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July 03 2015

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Sengoku 3

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  95% complete now!

I promised in the last news post that I would give an eta on the new site being ready, so here it is! I'd day the site is currently 95% complete, I've made really good progress with getting it ready! With any luck it will be launching by Wednesday. I can't be any more specific as it depends on how much time I get to work on it before then, but it will definitely be some time this week.

I'm really looking forward to launching this as I think you will all like it!

  Getting there...

The new site is coming along nicely, and I'm hoping it will be ready to go online in the next few days. It's about 70% ready now, all I need to do is re-install some mods that we currently use here to add a bit of extra functionality, re-instate in an old favourite that has been missing here for a while (think: ARCADE! :) and then have a general tidy up.

It's coming... the next time I post about this I'll give an eta on the new site! I really hope you will all like it!

  Working On New Site...

Just thought I'd post to say I haven't gone missing again. I have been doing some work on the site, this time behind the scenes. I'm currently working on upgrading to the latest version of PHP Fusion, which should benefit everyone with some nice new features. There will be some other nice changes that everyone should like, so stay tuned for more info.

I'd say it's halfway ready, and I'll be doing more work on it tomorrow... stay tuned! :)

  Site Downtime...

My bad! I kind of forgot to renew the domain name for NGFL as well as the domain for Enchanted Elysia so over the past week both sites have a had a little downtime. I awoke from a post Halloween party hangover of epic proportions to find the site was down. It did take a couple of hours for it to come back on so I do apologise if you couldn't get on for a while.

I did this once before and forgot to renew the domain... so it's yet more proof that Kaz = stupid! :)

  SNK Gets New President

SNK Japan have released the following statement saying that they have appointed a new company president, who replaces he outgoing president Koichi Toyama:

"To Whom It May Concern; Date: Osaka 30th October 2008

I am pleased to inform you that as of today SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION Board of Directors has appointed me, Soichiro Hosoya, as President.

I would like to emphasize that I will focus on continuing business development in order to surpass all expectations.

As you know SNK has strong Intellectual Properties that will continue to be used in the Pachinko-Slot machine business and Video Game business. In addition, SNK will ramp up all current projects for the new growing stage and I promise to do my best with vigorous dedication.

I have appointed the following Director Board Members.

Thank you very much for your support for SNK PLAYMORE CORPORATION."

Interesting. I wonder if "ramping up" means we will see the rumoured Metal Slug HD a little sooner, and also what other projects there are on that we don't yet know about? I'd love to see a continuation of certain series (Last Blade & MotW are the obvious ones of course), although heaven knows if that will ever happen. What I would also like to see however is a fresh new series. Judging from everything we have seen of KOF XII so far they do have people onboard that are capable and talented enough to give us the games we want, that's for sure.

Still... bring on KOF XII for the home consoles I say! May be a while yet but I still cannot wait!

Source: Kotaku -->

  New Chatroom Installed

I have just installed the newest version of flash chat that is available. I have been thinking of trying other chat clients that are around and possibly even going to another IRC client as the flash chat has been a bit slow and unreliable at times, but I want to give it another try with the new version. It may or may not work better but it's definitely worth a try.

I'll try and idle around in the chat whenever I am online, so pop in and have a chat if you see myself or any other members in there. You can check by looking at the panel on the left! I would appreciate peoples feedback with regards to speed and reliability, especially if you have had problems with it before!

  Game of the Week - SNK Vs Capcom: MotM

Finally, it's time to have a Neo Geo Pocket game as our game of the week! I was tempted to do Last Blade, but seeing as we haven't covered either Last Blade for the Neo Geo yet, I thought it was better to do this other classic game first!

If ever there was a game that needed to be covered in the Game of the Week it was this one. Truly a classic and still plays great now; I still dust off my NGPC for a game or two every now and then. I just wish I knew someone around here that still had a NGPC so I could play someone on it!

Head over to the discussion thread to talk about it!

Link: SNK Vs Capcom: MotM Discussion Thread -->



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Game of the Week

Samurai Shodown!

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· 01. July 2015 11:52
Thanks for your contribution to the site Wonderboy. Hopefully more people will be interested in writing reviews.

The eccentric cat
· 01. July 2015 06:46
Sorry guys, I work Sunday's, so its very rare for me to get on chat. >.<

· 30. June 2015 23:34
Thank you Kaz & Merlin for allowing my review to be up.

· 28. June 2015 21:39
Here as well! X3

· 28. June 2015 20:52
I'm on right now. Should be for most of the day.

· 28. June 2015 18:45
Who is coming to chat today, 4 PM EST?

· 21. June 2015 21:20
Happy Fathers Day!

· 20. June 2015 03:08
Quite time-consuming dealing with all the spammers. There were 73 unactivated accounts! You have to go through them one by one to check that they really are spammers.

· 14. June 2015 22:48
I'm on yo.

· 14. June 2015 20:52
Well, I was, now no one is there. >_>