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August 01 2015

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Random Review
Agressors Of Dark Kombat

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  Shoutbox Archive
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NeoStrayCat OnlineJune 14 2015 20:52
Well, I was, now no one is there. >_>
LIFE_IN_2D OnlineJune 14 2015 19:21
Anybody up for a chat meet today? I'll be there for a bit.
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 08 2015 15:20
I check the IP addresses of any unactivated members on anti-spam websites.
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 08 2015 15:19
However many unactivated spam accounts are still being created and need to be deleted. Hope as many admins as possible will log in regularly and help.
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 08 2015 15:16
Yes it's a big improvement. From now on the forum will be spam free.
LIFE_IN_2D OnlineJune 07 2015 18:00
Great to see this problem come to an end (hopefully). Seeing spam everyday was very frustrating.
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 06 2015 10:29
Thanks Kaz! I agree with Priest that account approval is unlikely to put people off who want to join. Cthulhu is a good choice for a new admin.
cthulhu OnlineJune 06 2015 10:11
I would gladly be an admin if you want me to. I'm on this forum almost daily (logged in or lurking).
Kazuya_UKAdmin OnlineJune 06 2015 09:56
OK guys, it's now set for admin approval. cthulhu would you fancy being an admin? I'm happy to give you approval powers if you like?
priestAdmin OnlineJune 06 2015 09:51
I agree with Merlin and Chtulhu. I don´t think that 'aproval' should be discouraging for new members. Something must be done either way...
cthulhu OnlineJune 06 2015 08:16
I think approval might be the best option as well, a couple ofther places I visit has that as well and it works great...I've never seen spammers there.
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 06 2015 01:06
I think if accounts need to be approved by an admin that might be the best option.
Kazuya_UKAdmin OnlineJune 05 2015 11:49
Will need to see if there is something stronger that we can use.
Kazuya_UKAdmin OnlineJune 05 2015 11:49
I can change the setting to approval first if people think that's best? As for the captcha thing there is something similar in place but people seem to get around it.
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 01 2015 16:07
Nice to see that the NGFL chat meets are still going on!
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 01 2015 16:05
Would really like to join you guys in chat but it's hard because I'm often busy and also because of the time zone difference.
merlinAdmin OnlineJune 01 2015 16:04
I've messaged Kaz and asked again about the captcha / account approval ideas.
NeoStrayCat OnlineMay 31 2015 23:25
I'm already there, its been long, but just for a short while. Also yeah, the spammer activity has to stop sooner or later, I know NGFL hasn't seen better days, but hopefully someday.
LIFE_IN_2D OnlineMay 31 2015 21:36
Anybody up for a chat meet? I'll be hanging there for awhile.
cthulhu OnlineMay 31 2015 17:45
I remember that Kaz said that, but this is the only forum I visit that has problems like this and they use either captcha or admin approval systems.



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Game of the Week

Samurai Shodown!

You must login to post a message.

· 31. July 2015 22:28
Howdy all. How you all been , what have I missed? Probably not a lot :( . I have found that another site is hosting my artwork I made for here as there own on another site :( . I'll pop in chat s

· 31. July 2015 17:14
I spoke to Murikov in April about it and he also thought changing it to GOTM was a good idea. I'll message him again. Hopefully we can restart it soon.

· 30. July 2015 22:16
I think GOTM is a good idea, better than never having it.

The eccentric cat
· 28. July 2015 05:47
That's not a bad idea...

· 27. July 2015 22:15
Though if it does gain some activity once it a while, it may be back to its weekly format, but for now, just doing it simply monthly. (Unless otherwise noted.)

· 27. July 2015 22:12
Already went, said Hi, lol. Yeah, anyways, GotW would be revived sooner or later, but under a different name, since NGFL isn't what it much used to be, but doing it monthly would make sense now.

· 26. July 2015 16:01
Will be in chat off and on, throughout the day. Drop in and say "hi".

· 26. July 2015 12:45
Hope we can revive GOTW again soon. If we just do it once a month should be quite a while until we run out of games.

· 26. July 2015 06:47
2D I deleted the first post when I logged into chat and the second one when I left chat after a few hours.

· 26. July 2015 06:47
The chode let me down Stray. I might have to cut myself. Real Sad