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February 10 2016

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  Game of the Week - The Last Blade

After a two week break due to the site upgrade, here is our new GotW, and oh man is it a good one!

I don't think I need to say too much about it here, so just head over to the discussion thread to talk about it! We are also having a high score challenge with each of our Games of the Week from now on, as well as a dedicated section for posting game high scores. See the thread for more info! :)

Next week we will cover an older game, definitely something early 90's!

Link: The Last Blade Discussion Thread -->

  Arcade Has Been Re-instated!

It has taken a while, but finally our arcade has been re-instated! I have updated to the newest version available and added a total of 21 games, with more on the way.

Everything seems to be working well, although there is a minor bug where sometimes an error is given that says there was an "undefined variable". Don't worry about this, it doesn't affect anything and your high scores will still be saved. Hopefully the bug will be fixed in the next arcade release!

I'm going try to get some good high scores, but just like the last time I bet the usual suspects will end up leading the high score charts. You guys know who you are! ;)

Link: NGFL Arcade -->

  RSS Feeds Added & WAP version Online
I have added RSS feeds to the site now, which you can subscribe to by clicking the links in the panel to your left (at the bottom). You can subscribe to feeds that cover the latest news, latest images, and more, hopefully this will allow you to keep in touch with the latest updates on the site a little more easily.

I've also added a little app that adds a WAP enabled version of the site! While many phones can browse this site as it is (my Nokia N95 does), it's not ideal and is a bit slow (and loads too many images for those not on an unlimited plan). This WAP version is streamlined; there are very few images and it is formatted to fit on your phones screen better. You can't make posts right now, but it does enable you to see who is online, read the latest forum posts and check the news, so it is handy for those who want a quick SNK fix on the go. You can find it by pointing your phones browser here:

As an update to the "Welcome" post on Wednesday, I'm glad to say that the chatroom is now fixed. You can see who is online in the chat by looking at the "currently online" panel to the left. Bit different to the way it worked before but it does save a bit of space! :)

Still working on the arcade script amongst others. More on this soon!

  KOF '98 Ultimate Match Euro Site Opens
Ignition Entertainment have opened their own official site for The King of Fighters '98 Ultimate Match for the PS2. Nothing much is there aside from a flash intro and a single screenshot, but saying that we all should know what the game is about by now.

I would say it's nice to see official confirmation that it is coming to Europe, but as usual it just feels too late. If it didn't take so long for these games to come out over here I'd probably buy more of theh domestic titles rather than importing. Look at how long we had to wait for NGBC and KOF XI, and even then we ended up with buggy products. I'll vote with my wallet, but it's a shame because I'd really like tp support these releases if I felt I had some motivation to do so.

  Street Fighter II HD Out Next Week!
Bit of non-SNK news for you! Capcom have announced an official date for Street Fighter II HD for the Xbox 360 and PS3. Well, I should say dates really, because it is coming a day early for the PS3:

Playstation 3: Tuesday November 25th
Xbox 360: Wednesday November 26th

There will also be Capcom branded store fronts for both PSN and XBLA as well as some other Street Fighter themed DLC. Speaking of XBLA, is everyone enjoying the new XBE?

I still can't believe this game is FINALLY coming out, it seems like it was years ago that it was originally announced. Let's hope it isn't a disappointment, although I know some people are definitely not liking the new sprites.

Source: 1UP Article -->

  KOF XII Announced Officially for US/Europe
Well, it's not like we didn't already know it was going to come out, but SNK and Ignition have put a teaser video online that announces that The King of Fighters XII will be coming to home consoles in 2009. Shows nothing, but figured I'd post it for those that want to see it anyway. Also doesn't say what consoles it is coming for, but I think it is pretty safe to assume we'll be seeing it on the 360 and PS3. Still undecided on which console I will end up buying it for... I'd prefer the 360, but I have good arcade sticks that work on my PS3. I'm hoping SNK release a Neo Geo stick for Microsofts console!

When in 2009? Who knows... but if past releases are anything to go by... maybe December if we are lucky! ;) Kidding aside, I really hope they don't drop the ball with this one, and that they get it out as soon as possible (and bug free... hear me Ignition?). Head over to our lengthy KOF XII Forum Discussion thread to talk about the game!

Link: Forum Thread -->

  Welcome To The New!

Well, it's taken a little longer than I would have liked, due to various issues, but finally it's here! Not only do we have a new design, we have also upgraded to the latest version of PHP Fusion. One of the reasons I decided this had to be done asap was that some very bad security issues were found on the version we were using before. Rather than risk the site getting hacked again I decided to upgrade, and I also figured it was an ideal opportunity to add some extra features that hopefully all our members will like.. Click "Read More" below to see the rest of this post!



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· 06. February 2016 20:01
Seriously, NGFL ends up kicking its bucket often, just recently, it went offline. So yeah, it happens,

· 03. February 2016 18:49
Looking forward to another one of your reviews, Sensi

· 30. January 2016 20:01
Thanks Merlin, appreciate it. The goal for 2016 is finally playing some AES/MVS/pocket (summer) and write reviews about it. Writing reviews isn't the problem, but choosing the right titles to play

· 29. January 2016 18:50
I'll try to add your review as soon as possible once it's finished Sensi. Thanks for contributing to the site. Thumbs Up

· 27. January 2016 19:12
Merlin, I'm planning to translate my NGPC review Sonic Pocket Adventure. Can you add it to the site when it's done? Cheers.

· 22. January 2016 02:20
Sorry 2D, not this time...>.>

· 17. January 2016 19:10
Anybody up for chat? Be there or be square.

· 04. January 2016 22:29
Happy New Year! Bob

· 02. January 2016 03:21
HYN All you sexy beasts

· 01. January 2016 10:17
Happy new year and best wishes to everyone here!