Corporation. A short while later, the home version of the system was released (sometimes referred to as AES), which was practically identical to the arcade version. Despite this, the arcade carts are not compatible with the home console, (unless you use a converter) and vice versa.

Games for the home system are also mostly identical to their arcade counterparts, all carts contained both the arcade version and the home version of the game (However many home versions had extra options etc.) Also, most games contain both English and Japanese text, the only exceptions being mostly Mahjong games and the Quiz games which were only ever released in Japan.


Game Title

Nam 1975

Neo Bomberman
Neo Drift Out
Neo Geo Cup '98
Neo Mr. Do
Neo Turf Masters
Nightmare in the Dark
Ninja Combat
Ninja Commando
Ninja Masters
Panic Bomber
Pleasure Goal/Futsal
Pop 'N' Bounce
Power Spikes 2
Prehistoric Isle 2
Puzzle Bobble
Puzzle Bobble 2
Puzzle De Pon/Puzzle De Pon R

Reviews Q-S

Game Title

Quest of Jongmaster

Quiz Daisousa Sen
Quiz Daisousa Sen 2
Quiz King of Fighters
Rage of the Dragons
Real Bout Fatal Fury
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special
Real Bout Fatal Fury 2
Riding Hero
Robo Army
Samurai Shodown
Samurai Shodown 2
Samurai Shodown 3
Samurai Shodown 4
Samurai Shodown 5
Samurai Shodown 5 Special
Savage Reign
Sengoku 2
Sengoku 3
Shock Troopers
Shock Troopers 2
SNK Vs Capcom Chaos
Soccer Brawl
Spin Master/Miracle Adventure
Stakes Winner
Stakes Winner 2
Street Hoops/Dunk Dreams
Strikers 1945 Plus
Super Dodge Ball
Super Sidekicks
Super Sidekicks 2
Super Sidekicks 3
Super Sidekicks 4
Super Spy

Reviews T-V

Game Title

Thrash Rally

Top Hunter
Top Players Golf
Twinkle Star Sprites
Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer

Reviews W-Z

Game Title

Waku Waku 7

Wind Jammers
World Heroes
World Heroes 2
World Heroes 2 Jet
World Heroes Perfect
World Soccer '96
Zed Blade/Operation Ragnarok

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