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May 20 2018

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King Of The Monsters

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  Funnies: Something To Do If You Are Bored!
Seeing as there still isn't a great deal to post about, I figured now is as good a time as any to post a few funny videos. Totally unrelated but something to look at if you are bored - these all came from our forums over the past few days... but please bear in mind these are mostly NOT work safe! due to (very) bad language!

Click here to view the rest of this article! -->

  SNK Vs Capcom Cardfighters DS Impressions

While surfing around I came across a few impressions of SNK Vs Capcom Cardfighters for the Nintendo DS. According this person, it is quite unbalanced, which is pretty much what I have read from a few other sources:

"The problem is the inherent system is completely broken and the computer doesn’t use any different tactics besides attacking. There are lots of different abilities you can use in the game like reshuffling your deck, healing your cards, tapping cards for extra colored “force” energy and doing counter attacks. The computer doesn’t do any of these halfway through the game. Instead the AI only has one strategy attack and leave some of the cards free to block with."

He did mention a few positive aspects of the game though, and there is the chance that the game will be balanced a little bit more for the western release. Let's hope that it is! Remember we still have an on-going competition where you can win a copy of the game. The stateside release is penciled in for the 27th of February!

Original Source -->

Card Rips:

This is possibly a semi-spoiler, but I was sent a link to a gallery that features rips of the cards in the Nintendo DS version of the game. If you want a sneak peak of how they all look go check it out, but if you would prefer to wait until you get the game, steer clear! :)

Link: SNK Vs Capcom DS Card Rips -->

  SNK Site Updates For 18th January
SNK have made quite a few updates to their official site today...

Click here to read the rest of this article -->

  Capcom Quiz In The Chatroom

Some of you may have seen the SNK Trivia quiz that we have going in the Chatroom, which is currently still being added to (it's nearing 200 questions now). Debujin, one of our members, has sent in a Capcom quiz which I have added to the chatroom......

Click here to read the rest of this article -->

  King of Fighters Another Day Music Video
I was browsing around YouTube earlier and found this KOF Another Day music video. It's pretty cool so I thought I would share it here. Whether you like it or not depends on how much you like Linkin Park however! :)

If playback starts to stutter a little bit, just press pause and let it load some of the video first. In the future I will try to post more videos here if I come across anything interesting! :)

  Slow News Day - Hokuto No Ken For PS2
Well, it's a very slow news day today, so while we wait for something decent to happen SNK-wise, I thought I would give mention to the upcoming release of Hokuto No Ken for the Playstation 2. It is scheduled for release on March 29th in Japan, and for fans of the anime it is a must buy! I love Hokuto No Ken/Fist of the North Star myself, so I'll definitely be pre-ordering this one as it looks excellent! You can pre-order it from Play-Asia by clicking the banner below, they have some screenshots of the game for those that haven't seen anything of it yet. - Buy Video Games for Consoles and PC - From Japan, Korea and other Regions!

As a side note, I have finally started to get all the shock box downloads ready, so some of those will be going online soon. There is a lot to upload, so I'll probably do two separate updates over the next week. Check back soon!

  KOF XI Character Colour FAQ
I was over at Cyberfanatix (one of our affiliates), and I noticed that they have a character colour FAQ, which has just been updated. It's quite handy if you want to know exactly which button presses on the select screen will give you what costume colour. Be careful, as this page will cripple those not on a decent connection! (anyone still on dialup... beware!)

Link: KOF XI Colour FAQ -->



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Gamefaqs removes my review of SMW. The Nintendo Defense Force is real guys.

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Waves back! Kaz is still alive! Grin

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In case anyone's interested, the official PC port of King of Fighters 2002 is available for free on GOG until February 15th.

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Happy new year! Here's to 2018! Joe Joe Joe

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