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January 18 2019

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  Prehistoric Isle 2 - ©Yumekobo 1999

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Game Stats
1 or 2 player

Shoot 'em up

474 Megs
Japanese Name:

Prehistoric Isle

Released On:


Reviewed By:
Top Reviews By This Author:

Eduardo Correa de Matos
No Other Reviews Yet!

Review Introduction:

Let me start this review with a warning note: by the first time you play PI2, you will realize you HAD a completely different expectation for the game. Of course, that is worth for those who have played the original version, or another game by Yumekobo. I will explain why.


PI2 is a strange game at first glance; it is very different from other games you have played on the Neo. Such as Sengoku 3, I think it may be part of a new concept of design and presentation used in a few latest games, as new graphical and technological improvements done on the good and old Neo. Its not that these changes are not good in a practical matter, they just impress you because of its new format.

Anyway, PI2 is your regular basis shooter, but with some different kind of flavor put on it, much like the games we're used to play from Yumekobo, but it is somewhat different since it doesn't have the fierce blazing speed shots from Blazing Star, or the hardcore strategic gameplay of Pulstar.

You have the choice of two ships-helicopters, with distinct set ups. But either one is a good choice, because they are very balanced, and the main difference between the two is the shot stream, one shoots straightforward, and the other shoots spread. You can power up your ship till max level five, in two configurations of shots, a machinegun shot and a laser blast shot. You also carry bombs, which are a SUPER blast shot, not a massive explosion, but still powerful and helpful, and you also have an add-on missiles power-up, which are in three formats: homing, normal and napalm. There's a fourth type of missile, that is a Super powered missile, but you only get this when you deliver a certain amount of rescued people at the rescue chopper as a bonus along other goods like HP restore and power-ups, depending on how many people you deliver.

Rescuing people is an important part of the game's strategy and action, since it happens very often throughout the game. In a certain moment you will witness an accident like a plane crash or a train going out of the rails as a result from the dinos' attacks, which forces you to save or protect the people inside of the crashed vehicles from getting caught by the dinos, and you have to fight against the dinos in some still scenes till all the people run into the oncoming rescue chopper, but since the chopper can only carry a limited number of people, usually you have yourself doing the rest of the job, and rescuing the ones left behind. When you rescue them, they get a grip on a rope out of your chopper, and you must avoid at any costs to be hit when carrying them, if not you will lose them one by one, and you have to carry them out till a mid-stage point to the next rescue chopper. Choplifter anyone?

About the bad guys in this game, as you might have expected, they are all dinos. I'm still trying to figure if they are robots or not, since I had no contact to game's story. Anyway, the enemies are very well done and animated, and you have a plethora of species to get rid of on the way. It is put a lot on strategic attacks, and you have to play a lot of times till you get used to their positions and timings, to get through certain points of some stages without harm yourself. What I really miss in this game are the cavemen, that strangely are absent in this sequel. There's unique enemies like some larvas (maggots) at the fourth stage, that if you don't take on them quickly, they start to fly and make things harder for you.

The bosses are one of the downsides of the game. They are poorly designed and they are kind of goofy. You will see what I mean when you see the first boss. And their attacks aren't the best they can do, and even the last boss is kinda easy. And if we're talking about strange things here, you gotta see the last boss: it's really bizarre. I'm not sure, but I think I have seen something like that in some other game, maybe Super Ghouls and Ghosts for the SNES. The only one I really liked is the giant bee in the fourth stage.

The game is relatively short, with 6 stages. But you come to realize it is around enough for this kind of game, and it will have you coming back over and over easily.

The comments for the gameplay I was saving for last. I will explain why you may have HAD other expectations for this game. If you knew the original game, you really know what PI is all about, and if you also have played other games from Yumekobo, you know they have their own way to make games and how these games play and fell when played.

PI2 is produced by Yumekobo, the makers of Blazing Star and PulStar, and published by Saurus, but I think Saurus had more to do with this game than just publishing. Reminiscent feelings from Saurus stile always come up here and there, leaving an after taste we're used to when we play games like Iron Clad or Shock Troopers 2.

Graphics & Sound:

The sound is good, and the music fits the action just as well. The graphics are all pre-rendered, and there are even some intermissions on the start of the first stage, and right before the first boss. The third stage gotta have to be seen to be believed, the motion put into the background is amazing. Although with all these good points, the overall graphics are below the previous efforts done in both Blazing Star and Pulstar. The closest resemblance to the graphics shovels most over (again) to Saurus' Shock Troopers 2 and Iron Clad than any of the other two mentioned above, almost as if Saurus had some major participation over the game's graphical design than Yumekobo. However, it's clear as water it's a Yumekobo game, and you just feel it throughout the game, in the whole game schematics, from gameplay to bosses presentation.


But after all, the major downside is that you won't find the original elements of the first PI here; It's a total new game based on the PI theme, and it really goes away apart from that in style and gameplay. Sure, new comers to the series will find it enjoyable, but they may want to stick themselves toward other Yumekobo games rather than play it right away. Neo fans will find it addictive, veterans will like it as well, but the nostalgic feeling won't rise that much here. The result is a great game, but more on its own league than in the trace of its representative precedents.

The overall perspective is this: PI2 is a must play game, but don't go too thirsty to the water pot. Gameplay is tight and fast, the action is all there, there is enough challenge in the game to keep you coming back over and over, you'll find it funny to watch the people running for their lives and hopping on your ship for help and sometimes it's even a little goofy to watch the bosses attacks, but if you crave for some revival, this title is the closest you will probably get to the original PI or to a Pulstar/ Blazing Star alike, although the imminent feel from some Saurus' games come up very often. But PI2 is good enough to make you like it by itself, and state that it worth more than a single try.

Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10
Game play: 7/10
Originality: 6/10
Replay Value: 7/10

Overall Rating: 7/10

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