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June 25 2016

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  Shoutbox Archive
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vas OnlineNovember 05 2015 19:32
Handheld are cool , not my thing but I would certainly read the reviews/experiances
Henke OnlineNovember 05 2015 19:23
If we want to stick to Neo-Geo there's still about 50 NGPC games that hasn't been GOTW/GOTM.
LIFE_IN_2D OnlineNovember 05 2015 07:01
I think we have exhausted all the possible Neo-Geo choices for GOTM. It's time to start with other types of hardware that Neo-geo fans enjoy. Such as CSP2, PS2, PGM and other Arcade games.
NeoStrayCat OnlineNovember 04 2015 05:50
Yeah, I'll think of something soon, or rather, Muri, maybe, also NGFL's domain went down again, seriously, I don't want NGFL to be gone again temporarily.
vas OnlineNovember 03 2015 22:34
I stand corrected , Wink
cthulhu OnlineNovember 03 2015 18:16
Well, KOF Skystage was a GOTW a couple of years ago and that's a Type X game.
vas OnlineNovember 01 2015 22:21
Taito type x neo games haven't featured in gotm yet. Hint hint
MurikovAdmin OnlineNovember 01 2015 20:41
No worries, GOTM will be back in the next days. Stay tuned. Thumbs Up
NeoStrayCat OnlineNovember 01 2015 18:11
And me too, I'll be there! Grin
vas OnlineNovember 01 2015 13:48
Only me
Henke OnlineNovember 01 2015 13:40
So, anyone in the chat?
vas OnlineNovember 01 2015 12:58
Probably be lurking in chat most of the day as I have nothing to do :(
vas OnlineNovember 01 2015 12:56
I still have sweets left kids are not greedy around here I couldn't give them away.
NeoStrayCat OnlineOctober 31 2015 20:56
Yay! Happy Halloween! Grin
MurikovAdmin OnlineOctober 31 2015 16:24
It's not really celebrated here in Europe, but Happy Halloween to everyone else! Thumbs Up
NeoStrayCat OnlineOctober 27 2015 05:05
Dunno Wonderboy, don't have anything mobile, sorry, wish the steam release of it got updated to the current updates of the mobile ports. But nope. >.>
shion OnlineOctober 24 2015 17:34
Metal Slug Defense x Battle Cats update good?
NeoStrayCat OnlineOctober 19 2015 07:18
Not this time 2D, sorry. >.>
LIFE_IN_2D OnlineOctober 18 2015 19:58
In chat now. Be there, or be SQUARE.
STE C OnlineOctober 18 2015 11:55
I bought Ninja Masters today on NGCD, wasent cheap but really wanted it again since selling my MVS cart.



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Game of the Month

The King of Fighters XI

You must login to post a message.

· 22. June 2016 23:28
Hey guys, sorry if I was off NGFL for a while, had some stuff to do, but hey, I'll be back to finish up stuff, lol.

· 18. May 2016 08:03
No, I did not, and I thought you left NGFL for good, lol. I'll show you, I'll show all of you! Grin

· 18. May 2016 06:19
You failed the site, Stray. Pendejo.

· 01. May 2016 15:55
OK, make that 3 months missed, for 3 times the GotM, man, I'm lacking. >.> (I'll do it ASAP.)

· 17. April 2016 19:49
Glad you asked, and I'm surprised no one else did, and since we missed last month's, I'll do the JP only NG games as filler, while this month, I'll think of something.

· 17. April 2016 16:14
Would be anyone able to do the next GOTM? I'm abroad at the moment with partly limited Wifi access.

The eccentric cat
· 02. March 2016 06:33
Tron Bonne, definitely.

· 28. February 2016 02:17
Why not both, lol. X3

· 26. February 2016 23:10
i might be 15 years late to the debate, but... roll or tron bonne?

· 23. February 2016 14:52
Hi GAIS!!! <3