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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: tony starks
Thread ID: 933
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There are 4 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2336 times.
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CMVS 4 slot problem
tony starks
I purchased a consolized 4 slot from ebay a while back, here the link with some pics.


Anyway I hooked it up today on my sony crt and got a blank screen with just the sound being heard. I tried all four slots with the same result. I used compressed air to clean out the slots and still the same issue. I then hooked it up to an lcd and got a fuzzy picture with sound. Man AES/NGH is so much easier to deal with and less hassle. All you MVS heads please help :question:
Edited by tony starks on 08. April 2008 20:07
One problem I've seen and heard is that on newer tv's the signal from the old machines isn't always strong enough to show up on the television.
My friend has an N64 that will not show up thru A/V cables on his JVC tv, but will work fine on almost everyone elses tv. And I've heard others with similar tvs having the same problem.

Also I'm prolly not telling you anything you don't already know , but try cleaning the cart connections with a q-tip and some windex and be very careful in putting in the carts I have a 4 slot cab myself and just touching the cart can make it not work, they have to be in just right. It should just slide in with very little resistance. If the cart isn't in properly you may get sound and no video, so just be patient and try every possibility afterall these machines are old and ocasionally need some love to run well.

Just trying to cover all the bases. Hopefully that was somewhat helpful.
Edited by Bullet on 08. April 2008 23:49
tony starks
Thanx Bullet, I tested it again on my lcd and there is no picture now. I am gonna get some contact cleaner and clean the carts properly. I will keep you posted on any progress.
I remember having this problem with my "Silvershadow 4". Do you have more than one scart-connection to your TV set? if you do the try connecting your motherboard to both (one at a time Wink )

Also if your tv set has connections for audio/video (red white yellow...) try to connect your motherboard this way too.

I got mine working doing this. Maybe you have already tried this :question:
Edited by priest on 09. April 2008 07:39

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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