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January 17 2019

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  Site Survey Results

So, it's been a few weeks since I put the survey up on the site, and people have stopped responding to it now. It's time to discuss the results, and then try to do a few things to improve the site in the ways you guys have suggested! Obviously time is always limited but I'll try to do what I can. This is a bit of a lengthy post, but hopefully a worthwhile read, as well as quite possibly an entertaining one at times with some of the responses we had!

Here are the questions asked, and how people replied. As I didn't ask if people minded me publicising exactly what they said, I won't say who said what, and I won't post the entire reply in some cases - just the gist of what they said:

Q.1 How often do you visit the site?

Every couple of days (14%)
At least once a week (14%)
Maybe every couple of weeks or so (9%)
Every day! (64%)

Well over half of people that took the survey come here every day, but it's nice to see that a few of the less regular visitors also took it. Smile

Q.2 If you aren't a regular visitor, is there something we could do to keep you coming back more often? It could be that you want to see more regularly updated content or something else, but please let us know!

Almost everyone skipped this one, but we did get two responses - one helpful and one... well...! Pfft

"Video review game of the week"

We've talked about video reviews before... it would be a brilliant feature but although I could pick up my video editing tools again very easily and learn how to put it all together (I have done a bit of this before), but the one problem I do have would be my own voice... believe me when I say I don't have the voice for it; anyone here that has met me or played against me on Xbox Live can attest to that. I dunno, maybe I could do it, might be worth trying some time? I did ask this before but does anyone else think that they could do it? If anyone does then maybe I could look into editing videos and stuff. It would certainly be a great addition to the YouTube page anyway!

"More free porn"

Well... I'll try to get some more stuff added to the secret NGFL pr0n folder, I'll see what I can....... wait a second... say what? How did this person know about the hidden dir with all the Mai Shiranui hentai and other cool stuff??? That was supposed to be for members only and.... oh wait I think I may have said too much... (disappears in a puff of smoke Ninja )


Q.3 What do you normally visit NGFL for?

Forums (35%)
Reviews (20%)
Latest SNK news (19%)
Images (11%)
Arcade (7%)
Something else (7%)

I thought the reviews and forums would be the most popular selections, but it's interesting to see a fair few people said "news". I know it's not always updated often enough but lately I'm trying to do my best again to keep things rolling. I do get more motivation when people are commenting on the news articles though, because then at least I know people are looking at them and I'm not talking to myself! Wink

Q.4 If you entered "something else" on the previous page, please tell us what? If not you may leave this blank.

Some good answers here:


Good to know this... the image gallery is a section I want to do some work on a lot and more wallpapers would undoubtedly be a great thing, both official and fan made!

"To get my neo geo fix"

Also good to know! That's what we are here for although I think there are areas that could be improved. The hardware sections for instance have not been updated since about 2002 (literally) so maybe I should do some work on those? I'm sure there are plenty of things that could be added, so give me some suggestions! Smile

"Promotion on fan game making and game improvement and resurrection"

I think it would be a good idea to cover more fan made Neo Geo games. I did post a lot of news about The Last Hope, but there are other projects around so these need to be covered. It's something we could have more of, because it seems not many places out there that post SNK/Neo Geo related news actually promote these games. Definitely something to think about!


Again... dammit with the discovering of our secret SNK pr0n folder!!!! I must make sure it's kept better hidden in future!

Q.5 How do you rate the following parts of

Thankfully no-one voted "Poor" here! Grin

Poor(0%) Average(4.5%) Good(22.7%) Excellent(54.5%) Outstanding(18.2%)

Glad to know the vast majority of people are happy with the new design! There is some work to do though, and I'm still working on adding a few new themes including an NGFL classic theme. If you go to the user control panel when logged in you'll notice that I have added a few new themes though - see what you think! More will be coming soon along with a theme switcher for people who are not logged in/unregistered. It's better if you do register even if you don't post on the forums etc, but it would be nice to allow people to change it without being logged in.

