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January 18 2019

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  New Avatars Uploaded

I have just uploaded some new avatars that Shiny sent me, which are part of the collection of Neo Geo logo avs that he started making some time ago. Registered members can change their avatar by visiting the Avatar Gallery. For a full preview of all of Shiny's avs, see below there are also lots of Capcom avatars in the gallery to choose from if you are that way inclined! ;)

Abubo.jpg Ai.jpg Akari 2.jpg

Akari.jpg Alice.jpg Amakusa.jpg

Amano.jpg Andy.jpg Annie.jpg

Athena.jpg Big Bear.jpg Billy.jpg

Blazing Star.jpg Blue Mary.jpg Bonne Jenet.jpg

Brocken.jpg Captain Kidd.jpg Cassandra.jpg

Cathy.jpg Chonrei.jpg Chonshu.jpg

Cyber Woo.jpg DBZ - Goten.jpg DBZ - Piccolo.jpg

DBZ - Vegeta.jpg Dailong.jpg Eightman.jpg

Eiji.png Elias.jpg Freeman.jpg

Galford.jpg Geese 2.jpg Geese.jpg

Genjuro.jpg Grant.jpg Griffon.jpg

Hanzo.jpg Haohmaru.jpg Hayate.jpg

Hibiki.jpg Hokuto.jpg Hotaru 2.jpg

Hotaru.jpg J Carn.jpg Jae Hoon 2.jpg

Jae Hoon.jpg Jimmy.jpg Joe.jpg

Jones.jpg Jubei.jpg Juzo.jpg

Kabuki Klash 1.jpg Kabuki Klash 2.jpg Kabuki Klash 3.jpg

Kabuki Klash 4.jpg Kabuki Klash 5.jpg Kaede.jpg

Kagami.jpg Kang.jpg Kazuki.jpg

Kevin.jpg Kim Dong Hwan.jpg Kim.jpg

Kojiro.jpg Kyo 2.jpg Kyo.jpg

Lee Rekka.jpg Lynn.jpg Mai 2.jpg

Mai.jpg Marco.jpg Metal Slug 1.jpg

Metal Slug 2.jpg Metal Slug 3.jpg Metal Slug 4.jpg

Metal Slug 5.jpg Metal Slug 6.jpg Metal Slug 7.jpg

Moriya 2.jpg Moriya.jpg Mr Big.jpg

Mukuro.jpg Mutation Nation.jpg Ninja Masters.jpg

Okina.jpg Oni.jpg Pepe.jpg

Pupa.jpg Radel.jpg Rimururu.jpg

Robert.jpg Rock Howard 2.jpg Rock Howard.gif

Roddy.jpg Ryo Sakazaki.jpg Setsuna.jpg

Shigen.jpg Shiki.jpg Shingo.jpg

Shizumaru.jpg Sho.jpg Sogetsu.jpg

Sonia.jpg Terry Bogard 2.jpg Terry Bogard 3.jpg

Terry Bogard.jpg Tung.jpg Ukyo.jpg

Waku Waku.gif Washizuka.jpg Yamazaki.jpg

Yuki.jpg Zankuro.jpg Zansetsu.jpg

athena1a.png athena2a.png ben1a.png

clarke1a.png clarke2a.png clarke3a.png

duck1a.png gai1a.png gai2a.png

geese1a.png hinako1a.png hinako2a.png

iori1a.png kasumi1a.png kasumi2a.png

king1a.png king2a.png kula1a.png

kula2a.png kyo1a.png kyo2a.png

max1a.png mrbig1a.png ralf1a.png

ralf2a.png ramon1a.png ryo1a.png

silb1a.png terry1a.png

#1 | Shiny on June 10 2008 23:30
Fuck me, that's a lot of avatars! First time I've seen 'em all at the same time like that... Maybe I should stop now. Wink

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· 21. November 2018 23:55
Happy Thanksgiving

· 10. November 2018 10:48
It's good to see all of your names again.

· 23. October 2018 20:20
Glad to hear both cats are making the most of their nine lives!

· 09. October 2018 03:32
So have I EC, I'm still alive and around, lol. However, not much down at NGFL lately. But maybe I'll look back more.

eccentric cat
· 26. September 2018 09:59
Fear not everyone: The cat lives!

· 01. September 2018 19:52
Sad to see JammaPlus has closed down. I got about 60% of my arcade boards from there

· 07. July 2018 20:56
Nice Ducky. Playing '98 eh? I Haven't played any Neo Kofs in awhile. Actually been playing XIV more than I anticipated.

· 04. July 2018 14:22
I'm good! Strolling through life with the occasional round of KOF 98.

· 30. June 2018 08:04
DUCKY ! How you been boyo??

· 20. June 2018 01:56
I have been dormant for too long. Hi everyone! long live the NEO!