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September 04 2015

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  KOF 98 UM Out Now! | Vote For The Next GotW

The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match for the PS2 is now finally out in Japan, and shipping from most retailers like Play-Asia. I will have the game pretty soon so I'll post a few impressions once I get it. I'm really looking foward to this one!

The Sunsoft Collection is also available now! It's a bit disappointing that it only includes two games (Waku Waku 7 and Galaxy Fight), so I'm not 100% sure it's worth it, but I should get to try it soon... again, I'll post my impressions of it once I do. I really hope WW7 includes the arranged soundtrack from the Sega Saturn version of the game as an option...


Buy KOF '98 Ultimate Match @ Play-Asia -->

Buy Sunsoft Collection @ Play-Asia -->

Game of the Week For Sunday:

If you would like to vote on our next Game of the Week, you can do so by heading to our new webpoll. I've added a seperate poll to the one on the right which anyone (including non registered visitors) can vote on once a day. Whatever game is in the lead on Sunday will be our GotW for next week.

I'll try and put this poll in the sidebars next time, it's just I am having a bit of a problem in getting it to show up without making the rest of the page go fubar... for now, just go to the link below, until I fix it! :)

Link: Game of the Week Poll -->

  New Site Upgrade Underway

A new version of the software we use for the site is now out (or at least it's currently available in release candidate format right now), so we will be upgrading to this version of the software as soon as possible. I could very easily upgrade the site right now, but at the moment our themes will not work in the new version along with some of the mods we use for various things. Truth be told, due to new features that have been added we won't need a lot of those mods anymore, so the transfer should be fairly smooth and other additions will benefit all our visitors and make navigation/forum posting a better experience.

Can't really give an ETA on this but I am working on it, but it shouldn't be too long; I'm mainly waiting for a way to convert the old themes. Once I have this we should be good to go!

  Game of the Week #15 - Andro Dunos | Chatroom News

Andro Dunos is now our game of the week - as mentioned before the GotW will now be back up to regular updates every Sunday evening, and I'll make sure it stays updated properly!

This is a very old game by Visco, 16 years old to be exact, but worth checking out if you like your shoot 'em ups! I reviewed it quite unfavourably many years ago, but many people seem to like it including Kurisu, who gave a much better review for it a couple of months back. I'll be giving the game another chance over the next week, if you want to do the same then check out our discussion thread for lots of media including screenshots, videos and music! Let us know your feelings on this title!

Link: Andros Dunos Discussion Thread -->

Chatroom News:

I have added a link to the new chatroom... it's only a test for now and the Flashchat we have been using is still online, but I'd appreciate it if you guys could igve it a try and see what you think! You'll need to sign up for an account (the link is on the page), so give it a try and please give us some feedback using the comments link below! If people like it, then we may go ahead and use it in place of Flashchat, mainly because it seems faster, but it all depends on whether people can login ok and it runs reliably. If not we'll look for another solution, as the current chat is too unreliable right now...

Link: New Chatroom Test -->

  New Site Chatroom Coming Soon

Just a quick piece of news; we now have a new chatroom that will be online oer the weekend. It's hosted elsewhere and provides us with a number of advantages, not least the fact that it is far more stable than the current flash chat. Although Flash Chat has been good, it's proving far too unstable and slow on this server so we needed to change it. The new chat also has some nice features like being able to turn your webcam on so other users can see and hear you (although this is optional of course! ;). Should be fun when we have a few people in there!

I'll post again when it's up and running, and the game of the week will also be updated on Sunday. As from now the game of the week will actually go back to being updated weekly as it should be!

  New Avatars Uploaded

I have just uploaded some new avatars that Shiny sent me, which are part of the collection of Neo Geo logo avs that he started making some time ago. Registered members can change their avatar by visiting the Avatar Gallery. For a full preview of all of Shiny's avs, click the "read more" link below this post (beware as there are MANY images to load). There are also lots of Capcom avatars in the gallery to choose from if you are that way inclined! ;)

  Game of the Week - Waku Waku 7

Well, this one is less a "Game of the Week" as a Game of the month seeing as I have been away for most of the past month due to various reasons. We have a new game to discuss however, and now I am on holiday for a couple of weeks I have a bit more time to do site stuff and actually post in the forums. It is a sad state of affairs when the last three updates on the main page have been about GotW discussions and nothing else, so it's definitely time to do something about that!

Anyway., without furhter ado, I present to you the following classic title for discussion:

If you haven't tried this game before then you NEED to. That's all I will say here. Head on over to our discussion thread on the forums to check out some media for the game and then post your thoughts on it!

Link: Waku Waku 7 -->

  Game of the Week - Art of Fighting

Here's the new game of the week, and it's arguably a much better and more loved game. Thanks to eccentric cat for recommending that we do this one: it's long overdue really, and I have to say that it's a title that I have lots of affection for!

It's an absolute classic in my eyes, but what you do think? Let us know in the discussion thread! :)

Link: AOF Discussion Thread -->



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Capcom vs. SNK

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· 01. September 2015 20:15
Anyways, GotM #2 will be coming up sooner or later this week.

· 30. August 2015 22:20

· 30. August 2015 20:55
Nope not next time no show again

· 25. August 2015 05:47
Well, its too late now, lol. Until next time then.

· 23. August 2015 23:57
Nope still here was doing some refreshments

· 23. August 2015 23:37
I would, but you guys left, lol.

· 23. August 2015 17:31
Anyone in chat tonight's? I'll breeze through just incase

· 16. August 2015 15:52
I will fit it in somewhere

· 14. August 2015 15:28
Vas if you have time to write a review that would be greatly appreciated.

· 14. August 2015 08:35
So...Nesica x Live finally arrives in the states, well in CA, at least, oh happy day! Grin