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June 22 2017

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  Site Hacks Etc.

Well I'm sure that many of you will have seen that we were hacked again over the past day or so. I won't go into what happened exactly but to put it simply someone decided it would be fun to totally nerf the site. I took steps last time to stop it happening again, but I missed something and it seems they took advantage and managed to do it again, but a little more serious this time.

You may notice some glitches (missing images etc) at the moment but I am currently in the process of re-uploading all the content which is taking a while as there is a lot of stuff! If you spot anything that isn't quite right please post a comment using the link below and I'll make sure it gets sorted out asap. We are also missing any posts that were made on the forum on the 28th of July (Monday), so if you posted that day I'm sorry but there wasn't much I could do to save those posts. Not too much of a big deal though I guess, the main thing is that the site is back!

Like I say, if you do spot any glitches (anything at all) please let us know so it can be fixed!

  Facebook & Myspace / YouTube

This one is for all of you social networking type people (myself included!). Shiny setup an official Facebook group today, so if you are a member of said networking site then feel free to hop on over and join us on the group! If you have anyone on your friends list that might be interested, then invite them to the group as well as the site itself and introduce them to the wonder that is SNK and the Neo Geo!

I may as well mention that we also have a Myspace page and a Youtube page. They haven't been mentioned too often in the past so you may not have seen them yet. Any videos we upload are always put onto Youtube and will also be uploaded to the new Facebook group in the future! I've finally added links to them all on the navigation panel! :)


  • NGFL @ Facebook -->

  • NGFL @ Myspace -->

  • NGFL @ Youtube -->

  •   Game of the Week - Twinkle Star Sprites

    Another week, another new games to discuss! This time it's yet another often overlooked classic... Twinkle Star Sprites!

    It's a very unique game and there's certainly nothing else like it on the Neo Geo! Head on over to our discussion thread for media including screenshots, videos and music!

    Link: Twinklestar Sprites Discussion Thread -->

      Cute KOF 3D Renders!

    I felt I should share these really awesome (and insanely cute) KOF renders made by Emo Fairy! Click the image for full size.

    Let us know what you think of them in this forum thread! I'm sure Emo Fairy would like to know what you think of them, and as she is currently making some more you could possibly even request some new ones that you would like to see! :)

    These are actually a follow up to ones she made last year. You can view those at the link below (her official site).

    Link: Enchanted Elysia -->

      Game of the Week - Nightmare in the Dark

    I'm quite surprised it won last weeks poll, but Nightmare in the Dark is our new Game of the Week! I might be surprised that it beat Twinklestar Sprites, but it is a good fun game, if a little too short.

    Check out our Game of the Week forum thread, especially if you have never played the game before as we have screenshots and other media for the game. If you have played it then come and give us your impressions on it. Don't forget to also vote in our NitD poll on the right! :)

    Link: Nightmare in the Dark Discussion Thread -->

      Another Custom Moves Sheet

    Ruckage sent us another custom moves list, this time one that I requested he make and he very kindly obliged! This one is for Samurai Shodown II.

    I will definitely be printing all of these out (this one in particular!)... I have a terrible memory so having easy access to a moves list is always handy... plus these look very pretty of course! :D

    Check them out and let Ruckage know what you think of them via the comments link at the bottom of this post, or via the comments link in the gallery itself!

    Link: Custom Moves Sheets Gallery -->

      Game of the Week #16 - KOF '94

    After an overwhelming victory in our poll, KOF '94 is now our game of the week! It's amazing that it took us this long to have a KOF game as the GotW really!

    I don't need to say too much about this game - I think all of you know all about it! Come to our discussion thread to talk about it and reminisce about your memories of this classic game! We also have a video of the game in the thread with a new intro that Atomduck made for our Game of the Week feature - check it out!

    Link: KOF '94 Discussion Thread -->

    New Poll For Next Week!:

    I have changed the poll for next weeks GotW, so you can vote on what game we will cover. The voting will end on Saturday July the 5th and the winner will be featured next week. As Nightmare in the Dark and Twinklestar Sprites are such popular choices, I have kept just those two games as selections, so it will be interesting to see how the voting pans out over the course of the week!

    Remember, you can vote once every day!

    Link: GotW Poll -->

    Last But Not Least!

    I'd just like to say don't forget to check out the brilliant custom moves sheets made by Ruckage as they look great and are very handy indeed!



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    Game of the Month

    Samurai Shodown VI

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    The eccentric cat
    · 17. June 2017 06:54
    I'm ready to challenge anyone in XIV!! (probably going to lose)

    · 07. June 2017 14:04
    I missed the chat too. Will definitely be there next time!

    · 05. June 2017 20:45
    Can't believe I still don't have a PS4 or XboxOne. First generation I have missed!

    · 05. June 2017 01:22
    oo snap was that today? Real Sad

    · 04. June 2017 21:32
    Aww, oh well Muri, lol.

    · 04. June 2017 19:46
    Today I can't make to the monthly chat, sorry! But I'm positive I'll able to hop in next time! Thumbs Up

    · 04. June 2017 19:41
    First week of the month, you know what that means! Grin

    · 07. May 2017 17:15
    Good to hear you can make it Shion. I was planning to log in at 12:30 pacific time (20:30 UK time).

    · 07. May 2017 16:59
    ok merlin, i'll see you there. it would be nice if we started netplaying again. what is the time to meet in pacific time?

    · 06. May 2017 13:57
    I'll be in chat tomorrow. Didn't make it last time because I had to work. Hoping for a good turnout. Smile