Review Content
Poor(0%) Average(0%) Good(13.6%) Excellent(50%) Outstanding(36.4%)

Everyone said good to excellent, there were no poor or average ratings... yay! Smile I must admit I am still not happy with many of my older reviews so I would still like to go back and re-do a few of them.

Other media (pics etc)
Poor(0%) Average(4.5%) Good(45.5%) Excellent(36.4%) Outstanding(13.6%)

Glad to know people are happy with the media on the site but there is still room to improve. Again, the gallery needs more work, but the other sections like game MP3's needs something extra, and some kind of video section, in addition to the YouTube page. I did start work on a video section using an add-on for PHP Fasion, but I had major problems getting it working correctly. A new updated version is out though so I am going to give it a try very soon... it's very cool when it works properly!

Up to date news
Poor(0%)Average (4.5%) Good(36.4%) Excellent(45.5%) Outstanding(13.6%)

Most people seem happy with this but it's one area I don't like. I guess you can find a lot of new info in the forums but the actual news page as I said earlier is often not updated enough. I'd love it if others could help out a bit with news posting but I am still trying to make an effort to keep things fresh and I want to try and post things that aren't on other news sites as constantly recycled or copy/pasted news is not really worth it! Smile

Poor(0%) Average(4.5%) Good(13.6%) Excellent(31.8%) Outstanding(50%)

Good rating here from people surveyed. I do think our forums are great though if I do say so myself. We aren't as busy as some other places but throughout the years I think our forums have always been a friendly place to visit with some very helpful and great members - it's not often we've had the sort of drama many other places do as it's not really that kind of place. The mods here have rarely ever had to delete any posts or even use their powers full stop so I think that says it all about the general mood of the forums, and that's thanks to all the great members we've had over the years. Long may it continue! Grin

Q.6 Would any of the following interest you?

MP3 Section/more songs in the jukebox (14%)

Done! I have been adding more MP3's with every Game of the Week, but the jukebox could definitely do with some more varied content. As for an actual MP3 section... I was thinking about something along the lines of an MP3 of the week? I wouldn't want to do any full MP3 downloads for obvious legal reasons, but an MP3 of the week feature would be very cool. Maybe Sunday could carry on being Fusion day, while another day could be used for the MP3 of the week feature?

More site themes for registered members (14%)

See above... definitely working on this!

Improved review section (better navigation etc) (12%)

I mentioned above I want to improve some reviews, but when it comes to better navigation what do people think needs to be added? I would like to have a better way of indexing them all, and have games listed by genre, by manufacturer, by year, as well as alphabetically. Suggestions welcome! I wonder if there is some sort of scipt that I could use to help with organising it all...

More arcade games (8%)

Easily enough to do, very easy in fact, I just need games that are compatible with any of the well known arcade add-ons for various forums, like PHP Fusion, IPB and more. I only want to add decent games though, not lots of failry rubbish ones that no-one will play. Here's a good site with many arcade games:


If anyone spots a game here that they want to see added so we can all compete with each other on it post a link here and I will add it straight away! As I say though, there are a lot of fairly boring or plain awful games on that site, in amongst the good ones! Smile

Neo Geo game price guide (26%)

We talked about this a lot in the past, but nothing has been said for a while. It's not something I could help out on much but could the people who talked about helping out on this before get in touch so we can set to work on something and also decide what kind of format it is going to take if we do it? It definitely seems like something people want on here.

Video section (18%)

Already mentioned this above... it's on the way!

Q.7 If there was something else you could see on anything else... what would it be? What would make you come back and visit the site more? Please feel free to go into detail as much as you want. If it's improvements to current sections, again, please tell us what.

A fair few answers here!

"Extra info on back ground of developers of certain games etc"

Damn good idea! I think a page for each developer with details of who they are/were (since many of the Neo developers disappeared) would be a great addition.

