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July 21 2019

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Samurai Shodown 2

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  Hosted Sites - Abyssal Chronicles
I would like to announce that is now officially hosting a fansite for Namco's "Tales of..." series, called Abyssal Chronicles. The site is ran by "a745" and one of our own moderators, Sukotsuto. It's a great looking site. and well worth a look if you are a fan of games like Tales of Phantasia etc!

I am also interested in offering hosting to small to medium sized sites that might be of interest to our visitors, so if yours is currently stuck on nasty webspace from a free provider, give me a shout via private message and I'll see what I can do! I'm especially looking for SNK related sites that provide content that we don't have much of (like sprite rips etc), but other sites will definitely be considered.

Visit Abyssal! -->

  Wallpapers Update
In case you haven't seen them yet, we now have two wallpaper sections, so if you fancy giving your desktop a bit of an SNK feel, then check them out. We have a selection of both official SNK wallpapers, and some excellent fan made ones.

Check them out, and let us know what you think. We are accepting submissions too, so use the Submit a Photo link to send it in to us for exclusion on the site. You will of course be given full credit for your work, and you can show it off in our creative forum as well as having it displayed on the site so people can vote/comment on it.


Fan Made Wallpapers -->
Official Wallpapers -->

  Off Topic: Guilty Gear Accent Core vids
As mentioned in a previous update, I will occasionally be posting off topic news about things that may be of interest to our visitors. I just thought I'd post this link to some match vids from Guilty Gear: Accent Core, which look pretty darn good! Just figured that because it is a 2D fighter, many of you might want to have a look!

Thanks to Raiken for the heads up!

Link: Videos @ Game Chariot

  Site News: Chat Room

We once again have a chatroom on the site, and unlike the older chats we used in the past, this one should be permanent. It's an IRC based chatroom, but we have a script on the site to make it nice and easy for the majority of you to access. If you prefer to use your own program like mIRC or similar, you can use the following details to login:

Server: Any dalnet server, default one on our script is

Channel: #neogeoforlife

I idle in there most evenings after work (5pm UK time), so if you are on the site around that time, pop into chat and I might be around. I will be organising a chat meet very soon, so please check back for more information on that. The chat meet will be used to discuss a few things, and in general to have some fun. It also gives me another opportunity to listen to what visitors to the site would like to see from in the future.

We also have a trivia bot that is in the chatroom 99% of the time. When you enter, type '!trivia' to start the quiz, and compete against the rest of us for the highest score. The current hall of fame is:

Kazuya_UK has the best score of 95 ; candycab - 82; Emo_Fairy - 82; sukotsuto - 30; Phry - 19; Anna_bot - 12

Think you can beat us? Jump into the chatroom and get started! So far we just have a general knowledge question set, but I am working on some SNK questions too, and once they are ready we might run a little contest one evening to see who can get the highest score! :D

Link: Chatroom Plugin -->

You must be a registered member to use the chatroom plugin, but you don't have to register if you access it through mIRC or your favourite chat client.

  Site News: RSS Feed
While I wait for PHP Fusion to get its own in-built RSS feeds, I have installed an add-on that does the job for now. If you would like to subscribe to the RSS feed for our news updates, please paste the following link into your news reader:

If you click the link in Firefox it will ask if you want to add it to the toolbar, but I don't think clicking like that will work in IE7 right now (go get Firefox if you don't already use it! ;)). I'm interested to see if the RSS feed works ok for other people out there, and also what reader you use to lok at it, so please give me some feedback on this matter!

I'm going to set the MSN Alerts up again some time soon, as I know a few people used that on the old site.

  Off Topic News: Street Fighter II Remake
I needed an excuse to make a post about something in the "Capcom" News category I added to the site. As this is an SNK site obviously we won't be covering all Capcom news or anything, but if there is something interesting that we manage to dig up then I will post about it... and this will be of interest to 2D fighter fans, so here goes:

There are unconformed rumours flying about that Capcom is going to be doing a remake of Street Fighter II for the Playstation 3, and that it will be distributed via the PS3 Network. If this is true it is quite interesting, but what kind of remake will it be? I'm not exactly excited yet, but we'll see what shape it takes if it does turn out to be true.

I'll update if I hear anything else on this one! Feel free to discuss this using the comments thread!

  New Review: Guerilla War

Phry, one of our moderators, has written another retro review for us! This one is of SNK's old (pre-Neo Geo) arcade game, Guerrilla War (and yes, they did spell Guerilla incorrectly! ;)). This is the third retro review he has written for us, as he previously did Ikari Warriors and P.O.W. I hope you all enjoy reading the review, and perhaps it's time to fire up MAME and give Guerrilla War a playtest (or play the arcade machine if you are lucky enough to have access to one!). It's nice to look at the stuff SNK did before the Neo Geo was released.

Many thanks to Phry for the review, and also a massive debt of gratitude is owed to him for being awesome with helping out on the site while we were building the new design. It would not have been completed as quickly if it wasn't for him! :)

Link: Guerrilla War Review -->



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