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January 23 2019

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Thread Author: Kurisu
Thread ID: 909
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Atari Lynx
How does it compare with the Mega Drive version of the game? I have that as well as the Master system version. I did have California Games on the Mega Drive way back in the early 90s but wasnt a huge fan of it.. Ive got it on Master System now but never played it.

I have played PaperBoy on the Nomad a couple times, obviously the Nomad has a substantially better screen than the LYNX, but how does the game compare? That is the more important thing!! Smile
Visually, Paperboy on the Lynx is solid and despite lower resolution compared with the 8-bit and 16-bit Sega ports, it's still very faithful to the arcade version complete with little details missing from the Master System/Game Gear ports like the newspapers spinning through the air after being thrown. Sounds and music are quite decent for a Lynx game, though certainly not as good as the Genesis version's.
I played the arcade version (with the bike handlebars on the can) a lot growing up and one of the reasons I like the Lynx port so much is that its gameplay feels much closer to the arcade game than any other I've played. It's smooth, faithful and responsive while I always found the other versions a bit stiff and twitchy. They really hit the mark in terms of control. My favorite (non-emulated) version of the game. Smile

California Games on the Lynx is vastly different from any other version. It contains only four events (BMX, surfing, half-pipe and foot bag) but they're all winners that look, sound and play unquely and are addictive as all hell. The system gets several opportunities to flex its graphical muscle in the game as well. The first time I saw the Lynx utilize hardware scaling to zoom in towards your skater atop the half-pipe during the event's intro, my jaw hit the floor. Overall a phenomenal adaptation perfectly suited for the Lynx and my favorite version. Thumbs Up
Yes the mega drive paper boy is abit stiff in the controls, ive never played the NES version though.

I put a very new generation screen in my nomad and its WAY better than the original in every way.
Haven't played Papaerboy on the NES either, but it has a generally awful reputation. Seen video of it that does confirm the graphics and sound are quite poor. Even though the hardware is outmatched by the Lynx and Sega's systems, the NES port still could've looked and sounded better than what I've seen of it. Thumbs Down

Had a Nomad once too, sadly it died on me after only two years of play and respectful handling. I did always think the screen was a bit blurry, I don't blame you for replacing it with a better one on yours! When the day comes that I begin to rebuild my long-lost (though once impressive) Sega Genesis collection, I'll likely try and hunt down another Nomad, too. Also want to get another Master System at some point. I still have a lot of games that survived the system which was in storage and lost forever while moving to a new address.:( Still play them on my Game Gear with the Master Gear converter now and again but it's just not the same...
Edited by Chiba3010 on 11. August 2012 02:24
NEO-GEO man wrote:

Yes the mega drive paper boy is abit stiff in the controls, ive never played the NES version though.

I put a very new generation screen in my nomad and its WAY better than the original in every way.

Ha, yeah my brother did that with his Nomad too. That has made me want to get another one again.
I'm just one title away from owning a complete library of all official, retail-released Lynx games. That said, some titles among my very favorites are indie and homebrew releases. My most recent acquisition is Zaku, an indie-released SHMUP published by Super Fighter Team. It's absolutely awesome. Amazing graphics, fluid, multi-plane parallax scrolling at 60fps and very nice sound. If you own a Lynx, I highly recommend tracking down a copy of Zaku- it's incredible, all the way down to the professional-looking packaging, full-color manual and curved-lip game card. Great, great stuff!
I recent bought a few Lynx consoles, i plan on putting new screens in them at some point
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