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January 20 2019

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  SNK Site Update For January 25th (Video & Pics)

Just like clockwork, SNK have performed their usual Thursday update on the official site. The main update of note is...

Click here to view the rest of this article! -->

  Neo Geo Battle Coliseum Video
As always, I have been browsing around the net while bored, and I came across this video on YouTube that I thought was worth posting. It's a really nice Neo Geo Battle Coliseum combo vid... we've not posted anything related to NGBC in a while so I thought I'd share it. It is long though (ten minutes), and may take a little while to load up - if it skips for you, press pause and let it load a little bit of the video first before you press play!

Hope you enjoyed it. Props to the original author for a very well done video!

  SVC: Cardfighters For Nintendo DS - Heading To The UK!

This tidbit slipped through the net as it's a little over a week old, but it seems that SNK Vs Capcom Cardfighters for the Nintendo DS is now heading to the UK, courtesy of Ignition Entertainment! It's supposed to be coming out sometime in the Spring, but no exact release date is set right now. I did check Ignitions website, and while they have opened up a new section for the game, there is no real information on there as of yet. I'll keep you all informed as and when I hear anything more!


Official Website @ Ignition Entertainment -->

IGN Article -->

In case you didn't see them, a couple of days ago, I posted a link to a gallery that contains rips of all the cards in the Nintendo DS version of the game. You can find more info here! Also, don't forget that our competition is still running for just over another week - you can enter for free and win a copy of the US version of the game, which is scheduled for a February 27th release! Get your entries in quick before the competition ends!

SVC Competition -->

  Funnies: Something To Do If You Are Bored!
Seeing as there still isn't a great deal to post about, I figured now is as good a time as any to post a few funny videos. Totally unrelated but something to look at if you are bored - these all came from our forums over the past few days... but please bear in mind these are mostly NOT work safe! due to (very) bad language!

Click here to view the rest of this article! -->

  SNK Vs Capcom Cardfighters DS Impressions

While surfing around I came across a few impressions of SNK Vs Capcom Cardfighters for the Nintendo DS. According this person, it is quite unbalanced, which is pretty much what I have read from a few other sources:

"The problem is the inherent system is completely broken and the computer doesn’t use any different tactics besides attacking. There are lots of different abilities you can use in the game like reshuffling your deck, healing your cards, tapping cards for extra colored “force” energy and doing counter attacks. The computer doesn’t do any of these halfway through the game. Instead the AI only has one strategy attack and leave some of the cards free to block with."

He did mention a few positive aspects of the game though, and there is the chance that the game will be balanced a little bit more for the western release. Let's hope that it is! Remember we still have an on-going competition where you can win a copy of the game. The stateside release is penciled in for the 27th of February!

Original Source -->

Card Rips:

This is possibly a semi-spoiler, but I was sent a link to a gallery that features rips of the cards in the Nintendo DS version of the game. If you want a sneak peak of how they all look go check it out, but if you would prefer to wait until you get the game, steer clear! :)

Link: SNK Vs Capcom DS Card Rips -->

  SNK Site Updates For 18th January
SNK have made quite a few updates to their official site today...

Click here to read the rest of this article -->

  Capcom Quiz In The Chatroom

Some of you may have seen the SNK Trivia quiz that we have going in the Chatroom, which is currently still being added to (it's nearing 200 questions now). Debujin, one of our members, has sent in a Capcom quiz which I have added to the chatroom......

Click here to read the rest of this article -->



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· 21. November 2018 23:55
Happy Thanksgiving

· 10. November 2018 10:48
It's good to see all of your names again.

· 23. October 2018 20:20
Glad to hear both cats are making the most of their nine lives!

· 09. October 2018 03:32
So have I EC, I'm still alive and around, lol. However, not much down at NGFL lately. But maybe I'll look back more.

eccentric cat
· 26. September 2018 09:59
Fear not everyone: The cat lives!

· 01. September 2018 19:52
Sad to see JammaPlus has closed down. I got about 60% of my arcade boards from there

· 07. July 2018 20:56
Nice Ducky. Playing '98 eh? I Haven't played any Neo Kofs in awhile. Actually been playing XIV more than I anticipated.

· 04. July 2018 14:22
I'm good! Strolling through life with the occasional round of KOF 98.

· 30. June 2018 08:04
DUCKY ! How you been boyo??

· 20. June 2018 01:56
I have been dormant for too long. Hi everyone! long live the NEO!