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March 23 2017

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Samurai Shodown 2

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  The King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood / Howling Blood - Game of the Week

You thought SNKP would only revive the Metal Slug series on the Gameboy Advance? Then you were badly wrong, because the good old King of Fighters series were also doomed to be a part of Nintendo's handheld universe. The results were Neo Blood and Howling Blood, both developed by the tiny studios Artoon and Sun-Tec. By the way, Howling Blood was also released for Nokia's N-Gage as well (now that's what I call an obscure platform)!

Ever heard of these ones or even played them? Then let us know in our traditional weekly discussion thread. Because both games don't really have a scoring system, a Speed Run would be the only possibility for a HSC. If you're still interested, let Murikov or Priest know!

KoF EX: Neo Blood / Howling Blood Thread -->

KoF EX: Neo Blood / Howling Blood High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Stakes Winner 2 - Game of the Week

What do you do as a game developer if a previous game of yours is more or less successful? Right, just do a sequel! Saurus took in 1996 the same path and released therefore Stakes Winner 2, the follow-up of the horse racing arcade game from 1995. What new features await us in the second installment?

You know how it works, discuss the title in the discussion thread and tell us something about it. If you wanna go the extra mile, then ask for a High Score Challenge in a post of yours or send Priest a PM.

Stakes Winner 2 Thread -->

Stakes Winner 2 High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)

  Chopper I - Game of the Week

Tired of playing through Dodonpachi or Radiant Silvergun for the umpteenth time? So why not giving a classic Shoot 'em Up from 1988 a try! Long before Neo Geo jewels like Blazing Star or Strikers 1945 Plus, SNK already proved they were capable of developing a decent Shmup with no frills.

Get yourself into da Choppa and fight yourself through armies of other aircrafts, ground vehicles and boss enemies. While you're at it, why not participating at the official Chopper I High Score Challenge? It's a vertical Shoot 'em Up after all!

Chopper I Thread -->

Chopper I High Score Challenge -->

  Faselei! - Game of the Week

Japanese always have had a thing for futuristic battle mecha, be it for anime series like Gundam, Macross or the evergreen series Neon Genesis Evangelion or video game series like Front Mission, Armored Core or Zone of Enders. The fascination for giant steel colossi with heavy gunnery never seemed to drop in the land of the rising sun. If you're looking for a noteworthy title for the Neo Geo Pocket, then seek no further, because this week we're taking a look at...

Neo Geo Pocket lovers, deploy yourselves and show your love / hate for this popular RPG. Share your experiences about Faselei! in our traditional discussion thread and tell others why they should play this one! You know the way the cookie crumbles.

Faselei! Thread -->

  Athena: Awakening from the Ordinary Life - Game of the Week

If you declare yourself as a die-hard Neo Geo/SNK fanboy and if you don't even know who Athena Asamiya is, then something is terribly wrong with you. You may love or hate her high-pitched voice and ever-changing High School girl outfit, but she definitely earned her place in SNK's gaming history. But only few know that the singing heroine from the Psycho Soldier and KoF series actually got her own RPG for the PSX in 1999...

Just imagine a random Resident Evil game minus zombies and guns, plus a bizarre storyline around Athena, Sie Kensou, psychic powers and a conspiracy in the near future. Then you roughly have a whole picture of Awakening from the Ordinary Life...

Athena: Awakening form the Ordinary Life Thread -->

  The King of Fighters XIII Steam Edition - Now available on PC!

SNK Playmore has finally released The King of Fighters XIII on Valve's Steam platform, making it now accessible to PC players around the world. The Steam Edition offers refined graphics settings (like a fixed frame rate or static backgrounds), an enhanced netcode, includes already the balancing from the Climax Arcade version and also the three DLC characters for free.

3 years after its original release in the arcades, The King of Fighters XIII - Steam Edition is now available at Steam for a humble $29.99. Don't miss this excellent port!

The King of Fighters XIII - Steam Edition -->

The King of Fighters XIII discussion thread -->

  Pleasure Goal - Game of the Week

Oh noes, another Soccer game for our favorite Arcade platform... But wait, before we crawl again under our rocks we should give this title a chance (not only because it's from Neo Geo veteran dev Saurus). Pleasure Goal (known as Futsal in Japan) is actually reduced to the simplest rules of soccer, with teams consisting of only 5 players each...

This game's rules in fact are based on the 'Futsal' style of football (ahem, soccer) which are a tad different to the regular rules. Give this rare Neo Geo gem a try and let us know what you think about it! A High Score Challenge could be the optimal occasion for it...

Pleasure Goal / Futsal Thread -->

Pleasure Goal / Futsal Thread High Score Challenge (upon request, please contact Priest in case)



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· 08. March 2017 22:05
Sorry I missed chat. Merlin reminded me but I forgot until it was too late. I'll be there next time.

· 04. March 2017 22:26
I'll be in chat from 8:30pm UK time. Hope you guys can make it. That 2D fellow is never there!!!

· 27. February 2017 22:37
Looking forward to the chat this Sun. evening Wait

The eccentric cat
· 13. February 2017 07:50
I'm sorry! I've been so busy lately, I haven't forgotten about this place, though!

· 04. February 2017 02:39
All you sods better show up for this weeks chat. I was there last time and I got left all by meself. WANKERS!

· 02. February 2017 21:24
I'm going to try to be at the next chat meet. See you guys Sun. evening. Andy Blue Mary Bob Geese Honfu Joe Mai Sokaku Terry

· 27. January 2017 20:25
The forum has been incredibly quiet recently. Hope to see more people posting.

· 18. January 2017 22:26
@Shion I'm actually looking forward to KrautBuster too. They have made a lot of improvements since first video. Will be interesting to see how good it is.

· 08. January 2017 22:19

· 08. January 2017 22:18
Hope to see you guys at the next chat meet! I missed the January chat.