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July 17 2019

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Thread Author: Debujin
Thread ID: 96
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There are 10 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5167 times.
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Taking Fun Seriously
Thought i'd mention that i'm currently working on a new blog called 'Taking Fun Seriously'. I intend for it to be an edgy, humorous look at videogames - i've recently got back to being a 'general gamer' after a very long time of almost solely playing/buying fighting games (and related), and i'd like to document my experience of 'coming back'. If you'd like to have a look, it's at - it's in a stage of infancy at the moment, but it's online and ready for viewing.
Looks like something with potential as I read all of it without getting bored.

You need to capitaliz(s)e your "i"s though.
Looks pretty good so far, I go through periods were I like to do alot of reading online so I will definitly be checking back on it Smile

Its usually pretty cool to see peoples opinions on gaming in general, unless of course they are politically motivated, then they usually have no clue as to what is what since most of those folks seem to have never played a game for more than fifteen seconds or the time it takes to view a Fatality in an MK game Pfft

I will be checking youre blog out, looks like it will be a good read Wink
I'll have a stop by m8.
I'll be check up on it from time to time - one question though, does blogspot not have rss feeds for its member blogs? It's much easier to know when it is updated if you have RSS.

I'm going to be putting up a staff/members blog index at some point, I will add a link to your blog if you like?

Mitch The Zombie
I like dude and you live pretty near me too Smile

For you, the day Bison graced your village was the most important day of your life.
But for me... it was Tuesday.
Was a great week and I look forward to the next installment.

... Until you remember that you're playing against other people. And as we're all aware, 95% of people on the Internet are dicktards. In fact, i'm one of them for using the term 'dicktard'. MKDS tries so hard to block out any annoyance that another person could possibly wreak upon their fellow player - no squawking voice chat from pre-teens who like the sound of their own voice

So true. I seem to get that a lot playing Gears of War online. It's quite strange for a game that's supposed to be an 18-certificate, that it sounds like a lot of it's players haven't had their voices break yet! Grin

I always leave any server the moment someone player uses the phrase 'noob' to describe anyone.
Edited by phry on 17. January 2007 19:48
Dicktard is a good word, but I think "cockbite" is much better! LOL

Dicktard is a good word, but I think "cockbite" is much better! smiley

'Ass-Clown' is another good one too! Grin
Edited by phry on 17. January 2007 19:51
These are good words - why didn't they teach me these words at school? I like tongue-wiper and butt-monkey Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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