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May 24 2018

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  P.O.W.: Prisoners of War - Game of the Week

The Bridge on the River Kwai, Missing in Action 2, Rambo 2, Rescue Dawn, the list could go on forever. In movies and novels likewise the subject of escaping a tropical P.O.W. camp was always thrilling material for an adventureous story. SNK thought in 1988 they could take the same path with another entry in their Beat 'em Up library...

Fight your way out of your cell and punch or shoot your way through hordes of evil guards. Then move your posterior to this thread and tell us what you think of this game. While you're at it, why not submitting some scores for a possible High Score Challenge?

P.O.W.: Prisoners of War Thread -->

P.O.W.: Prisoners of War Thread High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid - Game of the Week

Let's start this week with a another genuine Neo Geo game, this time it's in fact the smallest of all with its almost laughable 22 MEGS. We're speaking of Puzzled, better known as Joy Joy Kid in Japan, a Tetris clone with its own innovations and characteristics. Furthermore it's also one of the early titles of the Neo Geo library, being released in 1990 alongside SNK's other firstlings.

Are you up for some Puzzlers lately? So why not demanding a High Score Challenge for this early Neo Geo classic? If you still can't make your mind, then at least leave some thoughts in the traditional discussion thread, according to customs.

Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid Thread -->

Puzzled / Joy Joy Kid Thread High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Street Smart - Game of the Week

Are you smart enough... for the streets? Stretch your muscles, tighten your black belt and give this street scum the hell it deserves! If some rumors are to be believed, the both protagonists of this 1989 SNK fighting classic are no other than Takuma Sakazaki and Jeff Bogard, the two legendary Sensei from the Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury universe!

What else do you know about this indeed early fighting game? Remember that Street Smart was released before Fatal Fury or Street Fighter II, it was one of those games that helped to define the whole genre as we know it today.

Street Smart Thread -->

Street Smart Thread High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Treasure of the Caribbean - Game of the Week

Yar har, fiddle di dee, being a pirate is all right with me, do what you want 'cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate! But believe when I say that you may consume a lot more rum than usual to enjoy halfway the following Neo Geo game released in 2011. 'Ship ahoy! Free mast and bill of the stern and bow! Man the cannons! Fire!'

Put in your usual 2 cents into the weekly discussion thread and share your thoughts about the game. And if you are man, ahem, pirate enough to show some skills, why not asking for a High Score Challenge for Treasure of the Caribbean?

Treasure of the Caribbean Thread -->

Treasure of the Caribbean Thread High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams - Game of the Week

It's time for another NGPC version of our traditional GOTW! This week we're taking a look at the mysterious subject of witchcraft; namely hags riding broomsticks, magic... and kitschy fairies, lots of pink bullets and cute boss enemies? Now seriously, that's roughly what Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams is about. Originally released for the arcades in 1989, the developer team Success released over ten years later a port of Cotton for the NGPC, of which we're talking this week.

Discuss the game as usual and ask for a High Score Challenge if you've got what it takes. Any requests for a HSC will be considered, please leave an according post or contact Priest directly if you're in!

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams Thread -->

Cotton: Fantastic Night Dreams Thread High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  2020 Super Baseball - Game of the Week

Prepare yourselves, in about 7 years sports will be carried out by robots and humans with bio-implants. Get your flying car ready and don't miss the 2020 Baseball league! OK, SNK may have exaggerated a tad when creating the game design of 2020 Super Baseball, but nonetheless it's amusing to see what technological innovations we may face in the future world of sports...

You know the weekly tradition, discuss the title and ask for a High Score Challenge if you're a gamer of honor. If that's the case, please leave an according post or send Priest a PM!

2020 Super Baseball Thread -->

2020 Super Baseball High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Ozma Wars - Game of the Week

Once again it's Game of the Week time. This week we'll be taking a closer look at the very first game to be developed and published by SNK: Ozma Wars. This 1979 arcade game runs on the same hardware as Taito's Space Invaders and was only the second ever vertical shoot 'em up. Take control of your spacecraft and face waves of UFOs, comets and meteors, stopping every so often to dock with the mothership and replenish your energy.

Not a game that's discussed very often so please check out the Game of the Week discussion thread and let us know what you think about this one. If you've never played it before why not give it a try on the PSP or Mame. If anyone is interested in taking part in a high score challenge please contact Priest.

Ozma Wars Thread -->



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Gamefaqs removes my review of SMW. The Nintendo Defense Force is real guys.

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