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January 22 2019

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  Welcome To The All New
Here's a rundown of what has changed on the site:

New Forums:

We now have brand new forums, which are built into the site. This is a lot better than our old forums hosted over at Proboards, as it means that once you log into the site, you can post on the forum and do everything else on the site, such as posting comments and voting. It does mean that we will lose all our old posts, but for the time being the old forum is still online, mainly as an archive (you cannot post to it anymore). If you were a member there and would like your post count restored, please register and private message me (Kazuya_UK) and I will add your post count on the old site to whatever posts you make here.

When you go to the main news page you can also see a list of the 5 newest forum posts and also click to see a list of everything that is new since your last visit. This is quite handy! :)


New forums -->

Old forums (archive) -->

Weekly Newsletter:

After registering your account, on the left side navigation bars, you will see that there is a button you can click to subscribe to our weekly newsletter. Some of you may remember that in the past I used to do a weekly site update on Fridays that was a round up of all the weeks most important news. I have decided to re-instate the weekly round up, but in the forum of a weekly newsletter that will be emailed out to all subscribing members. Once enough members have subscribed I will begin doing a newsletter every Friday evening.

The mail-out might also contain a few other goodies including advance previews of site updates and additions that you won't find in the normal news updates, so it is definitely worth subscribing!

User selectable colour schemes!

Once you register, you can go to your profile and change skin - there are a variety of skins available right now, and I may add more at a later date. Hopefully there is now something for everyone, including a skin that is similar (colour wise) to the previous design. Personally I think the default skin is the best however!

Flash Games

I have opened a small section of SNK related flash games, which include a fully working (and fantastic) flash version of League Bowling! You will find some other cool games there to keep you occupied, and more will be on the way soon enough!


Flash Games -->


Enter for free!

We will be running some competitions on the site every month or two, which will all be free to enter for registered members. Our first competition is simple to enter, and you could win a free copy of the soon to be released "SNK Vs Capcom: Cardfighters" for the Nintendo DS!

To enter, please head here -->


We once again have a chatroom on the site, and unlike the older chats we used in the past, this one should be permanent. It's an IRC based chatroom, but we have a script on the site to make it nice and easy for the majority of you to access. If you prefer to use your own program like mIRC or similar, you can use the following details to login:

Server: Any dalnet server, default one on our script is

Channel: #neogeoforlife

I usually idle in there and would like to encourage as many people as possible to hang around in there as much as possible, and I will work hard to make it a fun place to hang around in. I currently have a bot running in there, which is in there 99% of the time, and the bot has a trivia script running, so if you get bored you can type !trivia in the channel to start a quiz, and compete with other members to get the highest score.

We will be having semi-regular chat meet ups in there which will all be announced on the site in advance. Some of the meet ups will be just to chat, but others might be so we can all get in there and compete on the trivia. I will be handing out some "just for fun" prizes for the winner of these little contests, which might include custom forum/site ranks for members and other fun stuff. If there is enough demand for it I will add a set of SNK based questions to the trivia bot!

If you use the on site script to view the chatroom, please make sure that you are registered and logged in! If you don't login the script will not load properly. You don't have to register if you access it through mIRC or your favourite chat client.


Chatroom -->


We finally now have a section on the site for SNK related wallpapers. There are in fact 2 sections - one for official SNK desktop wallpapers, and one for fan made stuff! I'll be adding to this over time, and if any of you would like to submit your own wallpapers that you have made, feel free to use the "submit photo" link in the left side navigation panel. You must be registered to use any of the submissions links.

Many thanks to our staff member Emo Fairy for creating the awesome wallpapers we currently have!


Fan Made Wallpapers -->
Official Wallpapers

Calendar of events:

This isn't currently being used for much aside from listing forum members birthdays, but in time it will hopefully be used for much more, perhaps for listing upcoming events like chatroom meet-ups, other forthcoming site events (competitions etc), and maybe even SNK release dates. Should be useful!


Calendar -->

Improved Shock Box Inserts & Labels

It has been a little while since anything was done with this section of the site, but good stuff will be happening with it soon for those still interested in making their MVS collection shine. Not many of the inserts are online at our new home at the time of writing, but the rest will go up soon, with a few improvements.

The download system will be improved and they will all be single rar files from now on, unlike the multiple 1.5 meg files we had before. The old site was like that due to one of our old hosts having a limit on file size, but since we haven't had that restriction for a while it was high time it was sorted out! Check back soon as it won't be long before all of our inserts are restored to their former glory!

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· 21. November 2018 23:55
Happy Thanksgiving

· 10. November 2018 10:48
It's good to see all of your names again.

· 23. October 2018 20:20
Glad to hear both cats are making the most of their nine lives!

· 09. October 2018 03:32
So have I EC, I'm still alive and around, lol. However, not much down at NGFL lately. But maybe I'll look back more.

eccentric cat
· 26. September 2018 09:59
Fear not everyone: The cat lives!

· 01. September 2018 19:52
Sad to see JammaPlus has closed down. I got about 60% of my arcade boards from there

· 07. July 2018 20:56
Nice Ducky. Playing '98 eh? I Haven't played any Neo Kofs in awhile. Actually been playing XIV more than I anticipated.

· 04. July 2018 14:22
I'm good! Strolling through life with the occasional round of KOF 98.

· 30. June 2018 08:04
DUCKY ! How you been boyo??

· 20. June 2018 01:56
I have been dormant for too long. Hi everyone! long live the NEO!