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October 31 2014

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Random Review
Garou: Mark Of The Wolves

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  Shoutbox Archive
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NeoStrayCat OnlineJuly 28 2014 09:32
Sorry 2D, can't make it this time, maybe another week or something. >_>
LIFE_IN_2D OnlineJuly 27 2014 18:00
Anybody interested in a chat meet today? Post in the shout box. If there are enough responses, I will show up too.
priestAdmin OnlineJuly 27 2014 08:50
STE C: Hi it´s great to see you around again Thumbs Up
NeoStrayCat OnlineJuly 25 2014 22:59
Yeah, sorry vas, not much people come in there lately. >_>
vas OnlineJuly 25 2014 02:09
Missed the last few chat session hope to catch you this Sunday no promises things are hectic atm
STE C OnlineJuly 24 2014 13:02
hope all you guys are well, sorry I haven't been round much but I do still check the site out regular like. Neo XYZ is great so DC owners get it. Razion looks cool long live Dreamcast
cqmorrell OnlineJuly 22 2014 18:53
@2D Vagrant Fighter FX, something for PC. Has ripoffs of female Ranma, and Joseph Joestar, among others. DX
LIFE_IN_2D OnlineJuly 21 2014 02:10
@ CQ : Hahaha, wtf, that's really random. What fighting game was it?
cqmorrell OnlineJuly 20 2014 22:11
Arringtastic92 tried to get me to draw thirteen characters from some crap fighting game, for 1.25 cents. Beware it.
LIFE_IN_2D OnlineJuly 12 2014 20:27
@ Arrington : Welcome aboard. @ Atomduck : Where the f#ck you been dude? Hope you are well.
vas OnlineJuly 05 2014 15:57
Hi mate welcome to neogeoforlife
Arringtastic92 OnlineJuly 04 2014 00:57
Hello everyone. I'm arringtastic92.
Atomduck OnlineJune 29 2014 22:08
Its been about 4 years since I last bought an AES game... this needs to change at some point.
reelmojoAdmin OnlineJune 29 2014 17:25
After playing Theatrhythm I feel like every game series with good music should have a rhythm game spin-off. If I had a device that could play it I'd definitely pick it up.
The eccentric catAdmin OnlineJune 27 2014 11:07
Seems like the spin-off game Rhythm of Fighters is out for the Android. Not too excited about it to be honest...
priestAdmin OnlineJune 23 2014 19:38
Vas: Please do so in the Iphone thread: http://www.neogeo...post_60414
vas OnlineJune 23 2014 14:02
Priest I have all the snk games for ios accept the metal slug defence. Game , could do a review if anyone is interested
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 22 2014 21:33
That's a pity Vas. MSD does look nice and gets good reviews on the google play store. I'll give it a try on my android tablet. Glad it was of interest Priest. Smile
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 22 2014 21:32
Hi Vincent!
priestAdmin OnlineJune 22 2014 20:05
Merlin: Thanks for the heads up Thumbs Up ...Also on the subject: KOF´97 is now available for Iphone... https://itunes.ap...66621?mt=8



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Game of the Week

Samurai Shodown!

You must login to post a message.

· 28. October 2014 08:36
But 2D, I was there too, don't go emo on us. >_>

· 28. October 2014 00:51
You guys let me down last Sunday. I will be cutting myself very deep. F*ck you all.

· 26. October 2014 21:50
In chat now. JOIN ME.

· 25. October 2014 18:46
Yes! I knew really nothing about MS7 until a few days ago.

· 24. October 2014 08:24
You mean the Combat School instructors, right Wonderboy/Tobalman
? Yeah, lol. X3

· 24. October 2014 02:05
Mind blown: Metal Slug 7 has dating sim elements. Shock

· 22. October 2014 04:41
Metal Slug Defense is pretty addicting. One of the best ideas SNKP has had for the franchise I'd say.

· 19. October 2014 19:41
In the chat now. I guess join in if you want ...

· 14. October 2014 04:17
DX! I forgot I was supposed to be in Chat again, cause I had to go to an Expo, sorry guys! T_T

· 12. October 2014 21:51