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July 04 2015

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A Total Of 664 Comments Have Been Posted.

reelmojo reelmojo | 11/28/2012 09:32 | 20 Comments Posted |

 Bojan, games offered for free on Playstation Plus are only there because Sony makes a deal with the publisher. Basically, Sony pays them money because Sony thinks their game will not only please Playstation Plus users, but also rope in more subscribers. SNKP and Atlus are certainly getting paid and SNKP in general is benefiting from all of the new players playing KOF XIII who wouldn't have ever played it otherwise. Those players are then more likely to buy KOF XIV, or whatever else SNK is working on.

Basically, if a game is free on PS Plus it's a winning situation for all involved.

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meday354 meday354 | 11/01/2012 09:14 | 3 Comments Posted |

 Sony wouldn't do that, what's in it for them?

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bojan4o bojan4o | 10/28/2012 15:13 | 5 Comments Posted |

 So apparently sony wants to shut snkp done? and they are doing that by selling their game for free hmm so they are giving it away for free

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NEO-GEO man NEO-GEO man | 10/02/2012 05:30 | 9 Comments Posted |

 Says up there this was released on MVS, which is not correct. Was only ever released on CD and Wii Virtual Console, the MVS and AES carts are bootlegs.

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DarakuTenshi DarakuTenshi | 09/22/2012 15:31 | 2 Comments Posted |

 How have I not seen this before?

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NeoGeoGamer2000 NeoGeoGamer2000 | 09/03/2012 14:36 | 9 Comments Posted |

 Even though the sequels are far superior in my opinion, I still enjoy the first Fatal Fury quite a lot.

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Kazuya_UK Kazuya_UK | 08/17/2012 07:20 | 147 Comments Posted |

That ok? I sent you a PM actually, let me know what rank title you would like Smile


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Kazuya_UK Kazuya_UK | 08/17/2012 06:14 | 147 Comments Posted |

 Yup, that's easily do-able I think. Bear with me and I shall add it for you Smile


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LIFE_IN_2D LIFE_IN_2D | 08/17/2012 05:15 | 7 Comments Posted |

 Hey Kaz, I'll take you up on the icon change. Think you can put this little ghost from NitD as my rank icon?

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Kazuya_UK Kazuya_UK | 08/16/2012 17:24 | 147 Comments Posted |

 Hey Netrix - this comment seemed to go in the wrong place! Smile


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· 01. July 2015 11:52
Thanks for your contribution to the site Wonderboy. Hopefully more people will be interested in writing reviews.

The eccentric cat
· 01. July 2015 06:46
Sorry guys, I work Sunday's, so its very rare for me to get on chat. >.<

· 30. June 2015 23:34
Thank you Kaz & Merlin for allowing my review to be up.

· 28. June 2015 21:39
Here as well! X3

· 28. June 2015 20:52
I'm on right now. Should be for most of the day.

· 28. June 2015 18:45
Who is coming to chat today, 4 PM EST?

· 21. June 2015 21:20
Happy Fathers Day!

· 20. June 2015 03:08
Quite time-consuming dealing with all the spammers. There were 73 unactivated accounts! You have to go through them one by one to check that they really are spammers.

· 14. June 2015 22:48
I'm on yo.

· 14. June 2015 20:52
Well, I was, now no one is there. >_>