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February 17 2019

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Thread Author: vas
Thread ID: 864
Thread Info
There are 40 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 11117 times.
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Some neo related art i have done
Great! Grin I'll get that uploaded too! One question though - there's a green line that goes across the whole picture about level with Ash's shoulder... is that meant to be there? Just checking Smile

Thanks so much dude! Grin Thumbs Up

LMAO i didnt notice it and i deleted the .psd o well doe's it look good if so yeah i did mean to put it there Pfft
Hehe. It's not too much of a big deal, but it is noticeable. If you've deleted the .psd then don't worry Smile. I uploaded it here anyways:



thx mate Thumbs Up
So I think it's time I added to this thread again, it has been a wHile.

I like learning new things and more recently I have started programming and 3rd modelling. So i have been trying to push my 3d art to new standards every time I open the software. Now instead of filing the next pages of pretty pictures that you can say yeah that's cool my aim is to provide the model as well to be 3d printed.

I am going to start off with some bust's of the metal slug cast.

To be continued (need to get to pc)
Part 2

Tarma Bust - Work in progress model is not final still think i would like to add a new base with some shells or something also name plaque.

any suggestions let me know

YouTube Video

turntable changes lighting halfway in video

My Home Page: http://mungodigit...terdigital (placeholder)

Forum: (please sign up to the forum)

Youtube Channel : https://www.youtu...UgWiohucBQ

(Some videos from the game i put on hold and some model's shader test's lighting test weather tests "lot of tests"Wink

Please show your support and subscribe join and post.

Many thank's
Edited by vas on 04. September 2015 11:29

Started on a win pose figure... should print out nice just down to paint job then
Some mars people
Tarma Figure update

EDIT+ added the ruck sack

The reference images used are below

painted head

Edited by vas on 08. September 2015 17:39
Face updated to match pose as close as poss
I was not happy with the hair face and glasses also since the hair was slighty wrong since i was only working from player select screen Tarma didnt have ears. Now the hair is correct ish* i added ears and the layered hair style and sideburns (i need to learn how to do hair properly). The face was also made a bit better. The guns i thought that were uzi probably are not after looking at that sprite for a few hours i think there a HK sub machine gun mp5 or something. But i do know the girls use uzi's so they can use that model.

Marco and Tarma Share the same Body sprite so in keeping with orignality and as close to the sprite art as i can keep it. I will reuse the Tarma Body and Sculpt a Marco head. To save cost's you could print 1 body then print the heads (they have 2 each) and paint to your desired choice.

I Created another figure base also i will show that when Tarma is done and ready to download and 3D PRINT!!!!
Vas, is it possible to get the figure pixelated? It looks so clean and polished.
Some retro look would be nice. Are you creating it to produce a 3D print or do you have a other purpose?
Sensi wrote:

Vas, is it possible to get the figure pixelated? It looks so clean and polished.
Some retro look would be nice. Are you creating it to produce a 3D print or do you have a other purpose?

They are being made for 3d printing as in statue's , I will probably print and resin cast my personal model's. You could paint a figure in a pixelated way i suppose. I would have to rebuild the model in a vowel way to achive that result your suggesting like mine craft it probably be super hard to print and paint due to all the perfectly straight lines you would need get straight. some examples how it would work

When painted and put toghther you will have a display piece like this but metal slug

But if you mean just the images themselfs they are just renders straight out of the application you could always pass them through a Pixal algorithm I suppose in Photoshop, or possibly on a smartphone. Feel free to do that if you want if you would like the original renders let me know

After I done a few more slug characters. I was actually planning on doing the Neogeo promo you have as your avatar but with my own spin.
Edited by vas on 10. September 2015 21:49
Very nice work Vas! That's pretty cool that you will be able to 3D print your work. I'll be interested to see how the 3D printed models turn out.

I subscribed to your Youtube channel.
merlin wrote:

Very nice work Vas! That's pretty cool that you will be able to 3D print your work. I'll be interested to see how the 3D printed models turn out.

I subscribed to your Youtube channel.

Thanks for subbing merl. Well you could print them yourself mate I not starting this little project as a personal thing it's ment your you lot. They scale from 2 inches to what ever your printer can handle.

I will be going to a local kit brasher garage to test the prints I never done one personally but I read a lot about it and a few test runs at this place as there used to the equipment I am sure they will print of nice.

Ever heard of heroquest be cool to make a slug version of the board gameSmile withe the pints as figures
Heard of Heroquest Vas but never actually played it.

The Tarma bust reminds me of a chess piece. You could make a set of Metal Slug chess pieces!

Thanks for subscribing back.
No problem buddy, you should upload more started on ninja commando but i suck be good to see how u did. Yeah i guess the base makes it look like the chess piece.

That is a good idea Merl but is there charecter's to make a chess set. Pawn could be hostages i suppose and enemy soldiers as other pawn's.

The Bust has been sent to somebody who has a 3d printer just waiting for a picture reply very exciting. Grin

EDIT: The fella printed it all ready on a low quality setting as a test. He now going to reprint with the highest quality setting. Thank's to Elgwido @
Edited by vas on 23. September 2015 09:01
Very cool! If it was done on the higher quality setting and painted I think it would look really good.

I have quite a few emulator input files for high score runs I did, including for Ninja Commando, which I'll record and upload onto Youtube when I return to the UK.
Yeah could look good with a bit of prep and some paint washes but casting it be better. Sorry merl no Rush didn't realise Pfft u were still there
Not Neo related but the British user's should remember this guy, He's having a reboot Loved Dm as a kid
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