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October 13 2015

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King Of The Monsters

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A Total Of 676 Comments Have Been Posted.

LIFE_IN_2D LIFE_IN_2D | 07/26/2015 16:04 | 9 Comments Posted |

 Thanks guys, maybe I will write another in the future.

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MiniGoat_King MiniGoat_King | 07/22/2015 03:54 | 3 Comments Posted |

 No sir, thank you for the read! Feel free to accost strangers and make them read and comment.

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MiniGoat_King MiniGoat_King | 07/21/2015 17:09 | 3 Comments Posted |

 But of course! "Meeh." Smile

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priest priest | 07/21/2015 09:11 | 32 Comments Posted |

 Another great review, thanksSmile

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priest priest | 07/21/2015 09:11 | 32 Comments Posted |

 Thanks for this review, 'goat' Smile

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priest priest | 07/21/2015 09:03 | 32 Comments Posted |

 Nice work, 2DThumbs Up

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MiniGoat_King MiniGoat_King | 07/18/2015 22:44 | 3 Comments Posted |

 Thanks man. Yes, I have! She isn't quiet as huge of a fan because of how fast paced it happens to be. However, I believe she will come around after playi enough Smile

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Wonderboy Wonderboy | 07/14/2015 23:47 | 3 Comments Posted |

 Good job 2-D. I think a full disclaimer is needed though: this is his favorite game!

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Wonderboy Wonderboy | 07/14/2015 23:46 | 3 Comments Posted |

 Thanks. Long story short: they turned it into a fighting game!

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LIFE_IN_2D LIFE_IN_2D | 07/11/2015 06:17 | 9 Comments Posted |

 Very entertaining review. Welcome to the site. BTW, all women love Puzzle Bobble and Windjammers. Have you shown your wife Magical Drop III?

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The King of Fighters Neowave

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· 11. October 2015 20:06
Yeah, I'll be there shorty!

· 11. October 2015 17:39
Anybody up for a chat meet today?

· 27. September 2015 20:23
I will be in chat some of the day too.

· 27. September 2015 19:06
Hey guys, if you wanna speak your mind, do so soon, I'll be on chat for a while, not too long of course! Grin

· 19. September 2015 16:38
aes owners I need some help with a project I'd like to do, fancy helping gimme a pm please.

· 17. September 2015 16:18
I had no option to decline it just downloaded

The eccentric cat
· 17. September 2015 05:28
Yeah, it tries to download something into android phones. As long as you decline it, its fine. Hopefully its fixed soon.

· 16. September 2015 09:15
Ngfl downloaded somthing to my phone . Some sort of android manager. I have deleted it but maybe supisious hack ware... Please look into this admins

· 15. September 2015 19:40
Well, it was kinda late, but now the GotM is up and ready, sorry 2D, this is still NGFL, not CCFL. Other than that, woohoo, KOF XIV finally happens, lol. XD

· 13. September 2015 19:16
I'll be on for a while in the usual place here, lol.