"I only wish there we could work on Fan games and recreation of older games. Many titles have been under-rated and almost abandoned and do require some attention. Fan games would be fun, although we would require programmers, graphic artists, sound and music composers and mixers and so on. Still we could give it all we've got."

Would be brilliant if we could but this one I don't think is possible as I'm not sure anyone here has the experience to be able to make anything. If I'm wrong please let me know! Smile As for promoting fan made games that are already being worked on, as talked about above it's something I would like to do!

"I think the new design of the site is excellent. There's one small thing I do kind of miss though. On the main page of the site where it has the 'Latest Active Forum Threads' it used to be possible to click below that and then you could see more active forum threads. It's not a really big deal but I just found it handy for seeing what recent posts there were.

If there is one thing that's annoying the hell out of me, it's this very thing! Unfortunately I can't find an upgraded version of that mod for the new version of PHP Fusion we upgraded to (the old one we had didn't work). I'll take another look because I desperately want it back! It was one of the things that stopped me wanting to upgrade to the new version, but it became a toss up between a few of the old mods we had, and the added security aaginst hackers, plus the new features that we do have here now (and better forums). I think upgrading was by far the right thing to do, but I do miss a couple of things. As soon as I can fix it I will! Thumbs Up

"More information about that lovely fella, Shiny. What a guy."

I do agree... thanks for the suggestion! I'll see what can be done! LOL

"I think it would be nice to make a poll which includes all neo geo games so visitors and members select a game as their favorite an we can make a reader/visitor choice list of best neo geo games. This can be added to main page of the site."

Hmmm I like this idea. Sort of like my own personal top 10, but selected by fans on the site? This can be done... but what about if we did it like the character battles on GameFAQ's? Someone suggested a character battle thing once, but it was a bit of a hassle to organise, but we could do a big battle thing between all the Neo Geo games where there's a vote each day between a couple of different games. The winner would go to the next round and so on, until we finally have a winner. Of course it's not exactly an accurate way of picking the best game or anything like that, it would just be a bit of fun. Would enough people be around to vote each day though?

"More downloadable porn"

Right! THAT HAS TORN IT NOW!!! (presses the "delete folder" button). Those of you who wanted pixellated bewbies have this survey respondent to thank for me doing that! Grin

Q.8 Have you ever contributed to the site content wise?

I'd like to but haven't had anything to contribute. (24%)
I've helped in some other way. (24%)
I've sent in other content. (18%)
I've sent in reviews or other content. (12%)
I've submitted news. (12%)
Never (12%)

It's nice that very few said they have never contributed at all, or that the few that haven't said they would like to if they could. I guess the "community" or whatever you want to call it thrives on people helping out and that's what has kept this and many other fan sites going. Thanks to everyone that has done something in the past! I must admit there are a few submissions that I have not added though.... I have a couple of reviews and some other stuff. I'd like to apologise to people that sent stuff in that I did not add... (makes personal note to not do that again). It's been down to a lack of time as I'm often busy with other stuff, but that shouldn't be an excuse when people have taken the time to contribute!


Anyway, I thinks that's all the results from the survey covered. Now I need to know what people think about what I said above. This isn't really my site at the end of the day, it belongs to the people that visit it every day because they are the ones that use it, so everyones input is helpful in keeping the site fresh, and a place that people want to visit. Anything that is said will be taken into account and I will continue to keep the site online and carry on working on improving it as much as possible! Smile

Just for the record, we are only a few months away from having been around for a decade. Can you believe that? I can't to be honest...! Not sure if we'll still be here in another decade but you never know!

Forum Discussion Thread -->

#1 | Shiny on January 04 2009 18:14
What a guy. Hahaha. I totally forgot about that.
#2 | Kingofweasles on January 05 2009 01:27
Damn...Did you REALLY delete that pr0n folder?

Other than that, it's all god Kaz!

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