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February 17 2019

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Thread Author: Hammermatt
Thread ID: 911
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There are 17 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 7967 times.
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best kof character artwork
I like the darker kof 2001 versions, that whole game was really good for me
Ooooh you'll find that one a bit controversial... I'm certainly not a fan of the KOF 2001 artwork, in fact I don't think most people like it, each to their own though.

I personally think 2000 has the best art, although I do actually enjoy the KOF XI art too.

The Orochi saga artwork is now consider classic, and so it should.

I'm no big lover of Falcoon but KOF 2003 was good, and Nona was good on KOF XI.

Best KoF artwork has to be XI, it just has to be. Good God that game looks good.

And I quite like the art in 2001 too... It's nowhere near the best but it's by no means as bad as most folk say. That goes for the art AND the game.
I felt kof 2003, although a very good game, had really canned artwork, i mean it looked like generic anime to me
broken harbours
shinkiro all the way for me.
and I am prepared to take a beating for this, but i think falcoon has made some cool character designs, he made kyo tolerable for me, and made the alba bros which i like, and Duke
I'm not overly fond of the Meira brothers, but Duke totally frickin' kicks ass. Grin

Hard to say which game has my favorite all-time look, but it's slowly becoming XI... speaking of which, we need more avatar portraits of all characters in XI and not just the immediately playable ones. I REALLY want to have Silver as my avatar at some point. God, I love that ridiculously powerful mofo! :twisted:
Edited by sotenga on 08. April 2008 03:19
"Well, that's that! The exit's that way!"
I liked 02 and 03 artwork. I also liked SVC Chaos artwork, actually. I liked the whole apocalyptic, end-of-timesish feel of the backgrounds as well.
97 & 98 Pfft
If we are talking about IN-GAME art, then my top choices are '03 and 99'. I really liked the character portraits in '99.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I like Shinkiro's art. KOF XI too but i think 2001's art is the worst i really don't like. Characters look like stupid in KOF 2001 IMO.
ya shinkiro is good, he made them seem less anime like which i like
KOF 00', KOF XI, and KOF XIII has the best artwork in KOF series IMO.

although I quite like the art in KOF 02'.
but honestly...

The artwork in KOF 02 Unlimited Match is definitely the best for me (as a stand out)

It's f*cking really good artwork. REALLY good.

I really like 03's and XI's too. Heheheh, I'll be honest though; there's not much KOF in-game art I don't like - except maybe 01 & 02. Those games are SIMPLY plain nasty in most design aspects anyway. Not big on '99's either but I certainly don't dislike it!!

I'd have to say that 97', 98', and 02' Unlimited Match's art is the best.
Edited by AngelaAsakura on 09. March 2011 00:09
You'll kill me for this, but I really appreciate 2001's ingame character artwork. *taking cover*

It's really "different" to the designs from all other KoF's, and that was definitely something I noticed instantly (but positively) when I played the game for the first time. I assume I simply enjoy seeing all characters from a fresh and comical perspective, in this regard KoF 2001 really has it's exclusivity.

But the very best artwork imho is from 2002, very sharp, modern and representative for the whole series.
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