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May 21 2018

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Thread Author: Kurisu
Thread ID: 858
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Need help identifying this Neo-Geo product!
Took delivery of some new AES games today and included was a sealed CD. It just has the Neo-Geo logo on the front. The reverse seems to be in Saudi-Arabian, but mentions Dubai. It looks like it maybe a CD soundtrack of some sorts. It's title seems to be "Karnaval Tamani Al Awal". Has anyone get any idea what I have please? Thanks alot.
This one? -->

I have never heard of it to be honest, I'm really curious to know if anyone else out there has ever seen/heard of it? Have you still got it sealed or did you open it yet? I'm pretty sure that it's just a collection of Neo Geo music... if you do unseal it to have a listen, let us know what's on it! Smile

edit: if you go to the link I posted and click the pic for a larger version, it shows the back cover - anyone here know Arabic at all? Smile There are actually a couple of people I know who might be able to help, I will ask them when I see them online and ask if they can translate what it says.

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 20. March 2008 17:13
I've never come across that before. Really interesting. It seems to be a music cd of Middle Eastern music but why did it come out for Neo Geo and not just as an ordinary audio cd? Strange. Have you tried playing it with your Hi-Fi yet? It would be interesting to know what it sounds like.

I also did a google search and found this:

Edited by merlin on 20. March 2008 17:29
Thanks Kaz. Yes, that's the one. It looks high quality and not a bootleg as suggested on the link on Merlin's response. No, I haven't opened it yet as it may be better to hold on to it sealed for it's novelty value. It came with some UK carts that I got from I mainly collect Jap carts, but the prices were too good to be true. They have recently aquired a load of brand new sealed UK carts from 20 upwards. I got Soccer Brawl, Blue's Journey, Andro Dunos and Ghost Pilots. All are in perfect condition and work just fine on my NTSC AES. What's the view on UK carts at cheap prices? As I said ordinarily I would go for Jap everytime, but there has to be a point where price becomes a factor.
As more on an MVS guy I've always just been interested in having the game, anything else is a bonus (I did used to enjoy collecting full MVS kits when I could though, rather than just the bare cart). I do love home carts, but so long as I have the game, I'm cool. I can understand you wanting to keep your collection "uniform" if possible and just collect Japanese carts, but as some point, due to money if nothing else, something has to give I guess Smile

I got this reply from my friend when I spoke to him on msn earlier:

its bunch of arabian songs written by a female lyric composer called "Tamani" and she's from UAE.

6 songs performed by different arabian singers.

well seems like they used illegally the new-geo logo just to a have a mark cover for this tribute CD.

they thought it looked cool so they went for it.

its an audio CD anyway.


the CD was made in 1415 A.H which means 1994 released.

that year maybe people were inspired by the new-geo productions and maybe its one of the retarded reasons this company used it.

one more thing funny Ive noticed.

in the back cover of the CD

they wrote SIDI

it was hard for them to spell CD correct.

so they wrote it SIDI

also written in arabic mistakely too.


Hope that helps anyway, thanks to my friend for taking a look at it Smile

Thanks indeed to you both!
A while back I received a copy of Karnaval Tamani Al Awal as a free gift. I know a few Neo Geo fans have been curious to know what this actually sounds like so I decided to rip the CD and upload the tracks. Maybe the songwriter Tamani is a hardcore SNK fan! The CD was released in 1994 by Funoon Al Emarat. I wonder if NeoGeoEno knows anything about this since he does live in UAE where this CD was released.


Here's a blog post with a few pics:

A photo I took showing that the actual CD also looks like an NGCD.
the saudi singer name is tareq abdul rahman and i remember this song from the 90s but my question is how did he made this on neo-geo cd game instead of normal cd music ! maybe theres some error on that subjectHmm
he CD was made in 1415 A.H which means 1994 released.

that year maybe people were inspired by the new-geo productions and maybe its one of the retarded reasons this company used it of course back in 1993 and 94 everyone is talking about the geo because it the must powerful system available and dont forget about snk advertising in the magazine ( samurai spirit1&2 kof 94 aof2 wh2) so personally i think this music company try to sell this album music by the popularity of snk and the geoGrin
Lol I actually bought this from eBay around 2001 it's in my mums cd collection. She like it !!!
Thanks for the info NeoGeoEno. Thumbs Up Yes it is very strange. You're probably right they must have been trying to capitalize on the Neo Geo's popularity.

Hahaha Hitorkori it's not bad at all. Track 1 is my favourite.
but i forget to mention about something on this neo-geo music cd there is HALLE ELECTRONIC name on it. as i remember this electronic shop was the neo-geo specialists in jeddah -saudi arabia back in the early 90sMai
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