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April 25 2018

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  SNK planning to release new hardware

Celebrating the soon approaching 40th anniversary of the company, SNK Japan announced today via Twitter that they are planning to release a new console featuring various Neo Geo games:

Google Translation:

This year, SNK brand celebrates 40th anniversary. A new game machine that contains popular titles of NEOGEO will emerge, expressing gratitude to all fans who support SNK's works such as "KOF" "Fatal Fury" "Samuai Shodown" "Metal Slug" ! Please stay tuned. The Future is Now! # SNK # SNK 40th # NEOGEO # Neo Geo

SNK has not specified anything yet about the technical details or appearance. Judging from the words it can be implied that the mentioned Neo Geo games will run on some sort of emulation.

It's also possible that SNK is about to jump the bandwagon on releasing a «Mini» variant of the iconic AES, just as Nintendo previously did with their «SNES Mini» or «NES Mini». Or who knows, maybe we're about see something as wicked as a «Mini Candy Cab».

Discussion Thread -->

  RAZION - Game of the Month

Regardless what you think about Homebrew games, if there's something that can't be denied then it's the steadfast consistency of NG:DEV to regularly release new games for an almost 30 years old arcade system. In 2014, ten years after SNKP officially gave up the support for the Neo Geo, another horizontal SHMUP in the likes Blazing Star hit the market.

RAZION, regarded by many as a pseudo-installment of the DUX series, delighted Neo Geo fans lucky to get this title with a decent presentation, solid gameplay and a rad soundtrack.

Jump into our discussion and share your thoughts and experiences with RAZION. How does it hold up with other heavyweight titles on the system such as Blazing Star, Pulstar or Last Hope? Is it worth its high price or is it rather a bland, forgettable experience?

RAZION Thread -->

RAZION High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Merlin or Priest in case of interest)

  Pinball Fantasia: Last Odyssey - Game of the Month

Not too much is actually known about this month's GOTM. In fact only a tiny number of people seem to have witnessed this game in action, and the broader Neo Geo community only know from its existence because of a handful of magazine articles, screenshots and a single gameplay video. Nonetheless it's regarded as one of the holy grails of unreleased Neo Geo prototypes, due to its for its unique genre (at least for the system) and polished aesthetics.

Join our monthly discussion about Last Odyssey, one of the Neo Geo's greatest mysteries till this day. If you happen to know anything about this, please let share it with us. Are we better off without this ever being released or should the people owning the protos finally make them public? I'll let you be the judge.

Pinball Fantasia: Last Odyssey Thread -->

  New fighting game announced: SNK Heroines - Tag Team Frenzy

Who else remembers SNK's Gals Fighter for the Neo Geo Pocket Color? In that handheld-only spin-off from 2000 the character roster was limited to an (almost) female-only cast and the story was changed from a serious to a much humoristic tone, while the moves and mechanics were almost identical to the King of Fighters franchise. Today's SNK resurrected that very same formula and recently announced their cutesy fighting game SNK Heroines - Tag Team Frenzy for the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

The graphics engine and mechanics seem to be very similar to The King of Fighters XIV with the addition of a new 2-on-2 Tag Team feature, simplified move inputs, cutesy effects and animations, new stages and fully customizable character costumes.

The game will come out in Summer 2018 for said platforms. NIS America is the official publisher for the United States and already announced a massive Diamond Dream Edition for pre-order on the SNK online store.

SNK Heroines Official English Website -->

SNK Heroines Discussion Thread -->

  GunForce II / Geo Storm - Game of the Month

Let's celebrate the new year with a look back on the roots of Metal Slug, which actually go way back before Nazca produced games for SNK's hardware. The same team that became famous for their highly detailed sprite fests full of explosions and dark humor already made use of their talent for GunForce II, which many players nowadays see as a spiritual predecessor to the Metal Slug series.

Join the action and tell us about your experiences with this one. How well does it hold up nowadays and does it do justice to its spiritual sequels on the Neo Geo? And if you feel like it, come and demand a High Score Challange asap. If you liked the scoring system from Metal Slug, you'll definitely feel at home with GunForce II.

GunForce II / Geo Storm Thread -->

GunForce II / Geo Storm High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Merlin or Priest in case of interest)

  Mad Crasher - Game of the Month

I bet you've never heard of this one - this month we're taking a glance at SNK's early isometric racing shooter Mad Crasher from 1984. Released in arcades only, it followed in the footsteps of the back then popular Zaxxon and stood out by its isometric graphics and its simplistic but fast gameplay.

As always, share you thoughts and laughs in the traditional discussion thread and treat yourself for a few rounds with this game. The simple and easy to learn gameplay is perfectly suited for a High Score Challenge and you're absolutely encouraged to particpate on one. How about that?

Mad Crasher Thread -->

Mad Crasher High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Merlin or Priest in case of interest)

  Artbook release: NEOGEO: A VISUAL HISTORY

Bitmap Books from Great Britan have recently released the long awaited and officially licensed artbook NEOGEO: A VISUAL HISTORY. This 400 pages strong coffee table book covers tons of photos, screenshots, pixel artwork, sketches and even interviews with former SNK staff revolving the Neo Geo and its many variants and games.

You can get the book via the official website for GBP 30 (around USD 40). The previously announced Collector's and Mega Editions of the book were pre-order only and are already sold out.

Check out our related thread to tell us about your impressions, post pictures or simply participate in our discussions:

NEOGEO: A VISUAL HISTORY Discussion Thread -->



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