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December 08 2019

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  Samurai Shodown II For XBLA, Released 10th September!

Yep, you read the headline right... SNK is finally releasing Samurai Shodown 2 onto the Xbox 360 via Xbox Live!!! So many of us have been patiently waiting (or not so patiently in my case) for the game to get a release date for what seems like the longest time, but it is finally coming!

UPDATE: Contrary to what is written below (which was taken from Microsofts official site and other sources), I checked XBLA this morning and the games price is 800 MS Points. The official sites page has been changed too. Hmmm, something is not quite right here. I have downloaded the demo, but I'm going to hold off on purchasing it for a short while... looks like 800 is the real price folks...

This is where it gets even better though... according to the official page on, the game is going to be just 400 MS Points! That is an absolute bargain, especially considering the other classic SNK released a while ago, Fatal Fury Special, was 800 Points, and I felt fine about paying that price. It's a really good decision by SNK, so I hope all of you Xbox 360 owning fans will be purchasing it to support them! :) Also, judging by the screens on that page, the game isn't censored. I really hope that is the case as the lack of blood in the 360 version of Metal Slug 3 was a major annoyance!

There are a couple of rumours going round that it isn't going to have online play via Xbox Live, but I checked out a list of the achievements in the game, and they seem to prove that is not correct as 5 of the said achievements list "online ranked matches". Here's a full list for those interested:

1 Round Perfect (5 points)
Complete a perfect round in single player arcade mode.

The Samurai (15 points)
Complete the single player arcade mode.

The Perfect Samurai (30 points)
Complete the single player arcade mode without losing a round.

Man in Black (10 points)
Kuroko appeared in game as enemy (CPU).

Point Hunter (10 points)
Achieve over 200,000 points in single player arcade mode.

Straight 5 (20 points)
Achieve 5 straight victories in online ranked matches.

Straight 10 (35 points)
Achieve 10 straight victories in online ranked matches.

Victory 10 (10 points)
Achieve 10 victories in online ranked matches.

Victory 50 (20 points)
Achieve 50 victories in online ranked matches.

Victory 100 (35 points)
Achieve 100 victories in online ranked matches.

Big Apple (5 points)
Ukyo Tachibana throws big apple.

Am I Cute (5 points)
With any character, enter the "Super Deformation Moves" command to become the doll-like version.

You can find some screenshots here. I'll be getting the game tomorrow, so if anyone wants a game be sure to shoot me a message via the forum thread for the game, which you can find right here! -->

Thanks to THX-1138 for the news!

Other Stuff

It's no secret that I haven't been posting much here as of late, either on the forums or in form of news etc. I just want to say that this doesn't mean anything is going to happen to the site; I'd never want to close it down while people are still interested, and I haven't lost interest myself either. I have however suffered from a bit of a lack of motivation to do stuff recently, but I'm still here and not going anywhere... you can't get rid of me that easily! :D

This Samurai Shodown 2 release and the news about KOF '98 UM for XBLA, not to mention the fact that we'll hopefully be seeing a LOT more of KOF XII in the very near future have given me some more motivation though! Like I say though, the site is certainly going nowhere!

#1 | THX-1138 on September 09 2008 18:22
Good to see you back and updating Kaz. Thumbs Up

This site has a great community.
#2 | Kazuya_UK on September 09 2008 18:52
Thanks man, I appreciate it! Thumbs Up

#3 | NEo on September 09 2008 21:21
Who said something about the site going offline...this is 4LIFE Grin...we loooooove you Kaz!!! Pfft
#4 | Bullet on September 09 2008 21:49
It's all good. No one expects you to be here 100% of the time.
Just like us you have a life with friends, family and a job to keep you busy, not to mention games to play and beer to drink.
#5 | SteveDave on September 10 2008 06:19
You can't really update when there's nothing new regarding SNK LOL,

SS2 on XBLA is going to kick a mammoth amount of ass.

NG4L tournament anyone?

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