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October 21 2018

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Aero Fighters 3

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  Shoutbox Archive
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Kazuya_UKAdmin OnlineJanuary 05 2007 00:11
Wheeee, all reviews are now online, just need to do some very minor work on the top author link boxes and then some loose ends... and we're set! Grin Grin Grin
candycabAdmin OnlineJanuary 04 2007 13:11
Weird News update as of 04. January 2007 13:10
candycabAdmin OnlineJanuary 02 2007 09:06
Weird News update as of 02. January 2007 09:04 Wink
sukotsutoAdmin OnlineJanuary 01 2007 21:35
HAPPY NEW YEAR!I prefer my new year in the Phil. though. Everyone had their own armory of fireworks there Wink
phryAdmin OnlineJanuary 01 2007 14:24
Happy new year! I hope everyone's hangovers aren't too bad. May 2007 rule!
candycabAdmin OnlineJanuary 01 2007 11:02
Weird news will now be posted in the Members section so check it out Smile
Kazuya_UKAdmin OnlineJanuary 01 2007 09:52
And yea, happy new year everyone! Hope 2007 brings peace, health, and prosperity to all of you and your family and friends! Thumbs Up
Kazuya_UKAdmin OnlineJanuary 01 2007 09:51
I'm gonna do some serious playing and get Freebird enabled... I'm getting better but do need to improve big time! Grin
Circa2113 OnlineJanuary 01 2007 08:05
Happy new year everyone! (guess I'm a bit late for those in Europe)
sukotsutoAdmin OnlineJanuary 01 2007 00:02
Yeah Lynard Skynard's "Freebird" is the final song to play in Guitar Hero 2 career mode thingy. It's said to be the 2nd hardest song to play, with Buckethead's "Jordan"
Kazuya_UKAdmin OnlineDecember 31 2006 13:03
Been playing Guitar Heroes then? I haven't got freebird enabled yet, I really want it! Grin
sukotsutoAdmin OnlineDecember 31 2006 06:14
phryAdmin OnlineDecember 27 2006 20:17
oops, that last post got a little cut short. d'oh! What's the limit on these things again? :-)
phryAdmin OnlineDecember 27 2006 20:16
I've had a good time playing the 360 version of TDU and it is a great game. The handling isn't the best in the world but the mass multiplayer element and the sheer size of the map is impressiv
candycabAdmin OnlineDecember 27 2006 03:02
Release date is listed as Feb 13 07
candycabAdmin OnlineDecember 27 2006 02:59
On a better note Im actually looking forward to Testdrive Unlimited on PS2 in about a month Smile
candycabAdmin OnlineDecember 27 2006 02:57
Working now though Smile Heh I sure spammed this thing up Smile
candycabAdmin OnlineDecember 27 2006 02:56
I didnt figure that had changed other than you have to put it in manually, what was happening was the links in anyones post on the forum wouldnt work, it was just the address and wasnt clickable. Its
Kazuya_UKAdmin OnlineDecember 26 2006 16:59
It does work dude Smile. I changed the link in your last forum post so it works ok - just use http://www.whatev... and that will do the job Smile
candycabAdmin OnlineDecember 26 2006 12:15
Kaz ... The problem is there are no usable links in any post on the forums. The link is there but its just text no actual usable link. It looks like the address with no Code at all.



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Game of the Month

The King of Fighters XII

You must login to post a message.

· 09. October 2018 03:32
So have I EC, I'm still alive and around, lol. However, not much down at NGFL lately. But maybe I'll look back more.

eccentric cat
· 26. September 2018 09:59
Fear not everyone: The cat lives!

· 01. September 2018 19:52
Sad to see JammaPlus has closed down. I got about 60% of my arcade boards from there

· 07. July 2018 20:56
Nice Ducky. Playing '98 eh? I Haven't played any Neo Kofs in awhile. Actually been playing XIV more than I anticipated.

· 04. July 2018 14:22
I'm good! Strolling through life with the occasional round of KOF 98.

· 30. June 2018 08:04
DUCKY ! How you been boyo??

· 20. June 2018 01:56
I have been dormant for too long. Hi everyone! long live the NEO!

· 24. May 2018 02:35
I must've struck a nerve, cause now I got a stalker?!

· 15. May 2018 18:07
Gamefaqs removes my review of SMW. The Nintendo Defense Force is real guys.

· 10. April 2018 21:18
Human Brains Stolen!