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April 25 2018

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Shock Troopers

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  Guerrilla War - Game of the Week

Another pre-Neo Geo game by SNK? And with no less as Fidel Castro and Che Guevara as main protagonists in it? Released in a time when the Western world still was in Cold War with the guys behind the iron curtain, it seems quite ironical that Guerrilla War actually made it to the United States and furthermore was quite successful.

Have you already played SNK's arcade hit about the Cuban revolution? Do you think portraying real historical, controversial persons as video game protagonists is a good idea? Discuss it in our traditional GOTW thread and think about a High Score Challenge as well. It might be fun...

Guerrilla War Thread -->

Guerrilla War High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Stakes Winner - Game of the Week

Horse racing games on the Neo Geo? Developed by Saurus, the mastermind behind the Shock Troopers series? Who would have thought that? After releasing other obscure titles on the Neo Geo like Quiz King of Fighters or The Irritating Maze, Saurus responded the call of Japanese horse racing enthusiasts and therefore brought out Stakes Winner...

So what's this game, disturbing us while on our Easter holidays? Find out in our traditional Game of the Week thread or tell us what you love/hate specifically about Stakes Winner. A High Score Challenge isn't out of question, although I believe that there is much interest.

Stakes Winner Thread -->

Stakes Winner High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)


MOAR SCANS! It must be Christmas or Easter or something.

NGFL is becoming THE place for magazine scans. We must be close to bursting at the seams by now but I'm sure we can squeeze a few more in there. All round top bloke RiKo has been a busy boy and you can read the fruits of his labour in the gallery.

Give a big thanks to RiKo for scanning them all.

New scans include (deep breath)...

Retro Gamer Magazine:
King of Fighters '98 XBLA review
Garou MOTW feature (2 pages)
MVS feature (6 pages)
THAT boxout mentioning NGFL
Neo-Geo Pocket feature (8 pages)
Samurai Shodown Sen X360 review
SNK Arcade Classics PSP review
SNK Vs. Capcom Card Fighters Clash feature (4 pages)
Metal Slug and Shock Troopers in their Run n' Gun feature
SNK Developer Look Back (18 pages)
Garou MOTW in their Top 25 Arcade Games feature
Garou MOTW XBLA review
Twinkle Star Sprites feature (2 pages)

Games TM:
NG:DEV.TEAM mini-interview
Metal Slug Anthology Wii review
Neo-Geo Battle Coliseum PS2 review
Metal Slug - Greatest Retro Game Ever feature (2 pages)
The Future is Now - SNK feature (6 pages)
Samurai Shodown V MVS review (2 pages)

King of Fighters EX GBA review
Metal Slug 3D PS2 review
Metal Slug X PS1 review
Puzzle Bobble in their Top 100 Games feature (2 pages)
The Rumble Fish PS2 review
Samurai Shodown 2 Neo-Geo review (2 pages)
Top Hunter Neo-Geo review (2 pages)
Windjammers Neo-Geo review

The One:
Crossed Swords Neo-Geo review
Neo-Geo console and first games mini-review

Dreamcast Magazine:
Capcom Vs. SNK 2 Dreamcast review (3 pages)

Mean Machines Sega:
Art of Fighting Megadrive/Genesis review

Oh, and 4 more adverts too!

Phew. Happy Easter everyone! :)

  The King of Fighters 2001 - Game of the Week

The pessimists who thought that the KoF franchise died for good after the insolvency of SNK, were positively surprised in 2001: SNK's successing company Playmore (today known as SNK Playmore) didn't give up on their probably most popular franchise and released the eight installment for the trusted Neo Geo hardware.

Another week, another GOTW. Let's discuss Playmore's first attempt of continuing the KoF series and bringing the NESTS saga to an end. As the game was received quite controversially, I expect a deep discussion and some High Score entries as well.

The King of Fighters 2001 Thread -->

The King of Fighters 2001 High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Fast Striker - Game of the Week

The year is 2010 A.D. The gaming industry is entirely occupied by large commercial corporations, releasing consistently garbage for next-gen consoles. Well, not entirely... One small developer team of innovative Germans still holds out against the invadors, and is still releasing 2D games for forgotten systems like the Neo Geo or Dreamcast...

Of course we're talking of NGDEV's Fast Striker, a vertical Shoot 'em Up in the style of Mars Matrix. Some of our members already got their hands on this very game, so let's share our thoughts and experiences about this Neo Geo indie gem!

Fast Striker Thread -->

Fast Striker High Score Challenge -->

  Samurai Shodown RPG - Game of the Week

Ever wondered how a role playing game with the main characters from the Samurai Shodown universe may have looked like? I won't dissapoint you guys by telling you that there was indeed a Samurai Shodown RPG released on our beloved console (at least on the NGCD first). But before you leave in a hurry towards your local video game importer, make sure you polish your humble Japanese skills or have the patience until a translation patch finally comes out...

However, let's hold our GOTW tradition upright by discussing another obscure SNK title. Tell us what you think about the game or if you have heard anything particular concerning other language translations, easter eggs or trivia about Samurai Shodown RPG.

Samurai Shodown RPG Thread -->

Of course we desist from offering a High Score Challenge this time, as we're speaking of a genuine role playing game here. And I doubt someone's interested in conducting a Speedrun...

  Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer - Game of the Week

Are revealingly dressed anime chicks with pleasing body dimensions reasons enough to make a fighting game good enough? Well, if you judge an arcade game under these rating criteria, you might find the following Neo Geo title quite exciting. At least it can't be denied that Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer offers some decent fanservice...

OK, let's take a look on this fighting game here. Amongst better known fighting games for the system, Gowcaizer got quite lost in the library, even though the game was ported to the NGCD and PSX. Tell us what you know about it or if you wanna risk a High Score Challenge for it. As always, we are open for any inquiries in this regard...

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer Thread -->

Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)



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