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December 18 2018

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Thread Author: boogiepop
Thread ID: 836
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There are 23 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5698 times.
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I'm actually playing Capcom fighters
I feel tainted almost. If this were a couple of months ago I wouldn't be caught dead playing a Capcom fighter with the exception of Third Strike. Even then, I wouldn't say much more than "well, it looks pretty". And recently I played through the Alpha series and kinda enjoyed it. Now I'm playing SSF2T and damn am I enjoying myself. I even played 100+ matches against the AI in the past 24 hours.

This is bizarre. I was exposed to SF2 when it first started getting ported to consoles and never cared a shit for it. I thought the controls sucked (the arcade stick experience was very much unknown to me. I may be the only one on this site who has always associated arcades with disgusting shitholes).

And now I suddenly love it. Maybe it's because Guile's moves are pretty easy to pull off (I hate dragon punch motions) and I therefore have a character I've grown fond of. I dunno. I still hate the pre and after-fight audio and the characters don't have half the character or style as the typical SNK offering. But then again, the simple yet interesting gameplay has kept me riveted.

Talk about over a decade late to the party. Anybody else feel this way about a game?
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Spiderman: I dunno lol
I only started playing 3rd Strike a few years ago; now i consider it to be in my top 3 fav. fighters.

About SF 2, i played it before i ever played any SNK game so it does hold alot of nostalgia in me. (also, no one can deny that it is the originator)

Don't be ashamed to love Capcom! How do you feel about Jojo?
I still love Capcom it has to be said, although it's pretty obvious where my own loyalties lie Wink. I've never been into 3rd Strike though, I can see why people like it, and I respect it, but I really can't get into it, I much prefer SF2 any day of the week.

What about Darkstalkers?

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 12. March 2008 11:16
Capcom fighters still comes second to me Pfft Pfft Pfft
@Goemon I have yet to try Jojo. Any good?

@ Kazuya_UK Darkstalkers looks cool to me and I like the production values. I have yet to own any of the games though.

One thing I know I still despise is the VS series. Just way too over the top for me.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I think JoJo is an excellent fighter, especially if you love the manga and the characters.

As for Capcom fighters I love Third Strike as well, and Darkstalkers is pretty fun but not my favorite. I don't play a lot of Capcom fighters anyway, but I'm looking forward to Basara X or something, I believe it's a project with Arc System Works.
I remember spending about a whole year playing nothing but SF2 on my Snes. I just couldn't get enough of it and still love it today. Apart from playing the SF Alpha series briefly I've never played any other Capcom fighting games. People are always saying how great Third Strike is so I'd definitely like to check that out. Thinking of buying a PS2 sometime in the future so I can check out all the great fighting games I missed out on.
Vampire (Darkstalkers) is my favprite fighter of all times...especially Vampire Savior...I bought the Vampire Darkstalkers collection for the PS2 and it's great.
Jojo's Bizarre adventure is also a good fighting game and it follows the manga pretty closely, which is alway a good thing.
I'm probably one of the few people alive that really doesn't like Street Fighter III: Third Strike...I just don't like the music, the backgrounds seem too empty, a lot of characters that look too much like Ken and Ryu and I HATE the boss of this game (talk about cheap and unfair).
Give me Street Fighter Zero 3 over it any day.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
tony starks
Played all of em, love all of em. I love Capcom fighters slightly more than SNK. Tbh though I love fighters full stop. Jojo is a strange game to master if you are used to playing only the Street Fighter series, the stand concept is sill very strange to me. Cyberbots is a cool game and different from the usual Capcom fighters so is Tech Romancer and of course the Dalkstalkers/Vampire Saviour series that has previously been mentioned.

Starks out.
boogiepop wrote:
@Goemon I have yet to try Jojo. Any good?

You gotta try it! Grin

Seriously, i think it has quite an SNK feel to it. Most characters have more then one style of play, which offers lots of options and variety.

It's also done on the CPS 3 engine like SF 3. (i don't like the CPS 2 engine)

Even if you can't get it on the DC, the playstation version is decent as well. I just wish that it would be ported to the PS 2.
Edited by Goemon on 12. March 2008 21:03
Why do you want a port to PS2 when you're PS2 plays the game just fine? Pfft
snk is better in my opinion every time capco has some great games but it just aint snk
broken harbours
to be honest i never had an outright preference between snk or capcom as i love both equally. to the contrary of the consensus here, i actually quite like the music to third strike, although i do agree that some of the backgrounds are a little dull. although this is coming from a man who doesn't like kof 2002 and prefers '98 any day.

jojo's and darkstalkers are alright, but i could never really get into them. :(
but back to the main-ish point of the thread, i never touched the last blade series until fairly recently (about three years ago) but now i love those games with every fibre in my body.
Edited by broken harbours on 12. March 2008 23:45
I was raised on Capcom fighters and while they're last few fighting games have been crap imo they still make other good games(I loved Apollo Justice). Eventually I came here and developed a great loyalty to SNK but I still don't favor one over the other.
tony starks
Raiken wrote:
I was raised on Capcom fighters and while they're last few fighting games have been crap imo they still make other good games(I loved Apollo Justice). Eventually I came here and developed a great loyalty to SNK but I still don't favor one over the other.

I agree with Raiken to a certain extent, I was raised on Capcom fighters hence my slight favour for Capcom fighters, well Street Fighter anyway. Being a comic book fan Capcom gave us Xmen, Marvel Super Heroes, Xmen vs Street Fighter etc. At the end of the day both parties gave us SNK VS Capcom 1 and 2 (SVC is ok I surpose) which is one of the best fighters out there. Personally I see both parties as 50-50, they both have their advantages and disadvantages.

Starks out.
Edited by tony starks on 13. March 2008 18:38
if the world has been destroyed and we some how survived and if i found a capcom fighting game somewhere then is the moment when i wil play it and even then i will get bored of it and destroy it lol
I honestly want to play SSIV now but don't have the money at the momentThumbs Down Maybe I'll get it in May.

Capcom make slicker, smoother, polished fighting games
SNK make more innovative, stylish, interesting fighting games

SNK also have the better character roster imo.

I still love them both though (but NOT SF4... sorry)

I play Capcom fighters. I played games like Street Fighter, Darkstalkers.
I played Street Fighter Series so long, I used to play Ryu and Ken until Super Street Fighter II came out, I started playing Cammy and became a fan of Cammy.
I like Street Fighter III: Third Strike it was a fun game.
I also like the Darkstalkers Series, I like the chain combos, and I love Morrigan, she's my favorite Darkstalker. Street Fighter Alpha 3 wasn't bad, but the game is broken, Karin can get a death combo from her V-ISM. I like the Street Fighter character roster, but SNK has a better character roster. Street Fighter IV was a good game to me, I had playing it. I still played Cammy.
They made Chun-Li harder to use in Street Fighter IV, but I'm still trying harder to use her well.

I also play Capcom vs SNK 2. That game is awesome, I still play it. I use the N Groove, C groove, trying to get better with the A groove.

YouTube Video

Edited by Keita-Kata on 05. April 2010 23:20

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
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