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April 20 2019

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Samurai Shodown 2

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  Competition - Win A Copy Of SNK VS Capcom Cardfighters For The Nintendo DS

To celebrate the launch of the new site design, we are giving away a copy of SNK Vs Capcom Cardfighters for the Nintendo DS. Please visit the competition page for more info on how to enter (it's nice and simple!)

Link: Competitions Page -->

  Site Update - Jukebox Back Online!
The Jukebox is now officially back online! This little script opens up a Winamp style media player (using flash) that plays various music from SNK games. You can even open it up as a small popup window if you wish, and listen to music while you browse the site!

This script stopped working on the old site due to my host, but now we are hosted elsewhere I managed to get it up and running again. I still have a few music requests to add to it when I get time, but if there are any other tracks from Neo Geo games that you would like to see added, please let me know in the comments thread! (link at the bottom of this article!)


NeoGeoForLife Jukebox -->

  Funnies: Samurai Shodown Beatles???
Just found this image while randomly surfing - thought it might give you all a giggle! It's the Samurai Shodown Beatles!!! Click to enlarge! :)

Gotta love it! Credit goes to the original artist for a novel idea, I'm not sure who made it though. It was found at this site.

So... any ideas on what songs the Samurai Beatles might sing? ;)

  Last Hope for Dreamcast Release Date Slips

It would appear that Last Hope for the DC will not be seen this year. Play-Asia now have the release listed as January 2007 (it was originally slated for a December release). Here's hoping that it doesn't slip again - it looks like a nice old-school shoot 'em up, but with the Neo Geo cart being prohibitively expensive it's not one I have tried yet. Once the DC version is release, I'll be grabbing it and will give you all some feedback on what it is like. Will be nice to play a new DC game anyway, even if it's not an officially licensed one! :D

Speaking of new DC games, there's another game scheduled for release soon, called Trigger Heart Exelica! (this isn't SNK related but still worth mentioning) Play-Asia also have this one up for pre-order - it's released on February 22nd. It's available in both standard and limited edition versions, although I'm not sure of the difference.

Click the 'read more' link below for video footage of both The Last Hope and Trigger Heart Exelica!

Related Links:

Last Hope for Sega Dreamcast @ -->

Trigger Heart Exelica for Sega Dreamcast @ -->

  KOF Year End Party Pictures

Game Watch (Japanese language site) have some pictures of the KOF Year End Party, which show, amongst other things, Blue Mary in KOF Max Impact Regulation A. Click 'Read More' below to view the rest of this story!

  Funnies: Ask A Ninja!
Every so often I'll be posting a random funny link or video, just for laughs! There are more on the discussion forum though, so take a look!

Ask A Ninja - Ninja Queues:

Kaz hates queuing more than anything, and the Ninja agrees. Now wheres the line for slapping Kevin Federline? :D

Click "read more" in the bar below to view the rest of this article.

  Last Hope For Dreamcast News!

I posted about The Last Hope (Neo Geo version) a couple of days back, and now PlayAsia have started taking pre-orders for the Sega Dreamcast version. It looks like some improvements have been made to the DC version as well (quote from PlayAsia):

Exclusive features only available in the Dreamcast™ compatible version:

  • 16-bit CD soundtrack

  • VMU support (saving + visuals)

  • DC joypad + arcade stick support (R- and L-trigger support)

  • Use of DCs soundchips (64 channels/stereo)

  • Highres title screen

  • Exclusive CD Game Modes:

  • Adjusted difficulty (Reduction of shoot frequency und flight velocity of enemy bullets / no ranking)

  • Explosions / particle effects reduced for more clarity on screen

  • Better hitting response for hit enemies

  • Improved visualization of boss hit zones

  • The price in US $ is 39.99, and there is no specific release date yet, the site just says "in stock December". I still haven't tried this game yet (and didn't feel like shelling out for the cart!), but I think I might pre-order this, especially as it would be nice to get a new game for my Dreamcast, even if it is a homebrew game.

    Last Hope @ PlayAsia -->

    Last Hope Official Site -->



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