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August 04 2015

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Country Switzerland
Birthdate June 30 1991
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Samurai Shodown III
Samurai Shoodown IV
Shock Troopers (Conversion)
SVC: Chaos - SNK vs. Capcom
The King of Fighters '94
The King of Fighters '95
The King of Fighters '98
The King of Fighters '01
The King of Fighters '02
Top Hunter

Burning Fight
Metal Slug
Metal Slug 2
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Puzzle Bobble 2
Samurai Shodown II
Street Hoop
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Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition - Game of t... Neo Geo & General SNK Talk 04. November 2013 20:54



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Capcom vs. SNK

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· 04. August 2015 02:42
Well, things are starting to shape up, lets keep NGFL more alive! Grin

· 02. August 2015 18:45
No prob's I will post some pictures later on the forum. There made in a program called zbrush if you google that you be able see the quality that can be achieved via a sculpt and a 3d print

· 02. August 2015 18:43
Will be in chat today, ol' chaps!

· 02. August 2015 18:38
I also have been absent for too damn long, this site is still absolute gold. You guys are by far some of the best forum dwellers on the web. Expect some progress soon! Thumbs Up

· 02. August 2015 18:36
Yo fellas, Merlin just gave me a heads-up via PM regarding the GOTW/GOTM. I think it would be great, to make it a GOTM in future, since the list of covered titles is getting smaller and smaller!

· 02. August 2015 16:53
Hi Vas. I can't make it into chat this time but there will probably be a few other people about. Your 3D models sound interesting. I'd like to see what they look like.

· 02. August 2015 16:45
obviously from metal slug but I am open to suggestions for next one.

· 02. August 2015 16:42
I will try to join chat usual time 9pm GMT ? I also started to do some art again. This time I stepped into 3d. I like to offer my 3d print models here 4 download. I started with marco

· 02. August 2015 16:30
Yo merl

· 01. August 2015 18:05
Cool, always been the case of I came for the games but stayed for the people Wink I will pop on tomorrow bit nice to catch up on th exploits of you all since last spoke.