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August 18 2019

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Thread Author: garu21
Thread ID: 818
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3998 times.
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Favorite Team Edit in KOF games
95: ANDY , Robert & Tery
96:KIM , Andy & Ryo
97: IORI , Tery & Robert
98: ANDY(ex) ,ROBERT(ex) & Takuma

I dont have favorites in rest of KOF games Pfft
98: Father team

99: Andy, Chin, (anyone)

Bring it!
Goemon wrote:
98: Father team

99: Andy, Chin, (anyone)

Bring it!

hey Goemon do you like this secret team from kof 97 ? : RALF , CLARCK & ATHENA
My golden team: Terry, Iori, and Yamazaki. Terry and Iori have been in danged near every game, but for those that have a (painful) lack of Yamazaki, the third slot gets filled in with Kensou, K', King, Kyo, Kim, TaKuma... oop, sorry about the capital K. Turns out a lot of my favorite characters have a hard K sound in their name. LOL

Seriously, I like just about any character. I often like to traipse through 98 on Random Select and see how well it works out for me.
"Well, that's that! The exit's that way!"
broken harbours
right... this is where it gets a little complicated, i'm by no means a competitive player and would probably get destroyed like a pig in a war if i tried becoming one but here's my two cents:

this has changed a lot over the years. first it was a classic shoto line up of kyo, mai, and joe (95-8) although the reason why i stuck with them for so long was hardly a tactical or strategic one. rather, i just liked the idea of having a team that were wearing similar shades of one particular colour (i.e. '95 & '98 = blue, '96 = green, '97 = red). in fact i still do this with my teams to this day; it kind of makes up for the fact that these characters are connected fairly tenuously story-wise, and makes the team look, well, more like a team. Pfft

anyway, come kof '99 this changed to iori, athena and benimaru with k' as a striker who i then replaced with venessa in 2000 and 2001.

for 2002-3 i swore by a combination of terry, billy, and k' all the way, although i experimented a lot with other combinations (some of which i gave pet names to based on their shared colour schemes) for example: yuri, gato and jhun (yellow fever) or maxima, chang and tizoc (black pus). - yes, before you ask i'm about to get my anorak...

anyhow, now though i tend to use mostly: kim, takuma (although i'll settle on ryo if i can't pick takuma) and joe, with goro daimon in tow if i'm playing 2001. in my experience, this seems to be the most versatile and flexible combination as it seems to give me the best mix of offensive, defensive options (a bit like using v-ism charlie and x-ism ken in sf alpha 3) across the most amount of games in the series, making it a fairly sound bet overall. but having said that, i still like to use my old teams from time to time. Smile

i'm still playing around with new combinations for xi (currently using variations of: oswald, king, vanessa/whip) but alas, have yet to find a really special one, yet. Wink not that i'm complaining though as the search for the "perfect" team is one of main reasons why i've always loved the series as a whole and never really get bored of the older games.
Edited by broken harbours on 03. March 2008 23:25
In KOF 96 my favourite team has got to be Athena/Mai/Kasumi Todo. They are a match for anyone. To be honest I'm not really a big KOF fan in general and only own KOF 96 (but I have played the rest using emulation) but the series is starting to grow on me. I'm starting to think about buying KOF 97 now.
ryo, blue mary & either king or benimaru
I always use Andy and/or K in KOFs where that's possible. Then I usually team them with variations of Kim, R. Garcia, R. Sakazaki and Mai.
check this out funny as hell Smile Smile

My favorite team in KOF 2002 is

Terry ,Robert (in black suit) and Kensou.

Robert in 2002 is a fawking mad-man, talk about a HDM.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Here is my favorite team edit :

-Ryo, Terry, Kim : In every KOF

-Clark, Shermie, Ramon (My Grapple Team) : KOF 02' UM

-Leona, Kasumi, Whip (My women Team) : KOF 02' UM

-Shen, Ralf, Iori : KOF 03 and KOF XI

-Robert, Kyo, Ralf : KOF 98', KOF 02, and KOF 03'
My very own line up:

Terry, Yuri and Kim as their moves and combos are foolproof to perform.

Other honorable team mates: Ralf, Kyo, Shingo, Andy, Joe, Robert and Takuma.
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